The GirlsAskGuys App is Coming!


The GirlsAskGuys App is Coming!

Before another user asks yet another question about whether GAG should have its own app, I thought I would let you all know that a GAG app is currently in development and has been for a few months now. YAY! On the GirlsAskGuys blog, they mentioned making one to be released in 2014 so it has been in their interests for some time now.

It will be available for iOS and Android phones, so if you're a Windows Phone user like me, you'll have to do without. No-one is sure of when the app will be ready and available for download.

GirlsAskGuys want the features to be a surprise so they're not giving out too much information right now, but at least you're aware that there is an app in the making!

The GirlsAskGuys App is Coming!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • lemonlimetime
    Thank you!!! I understand people interested in it and whatnot, but it's been asked SO many times it should be categorized like the penis questions.
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    • Hannah591

      Ha, I'm glad someone else noticed!

    • zagor

      Does phone size matter? Do girls prefer a larger phone?

    • Hannah591

      @zagor I prefer larger phones. ;)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Mesonfielde
    Well it's been a year since 2014, so I'm slightly skeptical, but if they have a proper REST API then it honestly shouldn't be too difficult.
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  • DanteSparda
    It'd be really good if they'd include a chat option in the app
    • Hannah591

      You should let them know, they might add it. :)

  • YourFutureEx
    I want live notifications but there's a drawback that when some users start a convo on your post, it'd annoy when the phone will ring for no legit reason :D
    And it'd decrease the battery :(
    • ... the GCM is already a part of the Android system, the broadcast receiver consumes minimal battery.

    • @Mesonfielde no, not new notifications but it'll run in background and would take RAM and hence the battery, no?

    • If they use the GCM, then the GCM is already running. ¬¬

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  • teawrecks
    They already had an app out that clearly flopped miserably. SO maybe that was the app they were talking about?
  • Watermelonoma
    the real story here is that there are actually real people in the wild who use windows phones
  • Fionna19
    Yes! So excited making me wonder though... Are the same/different features gonna be in it?
  • Applefan1
    I actually thought they already had an app out? Is this a different one again?
  • Kerbie
    Well that will make thing easier iOS 8.4 loves to crash safari all the time.
  • Prof_Don
    As long as it has live notifications for messaging... I'll be a happy camper! ;-)
  • chuppachup
    FINALLY! They take a hint
  • jacquesvol
    Apps are slower than favorites.
  • wetpampers
    this will be perfect
  • Krushhbrownies
    I bet my phone can't support it hahaha