Is sexual tension forming?

I've got a female friend who doesn't like intimacy and also doesn't like being touched. She's also big into alone time, takes ages to respond to friends and is pretty much a dismissive avoidant type of girl who is very cold with people.

Recently however she's began laughing at all my jokes, texts me daily on multiple platforms, plays video games with me, we could be on the phone chatting for a few hours, we hang out almost daily, replies to my texts straight away and has began touching me quite a lot.

We agreed to be friends because she didn't have feelings for me anymore when I said I was interested and she couldn't force herself to feel something again.

She has now started coming over to my house at night to watch movies and she's really giggly and playful and has zero issue with me touching her. I catch her playing with her hair and we *accidentally* touch hands all the time now, she for no reason just touches me now whether it be just a play fight or something.

When she watches movies she sits at the corner of the bed, then recently she began to lay on the edge and the last time she got into bed with me. We began slowly moving towards eachother and I felt like I eas to make a move a few times but didn't and then she got tired and cranky.

I offered for her to stay over tonight at mine in my bed and watch a match at 5am. She hates sport but now wants to watch it with me, however she thought about it and said 5am was too early and she's be cranky. I made a remark about id have shown her no affection in bed or given her any blanket and she said she "didn't want that anyway lol" nd then sent a meme saying "nervous laughter".

I suppose I'm just a bit confused, I feel like we're beginning to get closer and closer until we eventually hook up, but if it's ever verbally implied she shuts it down. She clearly seems to know what I'm implying yet still comes back to get into bed and watches a movie. I suppose her not openly saying yes makes me unsure

Is sexual tension forming?
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