Is my in-law toxic or is it in my head?

Hey, so this inlaw is a wife of my husband's cousin, really beautiful, came out first as really cute, a bit weird but harmless I guess. Lets call her N.

Mind you I know the group of friends she's around 🚩's dont do them justice. ( some are my cousins so I REALLY know them...)

We had a family trip to an island, the vibes that she was sending were very uncomfortable. Do you know when you get the feeling that a person is not comfortable around you? I felt that from her, she would avoid being around me. Mind you we meet like once or twice a year.

A year later we gather at a farm, she sat next to me and kept talking about how good a mother she is and how she raises her children well like she needed approval from me, like a straight hour. ( word went around that she keeps her children with her nannies most of the time, I don't judge at all I do the same sometimes, but why say the opposite)

Another time ( this is when I thought ahh she's toxic ) we had a gathering with inlaws and their friends I new almost all of them. When of the girls was a dentist. N was not big on education and kinda hates me for being and honest person at work which was a big fat 🚩. The dentist was the sweetest person I met, N kept pressing her like why would get into that and you dont look like a doctor... it got awkward. At this point started to avoid her and trusted my gut feelings

A few weeks later my husband asks me you and N don't get along well do you? ( im from the gulf middle east men and women gather separately so my husband doesn't see her ) i guess he heard something. Just told him I don't feel comfortable around her.

So is it all in my head?
Sometimes I get the feeling she hear things about me, or talk about me?

I dont want to feel anything negative towards any inlaws cause I hate bad vibes and tension, really love how my husband's family is very laid back and don't want anything to ruin it.
Is my in-law toxic or is it in my head?
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