Girl lifts her top in front of me in the gym?


Hi there, just a quick question, has anyone been in a situation at the gym where a pretty girl you've been recently acquainted with lifts up her shirt whilst on a treadmill as you're close by? Not sure if she's doing this to get my attention or not. We have been speaking to each other in the gym casually and I have been making small talk and making her laugh but just wanted to know whether she was trying to get my attention or not? Thanks all.

EDIT: Funnily enough, it's similar to this video on YouTube at 29 seconds in or right hand side of the thumbnail. She was wearing a oversized shirt too but just lifted it up while she was walking on treadmill

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EDIT #2: Just to say this isn't the first time for it to happen either, it happened again last week in a similar situation.
Girl lifts her top in front of me in the gym?
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