GAG MAG! (The Different Types Of Trolls)


GAG MAG! (The Different Types Of Trolls)

We often hear many other online members call others a troll.

But what exactly is a troll?

Troll - Originally given it's name after the wicked troll creature of children's tale, The word "troll" describes a member that is abusive or obnoxious . He/she uses shock value to promote arguments and disharmony in online communities. An internet troll is someone who stirs up drama and abuses their online anonymity by purposely sowing hatred, bigotry, racism, mysogyny, or just simple bickering between others.
Trolls like a big audience, so they frequent blog sites, news sites, discussion forums, and game chats. Trolls thrive in any environment where they are allowed to make public comments.

If experience is gained, trolls can be detected automatically. This allows online members to stay clear of the trolls usually harmful intentions

Throughout the many years I have been on this site, I have observed different types of trolls.

Below I will list them, in efforts to make you more aware of the different forms they take on.

1. Godzilla Troll

GAG MAG! (The Different Types Of Trolls)

The more you respond to this troll, the larger and bigger he grows. Replying to him, makes him feel he has power over you. He continues to post with vengeance. The profanities and the hatred he spreads doesn't end. He can be seen as a bully because he constantly tries to demean others and engages in harmful language.

2. Poisonous Troll

GAG MAG! (The Different Types Of Trolls)
GAG MAG! (The Different Types Of Trolls)

Like the Godzilla troll, he also harbors a lot of hate and vengeance. What causes this troll to differ from Godzilla, is that he has the power to influence others. When he posts a message, other members tend to take on a similar hateful tone. A lot of commenters, don't realize they are being poisoned with his toxins. He is the most influential of all because he can allow your topic of discussion to turn into a battlefield.

3. Comic Troll

GAG MAG! (The Different Types Of Trolls)

This troll is the least harmless. Usually he/she posts or comments to give himself a few laughs. He is very bold and blunt, and at times will say the most outrageous things. Sometimes this troll is able to make other members laugh along side of him. Although obnoxious at times, he allows room for you to love him because he may add humor to an otherwise boring topic.

4. Celebrity troll
GAG MAG! (The Different Types Of Trolls)

This troll usually reveals his/her identity because he doesn't hide behind an anonymous username. He is the boldest of all trolls because he allows himself to be seen. Since this person comments frequently he is well known, so much so that he has taken on a celebrity roll. This troll is usually the most verstaile of all because at times he can be poisonous, godzilla or a comic.

5. Catfish troll

GAG MAG! (The Different Types Of Trolls)

This troll is extremely attractive! or so you think? When you research his/her identity it's clear to see the photos she claims is hers is not. Even when caught, this troll usually refuses to admit it. This catfishes main purpose is to decieve others and attain a level of attraction (from others) that he/she doesn't recieve in the real world. This troll is very attention seeking and will often post pictures of themselves asking for opinions. Sometimes this troll private messages others in attempts to stir up a normal conversation. This troll may appear normal in behavior to some, but is very harmful in the sense that he/she is decieving and stealing another person's identity.

6. Intoxicated troll
GAG MAG! (The Different Types Of Trolls)

This troll blurts out utter non-sense. He usually rambles on and on. It is at times difficult to make out exactly what he is saying. When he is in a poor mood, he will leave 3 word replies to various different questions or topics. Members usually see his responses as un-helpful and irrevelant. This troll's existence is usually short, since he serves no main purpose and tends to fade away quickly. Unlike the other trolls, he eventually sobers up and takes on a more conforming/helpful roll.

How can we stay clear of trolls?

GAG MAG! (The Different Types Of Trolls)

Simply ignore, block or report them!

The more you respond,

The more they multiply!

Enjoy your topic of discussion by not feeding the trolls!

The atmosphere will be a lot more enjoyable that way!

GAG MAG! (The Different Types Of Trolls)

And yet, will we ever come to an end of discussion and talk if we think we must always reply to replies? For replies come from those who either cannot understand what is said to them, or are so stubborn and contentious that they refuse to give in even if they do understand.

Thanks for reading!

Good day!

GAG MAG! (The Different Types Of Trolls)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Ozanne
    Great Take, Stacy, I hope you don't mind if I mention a few that I thought up?

    Follower Troll:
    This is the troll who sees that while someone is being ganged up on, they join in with others who are troll or not because they know they are with the majority of haters.

