Girl is mad at me, I apologize and says she doesn't care?

A little background. Me and this girl are acquaintances but we know each other really well, we spend a lot of time talking and joking but while we can have a great time together, we also argue a lot, mostly because our comments sometimes get taken the wrong way. This happens a lot, we will make up for a week or two and then some other silly situation will arise where either her or me will get mad and stop talking.

I am kinda used to this, I do not like it because when we get along is great, but it does happen. I promise it will never happen again but sometimes she gets this bitchy attitude and is hard for me not to respond or get irritated. She is mad at me now and I have apologized yet again, but she told me she didn't care about it and doesn't want to hear it and I can act however I want. The thing is that "she doesn't care" but if I say or do the same thing I promise I wouldn't do, she starts getting on my case and telling me "wow, way not to do it again and changing your behavior". My question is, does she care or not? Because if she doesn't care, why does she bother bringing it up? It happens a lot, she claims she doesn't care but she is always bitching at me, what is her deal?
Girl is mad at me, I apologize and says she doesn't care?
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