Why I Don't Like the Idea of Having Questions Be "Closed" From More Opinions After MHO Is Selected

As someone who asks a lot of questions out of curiosity, I don't like the idea of questions being "closed" to more opinions after Most Helpful Answers are selected.


Because I'm always eager to hear more answers to my questions.

Sometimes I don't get as many answers to my question as I would've hoped, so I liked the fact that my question would remain open for more people to respond to if they came across the question later.

I also liked the possibility for my question to experience a resurgence in new opinions after it appeared again on people's newsfeeds when I selected MHO, and/or after someone new added an opinion to it after a long time of not having been responded to.

Overall, I ask questions because I'm genuinely curious for answers, & I liked the fact that people could continue responding indefinitely.

GirlsAskGuys, it would also be beneficial to YOU to keep questions open to more opinions, even after MHO is selected.
Why? Let's say, for example, after a few months of a question having been asked & after a MHO is already selected, a person finds the question, & they share it with friends from outside GAG. Their friends may be interested in responding to the question, so they might increase the GAG population by making a GAG account to respond to the question, which they would've had no motivation to do if the question wasn't accepting any more answers.

At the very least, let a person *choose* if they want to close a question to more opinions, rather than having it "close" automatically.

Why I Don't Like the Idea of Having Questions Be

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  • I still haven't found a single person that agrees with this closing thing...
    For whatever reason they did it, it's bAD very Bad. I meet someone, I follow them, and I can't answer their old (or not so old...) questions. I select MHO, and when it goes back to the feed, nobody can answer again, like it happened many, many times before, and I got some great answers, also because it doesn't count to MHO ratio, people just don't mind to leave their opinions.

    The dislike button is NOTHING compared to this closing thing. This should be a priority right now. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

  • I agree, but i think the reason they did that is because there are so many other questions being unanswered and they want more people to answer those questions.

    As to the solution they came up with i dont agree, but i do agree that the questions with no opinions should be answered. Maybe if they offered more xper points for answering those questions it would help and maybe making moderators answer a certain amount of questions with no opinions to keep their moderator status.

    • You already earn one more xp for being the first of your gender to answer...

    • @mikemx55 thats why i said 'more xper points'. I xper point isn't really enticing enough to answer the questions.

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