    Highschool Dropout Troll:
    Everything they say is so ridiculously unintelligent, loaded with spelling and grammatical errors, and their facts are blatantly incorrect. When asked to provide proof or a link, they refuse, they ignore, or they tell you to do their homework for them.

    High-Handed Troll
    This is the polar opposite of the HSDT (above, god I'm even abbreviating them?) You can tell this troll does have their facts straight, but there is something so undeniably cocky and assuming against others about how they deliver what they say. These are the ones quick to tell YOU how it is, and if you try and rebut you find their facts are sure enough there, it's just their personality and quips are disgusting in the mix of their information.

    Naked Troll:
    This is the troll unwittingly exposed themselves, who totally forgot to go Anonymous when they responded and their username is now out there after they just went off on a flame fest against someone when they normally wouldn't have under their usual identity and probably shit their pants as soon as they clicked "submit" or "send" when they were finished their outrageously rude comment realizing they outed themselves.

    This troll is a woman posing as a man, or a man posing as a woman. They sometimes get caught, they sometimes don't, but these people usually find that when they're getting roasted in a comment, will hop on the other horse - the sock account of the "other" gender to come in and look like they're saving the day representing the other gender in a comment when the person is being attacked by that same gender. On GaG, if the person posts a Question on their TransTroll account, the favoured gender's replies will all show first before the others.

    UnderAgeCatfish Troll
    This is usually a grown man posing as a very young teen aged girl. Easy to spot. Most people these days can't spell worth a damn, but magically this unique troll will create an account posing as a minor, yet she has all the knowledge of a 50 year old man to talk about explicit things, but has a weird conversation style that ranges from mature-sounding to baby-talking, and makes references that are unrealistic for a young teen, but are fantasy-like for an older man.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Stacyzee

      The "follower troll" would fit under a sub category under the "poisonous troll".

      You added wisely to the list!
      I have yet to cross some of those trolls you mentioned.
      They are still being discovered because unfortunately there is an entire species of them out there

    • Ozanne

      Ah but I mentioned these trolls because I certainly have come across them! Hee hee! They were very fun to watch. How I wish I could have saved links to some of them to show what I mean.

      I'll give you an example. The UACT wrote this question that was all about how she (a 13 year old) was horrified but a bit turned on that her teacher found a pair of her panties in her locker. What happened was she had her panties off (so here she is at school just took them off for whatever reason and is now at her locker wearing clothes but no panties). The (male) teacher came along, saw her at her locker, saw the panties and bent down, picked them up, dangled them on his finger and said, "Ooooh nice" and gave them back. The UACT took her panties back and asked the GaG community for help because she "kind of liked it".

      The picture of the 13 year old girl in the UACT profile of the account was your quintessential underage girl with a bow in her hair licking a lollipop.


    • Stacyzee

      Wow ! lol.

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Most Helpful Guy

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  • QooLipBite
    Sour much from being trolled?

    Come on, trolls are just here to have fun 😂they're fun to play with 😂 no harm at all

    Just don't take them seriously...
    • Stacyzee

      You'd be surprised...

      There are many different kinds of trolls as stated.
      Not all of them are here to have fun.

      At times you don't even realize you are being trolled.

    • QooLipBite

      If you don't realize you're being trolled, then how are you trolled?

      The purpose of trolling is to offend the other person. If the other person is completely oblivious, then either he's not trolling or he sucks ass at trolling.

    • Stacyzee

      What I have learned is that there are those who give honest answers the are rude and offensive (they aren't trolls just asshole people)

      And then there are trolls whose intent is to cause conflict , no matter the trend.

      That's why it's sometimes hard to tell when you are being trolled.

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  • Hannah591
    I love how it's all males, then you change the catfish to female. Women troll and males catfish! It's not trolling either, it's simply cat fishing, where the person wants attention and affection, not to just annoy people.
    • Stacyzee

      In all of then I said his/her in the beginning. (You're free to choose whichever sex you want to read it as).

      I couldn't keep saying his/her throughout , for me that ruins the reading.

    • Stacyzee

      *In all of them

    • Stacyzee

      In most of them may I add **

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  • Klaatu51
    about #6...

