The Science, Methodology, and Various Motivations of Internet Trolling. There can be Unintended Consequences.

The Science, Methodology, and Various Motivations of Internet Trolling. There can be Unintended Consequences.

Against my own better judgement, I am going to make another attempt at a My Take. Feel free to troll me as much as you like, but you won't get much of a reaction from me other than possible sacrcasm, as I am a self-proclaimed Princess of Sarcasm.

Let's begin. On every Internet venue that allows users to post comments, there will always and forever be Internet Trolls. Click the link if you're confused about what a troll is. GaG is no exception. There are various types of trolls and methodolgy of trolling. In thinking about writing this, I had to admit to myself that I am occasionally guilty myself. Sometimes I will troll the posts of a troll or catfish to call them out (usually with sacrcasm - and never outright meaness). I think the reason that I sometimes do that, is because it trips me out how many people think that these people are real, or the posts are serious. Maybe I feel bad for the people that have been fooled. Yet, if ignorance is bliss, why should I care? In reality, I suppose I don't.

Sometimes trolls can be funny. Ok, regardless of how annoying or pathetic many troll posts are, some can be mildly entertaining. Once in a while we see one that just so intentionally stupid, you just have to laugh. That type of trolling (to me) is basically harmless. You can either choose to scroll right past it, or you can click on it and jump in for a quick laugh and departure from your otherwise stressful, boring, or average day. Laughter is good for us in so many ways. Everyone knows that.

However, it seems that the majority of the time, trolling is done to amuse only the troll, by getting reactions from others. According to some research, these are the habitual trolls that display high degrees of Psychopathy, Narcissism, and most of all Sadism (usually of the non-sexual type) in their real lives. Here's a pretty good 3 minute You Tube video that I found interesting (no I don't believe everything I read/see/hear on the Internet).

Anonymous negative trolling can have real life consequences. Here I'm referring to the trolls that are blantant antangonizers. For whatever their mental or emotional reasons and needs for coming on to the Internet to incite others to argue, raise their blood pressure, and genreally get people upset, they're obviously apathetic and incapable of empathy. What's interesting to me though, is that they also seem oblivious to any real life consequences of their on-line bevahior. Again, I'm not speaking to the generally harmless "fun" trolls here that are attempting to lighten our web reading with stupid humor. I mean the trolls that are in denial about how negative they are in real life. They will tell you that they are "nice to people" at work, socially, etc., but are only "mean" on the Internet. Yet, they have not a care in the world about upsetting or hurting someone that they don't even know here in cyber world. Here is an ABC News Article about some real life consequnces for people that "thought" they were anonymosuly trolling.

The worst ones on GaG are the Anonymous "baiting" trolls. These are the ones that I believe need help in real life. I'm not joking. I mean actual psychotherapy. It's been a sad and frsutrating trend here on GaG lately. Trollng is generally a grey area in the TOS of most sites, and I would be among those that wouldn't like it if every single post was scrutinized for possible trolling and deleted if deemed so. But the sadistic trolls that come here to incite hate are a cancer to the community. Why they seem to "get off" on baiting people into race/gender/religious/origin arguments, I do not understand. Sure, intelligent/thoughful people should be able to respectfully debate politics, or Creation vs. Evolution and other meaningful subjects. But there are ways to do that without trolling and just being outright oppugnant. If you care to take the time to watch, here's another You Tube video of 10 vile, disgusting, and vicious Internet trolls who paid real life consequences for what they thought was their "right" to do as they please to others on the web.

If you're gonna troll, have the courage to do so without hiding behind that Anonymous blue/pink silohuette with the question mark face. I'm all for having fun here on GaG. I don't mind the trolls (and even sometimes the catfish) who's intentions are generally benign. As I said in my opening paragraph, I've done it too. But not anonymously, and not with malicious intent. But if you're going to come on here simply to flame, incite, and otherwise stir up negative turmoil, then come out from behind your mask, so that the rest of us know who you are.

Yeah, I know. You don't need my permission. You will continue to troll as you like, probably anonymously. You can also tl;dr me right now. But you can't do it anonymously. This is MY Take. If you wanna troll me, show your face. :)

Trolls Gonna TrolLOLOLOLOL Baby!

Bring on the tl;dr's


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  • "If you're gonna troll, have the courage to do so without hiding behind that Anonymous blue/pink silhouette with the question mark face. " + "But you can't do it anonymously" Oh yes I can since I'm always hidden in the mist. So you'll never see my face/me coming

    *puts on my #Troll beak of a mask i1127. photobucket. com/.../... ZesX1r3d3xro1_500. gif *

  • Sarcasm is a reaction.

    Yeah I've told people many times "Hey such and such is a catfish." Some will refuse to accept it even after I prove it to them.

    "However, it seems that the majority of the time, trolling is done to amuse only the troll, by getting reactions from others."

    As a troll this makes me smile.

    I don't know if I'm a psychopath or not. I don't think so. Narcissistic? Depends on what. Most of the time I'm not in real life. Sadism is a different story. I'll admit from a sexual sense I'm into that.

    I don't think trolls are incapable of empathy or terrible human beings in real life. There are so many trolls out there. So many. In fact what you're saying is like all the people who think the mentally disabled are the ones who kill the most.

    They only account for about what 1 to 5% of most killings if even that? Very very small number. Most people who kill people are "regular" people. Meaning legally they don't have a mental problem.

