Going on Anonymous on GAG


A lot of people go on GAG for different reasons. A lot of people turn on anon for serious stuff and silly stuff. I think going on anon is helpful but also just plain silly.

Now before I get any hate for this, please read what I have to say.

I always turn off anon on my questions and myTakes unless it is deeply personal. I understand that some may find it embaressing or be too shy to take off anon. I think it is only good for those reasons.

Yet at the same time, I hate anon. Like be proud of what your opinion is, don't be ashamed if you think a certain way or don't know a certain thing.

I never go on anon when asking a question. If I don't know something, if I am curious about something else, if it's really personal or not. I just give no fucks if everyone knows that I didn't know something or that I think a certain way. I am proud of the way I think. I think @Mistnigqa808 also never goes on anon cause he gives no fucks about what people think of his opinions. (Probably cause everyone loves him anyway).

I love people like that. Like just please, be brutally honest. This site is for opinions people, come on. If you opinion is a lie then it isn't your opinion. I like when someone doesn't go on anon if their opinion is unpopular, "embarrassing" or deeply personal. It makes me really happy for some reason.

I think the problem with anon is that people are generally a lot more mean and rude when they can go anon. They're braver when people can't put a face or name to a certain opinion or comment. Some people go on anon to just be rude and offensive! Even when the mytake or question has nothing to do about it, people will be so rude.

At this point, the random hate I get got to the point I never allow anonymous users anymore just because if someone has something mean to say, they should be brave about it and not hide behind their computer screen.

Also, it takes all the respect out. If someone has an opinion that is different than mine, I will respect that. But I'm not going to respect their opinion if it is blatantly rude towards my opinion or someone else etc. There is a difference between being honest with an opinion-that earns my respect, and being rude with an opinion- that makes me dislike you. And if you don't care that I respect or like you or not then that's a great attitude.

But I promise you, being rude gets you no where. You may lose out on a lot of great friends and experiences simply because you couldn't be nice.

Please be proud of what you have to say. And use anon wisely. Thank you.

Going on Anonymous on GAG.

Going on Anonymous on GAG
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