People at work acting different lately what's the deal?

So when I got this job I was in a tough spot. I was starving needed the money my brother was drinking himself to death, and I just left an abusive relationship. My PTSD was at its worst I was just trying to survive. So I didn't talk much but there were a few women there I thought were attractive but they didn't really seem to feel the same way and I just thought well that's not why I'm here anyway. Those same women were very rude and dismissive to me personally. It's a stressful job and I didn't talk much because of my aforementioned issues, but a lot of people took my depression and quiet nature for stupidity those women especially. Lately tho like all at once one liked me and then another some girl got a write up because she started hiking up her thong and swaying her hips in front of me. I didn't make a move because she was pretty aggressive about it and she not 3 months ago would act like I was a burden to her existence. When I didn't make a move and after she got written up went back to hating me but also trying to flirt then back to hating me again. That's basically been the same pattern with a few women there I work with. And it's only like this at work outside of work people are very kind and receptive to me. Another one was a girl I really liked I thought she was the most attractive girl I've ever seen but she was also probably the rudest person to me there out of everyone. Now she's doing this same shit, keeps staring at me when we are dressing up to enter the work room keeps running directly into me when she would always make a point to be across the room from me and never looking my way. Yesterday the power went out and everyone went to the hall I was feeling kinda shitty so I found my own spot to chill out and she walked all the way from where she was standing alone and stood right next to me kept looking at me and circling me waiting for me to say something to her. Why is she now acting this this after treating me like shit for about 8 months straight.

Is it because I'm distant
Or do people see the real me now
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People at work acting different lately what's the deal?
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