How to ask a girl if she wants to hang out with you?

How to ask a girl if she wants to go in bars, pubs etc with you?

yeah I know her


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  • Do you know her or just some girl you see and like.

    if you know her just go up to her and start talking like normaly and somewhere ask if you want to catch a brink with me or not.

    If you know her just go up to her if in a building ask a simple question (you can already know the answer and giver her a couplament) then when you start to walk away she will probly want you to stay and talk for a little and that's when you ask if she wants to go get a drink with you or not.

    Iv never asked a girl to get a drink with me but that trick works for me and my friends to get girls phone numbers.

    • Just go up to her and talk to her like normaly and when you feel comtable ask her if she's free on the day you want to take her to the bar and if yes ask if she want to go with you

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  • Just ask. Don't make a big deal or show about it and don't try to be sneaky about it. Girls like confidence plain and simple if you have to worm your way around asking a girl out she'll see right through it. So just ask if she wants to go grab a drink,

  • First you have to know if she drinks if not she might find it discusting that you drink and not want to go out with you.

    • ... any girl over 18 isn't going to find it disgusting that he drinks!

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  • If you have an idea that you may be interested in her for a relationship, then you may not want to ask her out to a bar or pub. You may want to try something educational and just ask her. No need to beat around the bush. If she likes you the same, she may say, yes. Her family may have taught her to say no on the first date. Do not feel offended if she says no initially.

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  • "I'm going to the BarBar on Tuesday. Want to come?"

  • first of all don't "ask" it makes you seem like you're insecure second of all how are you going to get into a bar anyway, even I'm only 19 and I have a hard time getting in (even though I don't drink) third

    just do it like

    hey, u, me, bar at this so and so time, be ready cause I'm picking you up