What does this dream mean?

The first one was I was working at the nursing home..
And this guy who I thought was our administration wasn't.
No one knew that because they look identical.
I don't know what happened all I remember was I was in the room with him and other people. And he took me to a different room to try to get me to have sex with him.

I kept trying to push him off of me. It where 2 people saw it and they help me out

The police came and they had to taser him.

In the same ass nightmare not even 30 min afterwards.
I was kidnapped by another person I'm not even sure how I got in the van I think it was at knife or gunpoint all I remember was me in the van and this guy wanted sex / to pee. .
I texted sos to Chris , you , heather , and one of my coworkers. . I kept texting sos

Then the female lady came and she cut all my hair off

Then a few min later there was motorcycles who came.
What does this dream mean?
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