Ran into a girl very next day after rejection?


So I know this girl from my old job of 2 years and text day and night. We’d been friend but I liked her. I did ask her in the beginning and few weeks before I left.

Wed been in contact, she confronted me about it after dinner with a few people. She told me talking to me alone feels weird. Told me that she’s weirded about it. I told her I liked you as a potential but it’s okay. I don’t see chemistry and we decided to stay friends.

We’d been in touch al through the month. recently bumped into her on the street told her that we were hoping to throw a surprise bday for her. She declined and next day was asking if im okay. I felt disappointed told her.

Few days in I had had enough. And told her that don’t see the point of back and forth texting seems to be pointless.

Also did change my stance to the face that I possibly love her but it’s okay that she doesn’t want to stay friends, as I know she doesn’t like me.

She was let’s not stay friends. She knew cus I was attached. I was like well you do seem attached and reach out often. But that I’m done this is weird.

Next day goto the Bar and bump into her. Just said hi and just gave attention to others. I could feel the awkwardness on both sides. But I had a good time.

Ahh…will she just leave me alone.. I’m figuring out should I have talked to her more. Or…Yh I have feelings for her 2nd time in my life I had that but what to do.

Ran into a girl very next day after rejection?
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