Is this sexual tension getting out of hand?

There’s been an awkward tension with this guy. Every morning I’m one of the first ones there because I work in the lobby and sometimes he’ll have to print something out so he’ll come near me ( the printer is next to me ).
Yesterday I was on the phone and he told me I smelled really really good. I’ve seen him compliment other coworkers nails and dress so I didn’t think too much into that one.
Just the other day, he told me he was happy to see me and kind of stared at me for a few seconds. Things got awkward after that and he can barely make eye contact when he talks to me but will steal glances at me when I’m talking to someone else.
Today I had to bring him a package and I was looking for him in a hallway and he came into the hallway and I was like “I was just looking for you!” And he was like “we’re you?” In a kind of seductive way.
He’s really nice and I think he might have a girlfriend but I’m not sure because he hasn’t mentioned a girl to me.
So today he had to train this lady who’s fairly attractive in his department but I didn’t think too much into it. When she came in he toured her around. I work in the lobby and he kept lingering around with her near the lobby and was talking really loud. They kept coming near me.
I was going to leave the same time they were letting her go and coincidentally I saw them and was rushing to leave at the same time because I had to go. I went to the bathroom as they were coming near me. The girl came in the bathroom and we talked for a few minutes.
When I was coming out, my guy coworker was standing right there and I didn’t expect to see him. i was walking rlly fast and made a weird face because he was standing right there and he was like “what was that?” And I told him he scared me and continued rushing to leave. He followed me out to get my stuff and told me bye but it was awkward.
Is there something there?
Is this sexual tension getting out of hand?
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