10 Questions GirlsAskGuys Ironically Can't Really Answer


1) Does he/she like me?

Even with a lot of detail, you're asking us to mind read. What we can help you with is how to conduct yourself with regard to another person's actions/behavior and how the opposite gender tends to think, but nothing specific enough for you to know with any certainty what he/she likes doesn't like.

2) Why won't he/she call?

We can list out every reason we can think of why they didn't but again see above.

3) Why did he/she do this?

See above.

4) What can I do to get he/she back?

Either we'll say it's not worth it or say what we would do, but we can't say what will work because we aren't that person.

5) What does this mean?

We're subject to our biases.

6) Will he/she think this is hot?

We might be more confident in our answers, but it's still too subjective to be reliable.

7) What do I need to do to become more attractive?

Whether it's looks or personality, it's again too subjective to be valid advice. Maybe confidence, but that's a broken record at this point.

8) Would you find it sexy if...

Great, so now you know what some random stranger finds sexy. It's still going to be hard to draw any applicable knowledge as every person is subject to have their own tastes that are different from the norm...

9) How would you feel about...

See above.

10) Why do I hate myself?

You are infintely complicated. We all are. We aren't trained to psycho analyze you. More than likely, even if you got great advice you wouldn't take it since doing so would mean you don't hate yourself, so this question can't really lead to positive change.


This is why I stay away from too many opinions on this site, but I think I will just start answering with less regard to being certain because none of these questions can be answered with any certainty. We can only say how we feel about it personally and you can decide if that's what you want to hear, but to me I don't neccessarily see a lot of positive change coming out of these ten questions being asked...and I think as a Community we need to think about that.

10 Questions GirlsAskGuys Ironically Can't Really Answer

10 Questions GirlsAskGuys Ironically Can't Really Answer
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