Girls, A girl who is potentially lesbian is flirting with me? Is it even possible?

  • Hi everyone, I'm new here! I'm a straight guy in my mid 20s. I think I'm considered conventionally good-looking and have recieved a lot of "signals" and flirtatious comments or direct advancements from girls in the past, so I think I understand when girls are interested, however of course I could be wrong.
  • I met this girl at an event who I became friendly with (we're not really friends) and because we have the same circle of friends we've been having lunches/dinners together and going out partying in a group etc.
  • When we're walking she is always next to me and when we're sitting she is always next to me and from the very first time we've hung out she had long eye contacts with me, she is smiling at me, she is laughing at my jokes and she is placing her arm and leg so close our skin will eventually start touching. Our skin will be pressed against each other like that for like an hour or two for the whole dinner while all the other people in the group are sitting normally without touching. This happens everytime. I also haven't seen her do this with others. Again, we've only hung out a few times.
  • She also started greeting me as "Hey handsome". Because of all these signals I really believed she is into me and a few weeks ago she said we should grab a drink sometime (the 2 of us). We mentioned it multiple times but as we're busy we haven't actually done it yet.
  • I thought she is either straight or bi as she shares a lot of LGBTQ content on social all the time, but recently I got confused as she posted a screenshot of a movie where the female character says "I'm so glad I'm gay" and she posted other lesbian celebration content along with this. It kinda looks like a public admission of being a lesbian. I'm really interested in your pov or if you have a guess at what all this could mean. I like her and find her attractive, but I don't want to make things awkward between us and I also don't want to just ask her about her sexuality it might be weird.
Girls, A girl who is potentially lesbian is flirting with me? Is it even possible?
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