How did men evolve broad shoulders?

How did men evolve broad shoulders?

As most of my followers already know, I love broad shoulders, not just broad but the ones that have a distinct contrast between their waist and shoulders size.

I know I am a bit obsessed with it haha, just I wonder why don’t more men have naturally broad shoulders and a sharp V shape?

Did it evolve or was it just a sexual selection and all the broad shouldered men are descended from that one sexy ancestor thousands of years ago?

I myself know that I have pretty nice genes, since I have quite appealing body type and always everywhere get into the centre of attention because of my waist to hip ratio. My brother also has a very appealing waist to shoulders ratio.

I want the same in a man, but there aren’t that many men with the type of shoulders I like.

Some are quite muscular but I don’t mean muscles, what I mean is naturally very broad shoulders with very slim waist.

I think my future daughter will be in a good place if she will inherit my and my mom’s body shape but I wonder if I have a male child how do I enhance the broadness of his shoulders?

Are there any sports I should take him to? Any skills I should help him get in the early childhood? Any special diet?

How did men evolve broad shoulders?
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