Does she miss me or am I overthinking?

Ex-GF and I broke up abruptly after a year and a half and have been no-contact for 3 weeks. However she has:

- Blocked me on everything after the breakup and then unblocked me on everything a week later

- Watches every single Instagram story that I post with a fake account (confirmed it’s her)

- Still has our pictures together on Facebook

- Still friends with my friends and family and still likes their stuff

- Saved a bunch of breakup and “moving on” quotes on Pinterest

I just don’t know how to read the female mind. I want to reconcile but have been giving it time. Our breakup wasn’t expected, it was abrupt and due to a bad fight. We lived together for a year of the year and a half that we were together.

Does she miss me or am I overthinking?
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