If a guy has called a girl his sister, is there any chance of him liking me?

There was this random guy that spoke to me one time and the second time he see me he spoke and added on calling me his sister. This guy and I do not know each other and we never held a conversation together.

I really would like to know what it meant when he did this and was there any chance of him liking me? Would the "good afternoon my sister" be a joke to see what my reaction was going to be?

P.S. sorry I meant to put behavior whether then style if this appears twice.


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  • If your age is actually 18-24 then I doubt he likes you. I don't mean this in any negative way, but the only guys I know to call a girl "sister" are gay. If you're younger though, then maybe. A guy who's just learning how to talk to girls will take any convenient excuse to strike up a witty convo.

    • Well this happened in college, I'm a juinor and he could be a senior or a grad because he looks a little older than me. Yes I thought similar to you and he probably does not like me, thanks for your response.

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  • um . I don't know its probably like some kind of slang.

    on the other hand if it isnt, then maybe he does like you but as a friend. Usually when a guy calls you sister, its because they see you and love you and care for you as if you were thyere little sister, which if your crushing on this guy, is obviously bad.

    i hope this helps you!

    • Yes your right it could just be a saying and he could have said it that way hoping that I take it in a friendly way for a friend or less. Yes I did get attached to this guy but I should stop liking him and move on because I never know about him. Thank you for answering.

    • No problem :)