    "This troll's existence is usually short, "

    ^not true in all cases unfortunately... and this is da worst type of troll in my opinion :(
    • Stacyzee

      "Usually" is the key word hence he/she's intoxicated and sobers up.

      I think the poisonous troll is the worse because they influences many others.

    • Klaatu51

      if they r influenced by a troll... then wot can i say?

      it's worse but... i guess i'm biased a little bit about #6 tbh :|

    • Stacyzee

      Why are you biased though? I have my speculations but I'm just wondering your perspective

  • IamNuts
    Well you forgot the Self Depreciating trolls - Trolls who often fall in bizarre predicaments to make others laugh like green penis dude. They don't harm anyone and make for a great laugh.
  • YourFutureEx
    "3. Comic Troll
    This troll is the least harmless."
    Least harmless or least harmful?
    I am #3. Maybe #4 too 8)
    Wait! Did you say troll? No no no.. no I am just too-honest.

    by the way I see people who are sarcastic which "may" offend the other person (if he/she is too sensitive) as trolls (but their intentions are to make people laugh).
    And rest as 'cyber bullies'. They just cause harm and their intentions are mean.
    • Stacyzee

      Harmless - Not able or likely to cause harm.

  • KDA20
    Good take again - I must admit I engage with comic troll a bit but I usually ignore the rest of the trolls - If I am feeling if I might try and piss them off - There was a stereotypical baiting question the other day and I linked them to a 60 page university report on the topic "For further info"
  • FreyaDiermayr
    I tend to answer things in a sarcastic manner but I'm not sure if that's trolling
    • Stacyzee

      If your intent isn't to cause harm or purposely annoy people by your sarcastic remarks then I wouldn't say you are trolling.

  • iamyourneighbor
    I wish I never read this at night
    Some of those troll pictures look scary as hell lol
    • Stacyzee

      Lolz. Really? I thought they were hot

  • blondfrog
    Lol best my take ever I would say I am the comic troll :P, but you forgot one type the blondfrog troll seriously I am such a great and original troll I deserve my own category I am the champ :)
  • DanteSparda
    You forgot to mention another type - "John_michaels"
  • TheGrumpyCat
  • QuestionMan
    I encountered a Godzilla troll a couple times.
    I remember one time this on guy kept telling me that Hawaii is an independent nation. Man I wasted so much time arguing with him.
  • BellePepper
    Ahh! What a good take! Hopefully more people will take your advice!
  • Phoenix98
    hahaha great mytake lol, we finally have classifications and classes of trolls now.
  • abundantlyrich
    When gag gonna nip that daily troll for complaining being 30, single and childless?
  • zombiebabe
    nice take lol! i think i should get myself one of those troll sprays
  • molonski2
    Also some people call out trolls who are simply not trolls , they just have a different view.
    Not this site , just I was commenting on USA gun control a topic close to my heart , and you can imagine what I get hit with , but its all personal the topic goes out the window and one just gets abused.
    Try to always remember , aggressive action is seeking aggressive response , address the topic , question just as would in an exam , passive reaction ( particularly in word ) the troll has no where to go , other than to call you " *&^%$)* " , to which you reply..
    " Thankyou so much for your input , but I'm unable to address personal attacks , if you wish to return to the topic I'm happy to respond " Good evening
  • pavlove
    Exactly. The only thing to do with a troll or anyone who's negative about you is to simply ignore they exist.

    The thing is when you start to listen and fight trolls its like they infect you and suddenly you're feeling super negative/mad yourself and you're saying/doing things that you know aren't right.

    If you remember that was happening to me a lot... and honestly the change for me was literally seeing some of the top users get hated on badly and simply ignore it.

    Now, I get private messages all the time with people giving me props and saying they don't understand why i get so much hate (which I don't even notice i do anymore) It makes me sad that the very active trolls intimidate people from giving props and just generally liking everyone in the community that they feel they have to go about it privately, but at least I'm still able to help and give advice that's listened to despite my reputation.
  • mskay
    Ahahah awesome take! 😂
  • Zorax
    Very interesting mini encyclopedia of trolls :D
  • Bards
    Ew race baiting trolls tho
    Gr8 take
  • alonzoslade
    Someone has to pay the troll toll toll
  • Weirdguy24
    Lol, Troll spray :D
  • tynamite
    I think that trolling is funny.
  • apexalpha
    where can I buy some troll spray?