Girl said she wants to hang out?

I met this girl who knows my friend. A few of my friends and she were at my place and ended up drinking a little and getting a quick dinner. She’d just gotten off of a long flight and said it’d be good to meet again. But I didn’t have alone time with her and we didn’t exchange contact info.

A few weeks passed. I was going to a concert and had an extra ticket, got her number from my friend , and asked her to come with me. She said “I’m working on a paper for my phd program and can’t go to the concert”…”But I’d like to see you and hang out for a bit, so we can get to know each other better “let’s talk tomorrow “. Then the next day (Sunday) I asked her to come by my bldg. She said she was still working on her paper, is starting her teaching the next day, and preferred not to go out (also was pouring rain). She asked if we can meet next weekend.

What’re her likely intentions?
Initially I took it as a sign she was interested in hanging out alone and hooking up if it was going well. Not that she wants to hang out “as friends”

i invited her to my place as a way to show my intentions (not being friends). I don’t know if that changed her perception.

Since then we’ve texted a little (banter) but haven’t locked down a time/place to meet yet

Should I suggest a date ( like getting drinks/dinner somewhere or a museum) or for her coming over later this week or weekend?

Girl said she wants to hang out?
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