The common question askers/answers at GAG

You either going to love me or hate me for this myTake.

1. The TrollsThe common question askers/answers at gag

I would guess most people here have been on the internet long enough to know what a troll is. However, for those newer users...Troll is a person who harasses others for their own enjoyment. The top things trolled on GAG
1. Traditionalism/ Religion. If your conservative, it's pretty bad here for you.
2. Radical Feminism. Description is not needed.
3. Liberalism is the third most trolled thing on GAG. However, Since the majority of the community here is liberal this is somewhat rare.

2. The Novel Writers

These GAGers writes walls of text in the question section. Nobody ends up helping them because they can't be bothered to read the text. These askers/answerers often write in run on sentences and, their lack of punctuation makes it impossible to read.

3. The Negative Person

This person has a cloud over their head. Whether they are ready to give up on relationships, or struggle from a lack confidence in themselves, these people are easily found being too hard on themselves.

4. The Sweet Person

This person gives compliments, greats people cheerfully and tells every one in the comment section they're awesome. The only problem I have with this person is they give likes to every comment. If you gives likes to every comment, you have invalidated that you genuinely liked my comment.

5. The Spammer

There are two types of spammers:
1. The attention seekers; the "How Do I Look" topic is full of these.
2. The what I call "Denial of Service Spammers". These spammers use up the time, and effort of GAGer's leaving those who are legitimate with no answers to their questions. These people are often opposers of free speech or trolls.

6. Opposers of Free Speech

These people often have poll questions that have to do with political stances. They are very nice unless, you answer "wrong". These people then go though the comment sections debating, ridiculing and harassing all that disagree with them.

7. The Person Who Ask Questions To Get Answers

Shout out to the people that actually uses this site to get answers for relationship advise. You know, kind of like your supposed to do! Also, shout out to those who answer like they have manners.

Well I have complained, so time for me to offer a solution. My solution is to remove the anonymous feature. It's a safe haven for trolls, spammers and, opposers of free speech. Admins can't really track down annon's, and yes, I did not allow anons to post for this one.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol, yeah the negative person is a bit annoying. I get they're sad but couldn't they stop ruining everyone's day by just finding fault in everything?

    • I think there should be a banning for negatively feature.

    • 'Opposers of free speech suck'
      'Ban negativity'
      Are you fucking serious?

    • @TheHooptyMiata Opposer of free speech are often negative people. They runing around ruining over wise joyful comments and turning it into a debate.

Most Helpful Guy

  • "These people then go though the comment sections debating, ridiculing and harassing all that disagree with them." Basically liberals


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