GAG Is Essentially an RPG Without A Canon Protagonist, Made By Itself

GAG Is Essentially an RPG Without A Canon Protagonist,Made By Itself.

There is no canon protagonist. Actually the main protagonist it’s you. So everyone “plays” a different version of GAG here.

But we can say original admins who created this site in 2007,were the “game creators”. But unlike most creators they didn’t create any characters. Characters appeared on their own after discovering this game,via some search engine or some friend maybe. Since they joined they became characters in this game.Either minor ones or major ones.

Some points why it’s an RPG.

- We have Levels and Xper points.

Levels/Xper points is a system used entirely in RPGs. Although in most games usually they have 99 Levels,here we have only 11. Well it doesn’t matter since it’s the same concept.

- Ranks like military ranks.

It would be like:

Admin = General

Uber-moderator = Colonel

Super-moderator = Major

Moderator = Captain

And rest is common soldiers or just simple civilians.

Editor is a separate rank,so I would put them somewhere in a Special Forces Unit.

- Number of opinions is the number of battles you took part in. Number of MHOs is equivalent with number of successful battles.

Like best soldier in this battle among your gender.

- Gurus are characters who have a portrait above their name.

Important characters of the game who often take part in the main plot.

- Masters are bosses.

They have very high stats (aka Xper/Level) so they deserve to be the bosses of the game.

-Awards are items you can purchase in GAG's shop.

Xper works as money as well. There are several special Items you can purchase in GAG's shop.


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  • "There is no canon protagonist. Actually the main protagonist it’s you. So everyone “plays” a different version of GAG here."

    we already have these and they're called mmorpgs


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  • So if you don't pay any attention to rank, MHO's, Xper points or any of the other game-like features and just answer & ask questions (anonymously whenever possible) are you still playing the game? Are you some kind of NPC or a game feature?


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  • And then the metagame is to... follow the trends and tell people what they want to hear and rack up points to win?

    • Or outrage everyone so they keep talking and build xper for you.

      I don't think you can really win, it's like amassing all that epic gear on a mmoprg character then feeling dead inside while you wait for new content to come out since you're "done" and there's nothing left to do. lol. We get a whole lot of xper then... we have a whole lot of xper... gg.

      Nice pic by the way. :)

    • @AllThatSweetJazz Lol essentially. At least they have tangible rewards to assuage that feeling.
      And thanks lol.

    • @AllThatSweetJazz MARSHAL LEE!!! I didn't notice that before. LOL! I mean - you have a pretty nifty pic yourself.

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