Can I get the spark back?

Myself and a friend began texting and sexting over a year ago. We became very close and feelings quickly formed and so we started dating. She was hesitant at first but agreed and we started getting on really well until our friends found out.

All of a sudden she started acting distant with me around them and at work and was almost irritated by my existence. This coincided with her being too busy to hang out with me for 3 weeks. This all together made it feel like she was losing interest, so I tried to show more. This led to her thinking I was needy and pulling away and me thinking she was harsh and it ended up becoming toxic.

We eventually started talking and agreed to try again and then eventually agreed to start from scratch, and although we were getting on fine she still wasn't acting normal with me. We had a chat and she said she doesn't feel the spark but likes spending time with me and wants to hang out as friends. We started hanging out as friends yet still she acts odd around me, doesn't laugh at my jokes, doesn't like me touching her etc. She has lots of other friends and guys that like her so I'm not boredom or attention which is why I'm confused.

We had another chat today because I told her I'm sick of it, she doesn't want a relationship and wants to be friends, but doesn't treat me like a friend. She admitted that she would push me away in front of friends because she didn't want them being nosy about us and admitted that she shouldve said something at the time and things would've panned out differently.

However she said she doesn't feel the spark between us anymore and she doesn't want to try force attraction, but it be natural. I told her there can't be anything natural if she keeps forcing me away in front of friends and doesn't want me to touch her when we're alone. She knows I like her and is obviously comfortable with me if she keeps wanting to hang out, but I'm just so confused. Is there a way to ignite the spark again?

Can I get the spark back?
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