    With trolling it's no different. I guarantee most trolls are just normal people who want a little fun sometimes. Now are there some who do have mental issues? Yeah probably, but I highly doubt most are that way.

    And then it just goes back to my saying that people as a whole can be awfully terrible.

    Also another common thing I'm seeing is that you think trolling is okay if you like it. Well that's all subjective huh? Some of the trolling you don't like others may like and vice versa. That doesn't make either one less or more. That doesn't make either bad or good. It only is that way to you. You have your own value system when it comes to trolling just like anybody else.

    With that said that means when people do troll things could be said that really could hurt someone. You don't know how that person may take something. Could be something light hearted to you but painful to someone else. That's the risk trolls take I guess, but that's the risk we take with any interaction with other people in real life. I've been offended in real life by things people thought was harmless and vice versa.

    I think it beats the point of trolling to not be anon. I'm sure anon trolls have different reasons for trolling, but I think plenty of them troll anon because they want to troll that same person again.

    • Well that was a very eloquent troll job bro. Did you watch the first You Tube video?

      It clearly says that "it doesn't make them bad people" - however they may be somewhat antisocial in real life.

      You're right about all of it being subjective. And my way of dealing with a troll (when I choose to, which isn't often) is sarcasm. Because that's my personality.

      This myTake is part op/ed and in part an attempt to understand and educate.

      I see you troll all the time, you're just very articulate in the way that you do it. You're one of those people that prides themselves on trying to make someone else look stupid without them realizing what you're doing. I feel ya. :)

      That said, pretty much every post on GaG, especially myTakes, are nothing BUT someone's personal opinion. And ya know what they say about opinions right?

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    • Blocked little ol you ;)

  • It's a very interesting take but I actually believe is in everyone's nature to like seeing reactions. That's why reaction videos on YouTube are very popular for example.

    Even if you aren't a troll, would you say you aren't interested in people's reactions in different settings? Like for example when you give a present to someone else or when you throw a compliment and so on?

    I think trolls just have an extra hunger for that and in no way it is intended to offend or for mere hating (as they often get a laugh out of it). They just often say something out of the blue that no one would normally say or say something they're actually thinking (all social experiments) and feed on how people react around it.

    The trolls that usually are hateful and mean (... and stupid) actually fail at trolling because they have nothing better to say that "fuck u cuntzzz" or something like that, which shows they're inferiority complex by randomly throwing insults.

  • Great writing!
    I must admit 80-90% of the reasoning behind my gag activity is simply to seek entertainment and get some Lols, thus, trolling can be a handy tool to achieve that.

  • As always, this is a thoughtful discussion and it was also educational. i Thanks for the post!

  • I like that - Very educational, I like the science bit - They are so right just ignore them.

  • I am 140% sure that trolls don't plan ahead or any of that shit. They don't really say. "I'm going to troll this post," they just DO IT.

    You remind me of one of those people who says something is "like crack [cocaine]" when they've obviously never done crack.

  • Super duper true!

    There have been a few posts I kinda got ticked off about this last week

    And they are the first time I've done so too :/

  • Guys, she trolled us all.

  • Uh oh.. I have a gene troll in me but not a meany. I just do it for the LOLZ

  • I'm turning into a troll

  • only a troll would post this!


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  • oppugnant!

    I learned a new word today:)

    At the risk of being oppugnant, this is the first time I have ever used it in a complete sentence.

    Good take by the way.

  • I honestly don't think it's that serious. Most of the Trolls that I've encountered were geniuses but with a moral compass (they wouldn't antagonize a woman who just lost her son in an accident). They feed off of the reactions of people because they find it funny, but no serious harm is meant by it (though it could happen). But hey, a lot of people could take anything out of context and jump off a bridge due to it.

    For those who purposely are trying to demean someone in a horrid situation, though they fit the definition of "Troll", I feel as if they fit the definition of "monster" better. As you mentioned, it could be because they have a terrible life themselves and want to inflict their pain on others (bullies), but that's not excusable.

    Anyway, I majorly agree.

  • Best line Ever!

    You can also tl;dr me right now. But you can't do it anonymously. This is MY Take. If you wanna troll me, show your face. 😊

  • They are sociopaths with some form of neurological disorder

  • Who the hell reads all of that crap

    • Wow. That was a super helpful answer 👍

    • Okay you shamed me into reading the entire post and listening to the videos. It appears that you cited the crazy trolls, those trolls that were truly mentally unstable. I replied by asking are there not trolls who just do this for fun because they are bored? In other words are there trolls who are harmless who have agendas that are not destructive self-destructive or vindictive? At what point do you label them trolls or just people seeking escape from reality

    • I think maybe you still didn't read the take, which is fine. But why do you post on a Take that you didn't actually read? I made multiple referenced to fun/harness trolls - yet you ask "are there not trolls that just do this for tun?".

      How hard is it to simply say "oh, I don't feel like reading all that, so I'm gonna keep moving along".

      If you're not interested enough or too lazy to read it, what compels you to post at all? Is this your way of fun trolling?

      It amazes me how many GaG users are trolls. They don't read something, or have trouble compressing it, yet they still want to post some antagonistic reply because they feel entitled to say something. It's sad how thoughtless, yet how self-important people can be.

      The fact that you go to the trouble to click on a take, determine it's too long for you to read, yet you feel that you must comment that its "crap" rather than simply moving on, speaks volumes. ✌

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