Welcome to GAG: A beginners guide to GAG. Five things to know about being a GAGer

Welcome to GAG: A beginners guide to GAG. Five things to know about being a GAGer

Welcome to GAG! A website where you can feel free to ask all sorts of questions to the opposite gender. GAG community is sort of like a family in a way. We all ook out for each other and answer each others questions and solve dillemas. But, to be an effective GAGer lets look at five basic rules of thumb that you should follow

  1. Please refrain from generalizations and stereotype questions. This is a major pet peeve to many GAGers. Generalizations are very common on this website. But, they also can be very hurtful. As a online community we have many GAGers from various walks of life, From Teenagers in high school to teachers and nurses in their fifties and onwards. There are also many different cultural and religious/non religous backgrounds here. So do not ridicule or generalize anyone based on their:Age,sex,religion,country,ethinicity, sexual prefrence, past mistakes etc...In general DON'T GENERALIZE.
  2. Use the Anonymous feature sparingly. The Anonymous feature is a great tool for asking personal questions that you may feel uneasy about asking under your username. But, even though it has a good use there are some who use it for bad purposes too. Some have used the Anonymous feature to troll others, post explicit photos, bully others, and bash other people based on their morals. So if you feel like you need to go anon on a question feel free to do so, but if you plan to use it to harm others please don't.
  3. When in doubt,always check the FAQ's. If you want to ask a question about something sexual or check the Xper levels to see how much farther you have till the next level, go to the FAQ section. To get there go to the little menu under the username and click on help. It will take you to a FAQ page on a vareity of topics on the site. Anything from question guidelines to how to redeem XPer points can be found in this section.
  4. Do not copy another GAGer's question in any way shape or form. A lot of GAGer's also have this pet peeve. Sometimes I understand that you need to get experience on here, but think of different questions to ask. Other GAGer's have asked questions in the past that were very similar to already active ones. The ones who asked first worked very hard to come up with the question, so please try not to copy them.
  5. Have fun! This can be a great community. There are lots of great questions on here. You can make lots of great friends here. And answer some very fun and thought provoking questions. GAG is all what you as the user make out of it. If you want a place to answer others questions about life and have fun along the way then this is a great place to do such.

In conclusion, remember to just be yourself on here and have fun, but always follow the rules and guidelines set here. And again Welcome to GAG.

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  • And don't take people too seriously or you'll have a really bad time!


Most Helpful Guy

  • #1 agree :D
    #2 i made a full take about it ;)
    #3 indifferen... someone'll tell'em in a question "check da FAQ" and that's all :|
    #4 i'd not give a shit if someone was copyin my wuestions actually ;p
    #5 hve fun... and be helpful not a troll :D

    by the way r those cereals on yer pic? they look nice...


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