I can't figure out if a girl likes me?


I'm having difficulty with a situation and I will be grateful if you can help me.
I want to make sure if a specific girl in my class likes me
(I will call her Anna). She is mean and arrogant, since I knowher.

We don't talk at all unless we are forced to do so by teachers or other school activities.
Lately I have noticed a change in her behavior towards me (at least I think so).
I will present a few stories.

1. The first situation happened when we were in chemistry and the teacher praised me for the good results, and Anna turned to me and was smiling, I didn't look at her, but I can say that she was smiling with joy.

2. I had a presentation on volcanoes in geography and later at the end I talked to the teacher
and when Anna left the room, she looked at me deeply (not in an evil way or mockingly).

3. Once she was sitting behind me and touched me on the shoulder and asked me if I would participate on the basketball team, and I said yes. When we had to leave the room, she stared at me (not in an evil way or mockingly) as if she was curious.

4. I unfollowed her on any social media (around Christmas) because like I said,
she is mean and evil. I went to school once and she was already there (arounf March) and I heard that Anna was talking to another girl and she (Anna) was angry that I wasn't following her anywhere (she wasn't making fun of or joking about it, she was realy mad).

5. We had to work in groups for a project in history and I wasn't accepted into any team.
And when the teams were ready, she asked the teacher "What about Victor" several times.
I can tell by the way she asked that she wasn't making fun of me or If she was mean.

She's pretty, and I noticed that change in her behavior towards me. If she likes me, I can try to make things work out between us, but I want to be sure about that, so please help me!
I can't figure out if a girl likes me?
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