How do I ask a hot girl to hang out as just friends?

I was lucky to meet a cute girl at a bar, and we exchanged numbers (literally the 1st time this has ever happened, I'm shy at bars). After texting a bit, I felt like it wasn't a good match. She was a really cool and flashy party girl. I prefer a more indie/hipster girl that's dorky.

My problem is that I want to expand my social circle and meet girls outside of bars. I also want friends to go to the more popular bars to meet new people (we always go to the same local brewery). My friends are all married or in long-term relationships, and they do the same thing every week with the same people. Sadly, I've realized I'm never gonna meet a girl while hanging out with them. In college and now, my friends have always been terrible at getting single girls to come to our parties. It's usually all guys and the girlfriends/wives. Those girls never bring any single girls either. I'm really bad at approaching random girls in bars, and I'd much rather meet new people at a house party or some other social activity. Now that I'm out of college, I have no idea how to meet new people.

So I guess I want to friendzone the girl. I know that she parties with others a lot. But I also genuinely want to hang out with her cause she seems really cool. I feel like I actually get along really well with girls as just friends, and it feels refreshing to talk to someone new for a change. I don't know if she is into me. It's been a couple months, and we just started texting again. I would feel bad for leading her on, but I also want to ask her to hang out without it being weird. Maybe she just wanted to be friends too. She wasn't very flirty. What's the best way to pursue a friendship with new girls?


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  • Just be like "hey I'm trying to meet new people and make new friends. I was thinking of dropping by this bar at such and such. Do you want to come hang out?"


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  • Just be upfront with her, ask her if she could be your wing girl, if she likes you as more than a friend she may not want to, however if she doesn't I'm sure she'll be happy to.

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