Do shy guys go after girls the same as outgoing guys?

I was always taught not to "go after guys" and to let them "come to me." In other words, don't ask guys out because they aren't interested unless they're asking you out first...

I've found that when a guy likes me he'll go out of his way to ask me small talk kind of questions... that he'll try to be near me so he can make jokes.

What about a shy guy though?

The guy I like came and sat next to me at work last night, but hardly talked to me. He kind of avoided eye contact. I tried to make small jokes, but I felt so discouraged because he wasn't making eye contact or smiling. I know he was busy, but should I feel so discouraged? I mean, he did sit next to me, but he didn't try to talk to me much. He made his presence known by talking to people around me and humming. I'm shy too, so I didn't know how to react to this!

So do shy guys go after girls the same way?
Yeah, it's the same... they go out of their way to talk to you
No, it's different. It might be harder for them.
Other. Please explain!
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Do shy guys go after girls the same as outgoing guys?
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