10 Questions GirlsAskGuys Ironically Can't Really Answer


1) Does he/she like me?

Even with a lot of detail, you're asking us to mind read. What we can help you with is how to conduct yourself with regard to another person's actions/behavior and how the opposite gender tends to think, but nothing specific enough for you to know with any certainty what he/she likes doesn't like.

2) Why won't he/she call?

We can list out every reason we can think of why they didn't but again see above.

3) Why did he/she do this?

See above.

4) What can I do to get he/she back?

Either we'll say it's not worth it or say what we would do, but we can't say what will work because we aren't that person.

5) What does this mean?

We're subject to our biases.

6) Will he/she think this is hot?

We might be more confident in our answers, but it's still too subjective to be reliable.

7) What do I need to do to become more attractive?

Whether it's looks or personality, it's again too subjective to be valid advice. Maybe confidence, but that's a broken record at this point.

8) Would you find it sexy if...

Great, so now you know what some random stranger finds sexy. It's still going to be hard to draw any applicable knowledge as every person is subject to have their own tastes that are different from the norm...

9) How would you feel about...

See above.

10) Why do I hate myself?

You are infintely complicated. We all are. We aren't trained to psycho analyze you. More than likely, even if you got great advice you wouldn't take it since doing so would mean you don't hate yourself, so this question can't really lead to positive change.


This is why I stay away from too many opinions on this site, but I think I will just start answering with less regard to being certain because none of these questions can be answered with any certainty. We can only say how we feel about it personally and you can decide if that's what you want to hear, but to me I don't neccessarily see a lot of positive change coming out of these ten questions being asked...and I think as a Community we need to think about that.

10 Questions GirlsAskGuys Ironically Can't Really Answer

10 Questions GirlsAskGuys Ironically Can't Really Answer
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Most Helpful Girl

  • cinderelli

    yes most of the time questions like these are pointless.. and I usually post this..
    when a question is totally crap.. but I guess they just need someone to talk to.. some human connection.. someone to guide in any way so they won't feel lonely..

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    • pavlove

      haha yeah they probably do. i guess that makes sense

Most Helpful Guy

  • ConsultantIsBack

    LOL i so agree, so many questions like "why can't i get a bf/gf?" "what will he think/what is he thinking?" "how to get him back?"
    lol... we can't read their mind, you'd think it'd be common sense that the question is not really answerable by online strangers.

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  • Rainie_

    The amount of times I see these type of questions a day. 😂😂 I don't even bother answering let alone reading these type of questions anymore. 😅 Like come on we ain't psychic.

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    • pavlove

      exactly. makes me tired just having to read this question over and over and trying to think of something when really i have no idea what to say that. no one does.

  • DarkHumorRUs

    Pretty sure people are going into this site knowing that "we're subject to our biases".
    That's why it's "most helpful OPINION".

    And also why most of your Take is invalid.

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    • Squidward

      back in 2011 when you were still able to walk straight under the kitchen table it used to be called "Best Answer". Most people come here seeking answers to problems they are faced with, not opinions. Most people dont understand that everyone is biased in some way and has a different array of experiences.

    • pavlove

      @Squidward Nice. Yeah, they may be searching for opinions but they're looking ultimately for an answer. This site just got PC and so we no longer compete for best answer, but honestly that forced people to consider the problem as carefully as possible and give the most well reasoned advice. now that everything is entirely subjective people just put whatever random thought comes in their head

    • @Squidward @pavlove oh yeah right. People are well aware of bias, even if they don't know the exact word for it. You actually expect people to post precise facts here? Ha. I think there's a reason they changed it to MHO. Every answer here will be opinionated, meaning every answer will have some sort of bias. It's just how it is.

  • lonerider

    You forgot ' Do all guys... xyz' or ' do all girls... xyz'.

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    • pavlove

      haha yeah. sometimes i'll just say yeah of course just to show how stupid they are

  • Squidward

    You forgot the "Is it normal that I" type of question. I really hate those. "Normal" is such a fluid concept. Whats normal to me might be weird to others, and vice versa.

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  • thotramuss

    also penis size questions pisses me off. size it can not be changed.

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  • daremetwo

    Bingo ! Someone actually gets it.

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  • Anonymous

    All these kinda harp on the same thing, which is like you said "We can't mind read." Those questions you listed are questions each person either has to find out on their own (in regards to the other person they are talking about) or they have to ask themselves and answer for themselves. Judging one's intentions can be difficult at times.

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  • Anonymous

    I don't mind answering those questions to help give them some ideas ("maybe she didn't call for reason X, Y, or Z") but it's annoying when the Asker expects a definitive answer. Like you said, I'm not in that person's head so I have no idea why they didn't call! I'm just trying to give you some ideas of different situation why she wouldn't call!

    I also get really annoyed by the questions that are like "This girl stared at me... why did she do that? What does it mean?" Like, there are a million reasons why a stranger might stare at you. What does the Asker think we're going to say? "Clearly this complete stranger is in love with you that's why they were staring" lol

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