4 reasons why your question does not attract opinions

Ever posted a question on GAG, and wondered why it does not get opinions, here are some reasons why it happens plus a few solutions.


During my time here i came acrross variety of different question but the worst ones were the questions with long descriptions, when you see 10+ lines questions, you just feel it's too long, you get bored before you even start reading so most of people just pass it.

SOLUTION: make it as short as possible aka straight to the point.


Troll is another reason why questions does not attract opinions, if you post something you already know it's a waste of time unless you are trolling people for example: i have seen this question "What are the pros and cons of asking troll questions in a job interview?" of course troll questions are funny (sometimes), but if you ask it over and over again, it will be total turn off.

SOLUTION: Decrease number of troll questions, or just stop it.

4 reasons why your question does not attract opinions


If your question's description is not clear nobody is gonna understand, so as a result it will be diffucult to give an opinion, that is why most of the people ignore it.

SOLUTION: Make your description reflect what you are actually asking.


OH! Yes these questions are familiar, we see it daily, weekly and monthly, they come back again and again which is why people dont answer them. if you ask "does penis size matter" everyday, you will not expect people to tell you IT DOES / IT DOESN'T MATTER. Did you?

SOLUTION: Do a search before asking questions.

Am I missing something? Feel free to share your tips and thanks for reading :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Duplicate questions made *recently* as in, the last hour or so are very annoying - likely coming from someone anonymous. These aren't even necessarily penis questions, but what about the guy who asked whether it was right that his girlfriend's mom slapped him and he pressed charges? That question was like a tennis match as he posted the same thing from a man's point of view, then changed it to a woman's point of view, then admitted it was from a man's point of view... on and on it went. I can't stand how people pose a question, don't get answers (or the ones they're looking for), so they ask again a half hour later.

    However, if a question is a similar to someone's from a year ago, no one reads those again. Best to make your own question and get fresh answers.

    • That guy was probably confused, may be he was child, i recently come across. a girl asking question where she said, "that she is 13 and some guy like her", however her profile way saying she is 21 years old. i was shocked.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Its simple. The GaG community is in a bubble. If questions sound "politically incorrect" "anti woman" or talk about certain topics such as race, (Well I wouldn't say all race questions because any questions asking if white guys like Asian, Latino, Black women or how can a non white woman get a white guy are rather popular on here and get plenty of opinions) chances are you will get few opinions.


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  • Troll questions are blockbusters. They attract more users than genuine questions :/

    • sometimes yes but not all times, thanks for reading

  • The most stupid and biggest troll questions gets the most answers in my opinion. I can't count the amount of times I had to fucking feature my question just to get more than 1 opinion.

  • Completely true. Especially the one about long walls of text. Even if I were to write down a short novel, I'd at the very least summarize it at the beginning.

  • Troll questions can be fun as long as the topic is cleverly entertaining

  • Excellent choice of pictures!

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