Confused about my gender?

I've never been happy as a man, i know that.

For the past year now I've lived fully as a woman and have been much happier, BUT I don't want to get any surgeries. I don't really have a strong feeling about my body parts one way or the other.

Is this okay, or is it important part of being a woman that you want to have female body parts very badly so you'd even choose surgery for it? And if so, is it really important that I can't call myself a woman just for simplicity, but need to figure out a more specific label that exactly describes my own gender?

I don't want to do that. All the microlabels are confusing and hard to understand. I'd like to just keep living as a woman since that's definitely close, maybe just not 100% accurate. I don't care to be 100% accurate I just want a normal life where I'm not constantly uncomfortable in my own skin (metaphorically).

Is it okay to be confused about my exact gender and just choose the closest of the main 2 to make life easier?

Confused about my gender?
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