How do I get a spark back?

So pretty much I was seeing a girl and she lost that spark she felt for me and we became just friends.

Recently we've started hanging out all the time, we text or call everyday and she even comes over to watch movies, with her even getting into bed with me the last few times.

We love spending time together but she doesn't feel that sexual attraction for me anymore and I don't know how to get jt back. She thinks I'm hilarious and we tease all the time. She now even goes out of her way to make me laugh and we've got a great bond, but she doesn't have the urge to pull my pants down anymore.

When I make flirty jokes to her she gets visibly annoyed, or when we're alone and its quiet she gets awkward and begins fidgeting. So for example when we get in bed and watch movies, I slowly move towards her and u can tell she doesn't mind me being close, but she's also like "you're beside me now, be happy with that and don't touch me" attitude which I get. Sometimes when we sit there and our hands accidentally touch she snaps it away and gets annoyed etc and I understand all of that tbh.

However when we're just vibing and living in the moment it's completely different, she's very touchy with me, I can touch her anywhere and she seems happy, the chemistry is electric and we bounce off eachother. We touch, we tease, we taunt, we flirt, everything. It's almost like if we were joking snd I got in the bed and lay beside her she'd jokingly cuddle me, but then when it would get quiet she'd push me off.

I suppose I don't know how to go about making her begin to crave me again, and when it's quiet and we're beside eachother in bed make her WANT me to touch her like before.

I've been told that because I'm so important to her now I should stop being so available gor the next 2 or 3 weeks. Allow her to miss me and miss spending time with me and Allow her initiate all the hanging out etc. But what do u reckon? How do I create that tension and attraction?

How do I get a spark back?
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