GAG MAG! (The Original)

A little bit of what's goes on inside of the GAG community...

GAG MAG! (The Original)

Whether you comment words of wisdom or those of pure laughter;

If you're an active GAG member you would have left a mark in someones soul.

You will be mourned.

You will constantly be talked about.

Every 0.5 seconds there will be a new question appearing about you.

After all, how dare you leave us!

We’ve helped you spread your wings.

Do you think you can get away with taking on another person’s identity?

Well, think again!

GAG users stick together as tightly as the police force!

The members of this community will slaughter a catfish down within minutes of that person posting a “How do I look?” question.

No fakes aloud,

Unless you want to get caught!

The GAG detectives have done their research, and it’s only a matter of time before you are taken into custody.

Do not worry! If you accept the plea bargain, your survival rate will increase.

You just have to admit to taking on a fraudulent identity.

Most Asked Questions Of All Time

10) How do I get over someone?

9) How do I get someone interested in me?

8 ) Is he/she cheating on me?

7) How does my body look?

6) I am a –insert race here- girl how do I get a

–insert race here- guy to like me? (vice versa)

5) What age did you lose your virginity?

4) Does he/she like me?

  • Coming in third is...

3) Can you rate me 1/10?

  • The runner up is...

2) Are my breasts too small?

  • The most asked question of all time is…

::Drum roll please::

1) Is my penis too small?

Guys, If you've asked this before just take a moment of silence and do not question this moment. Just accept this award!

This will be the only time you ever feel contentment when asking about the size of your penis.


Attention whores!

Now that you’ve posted your photos in "How do I look?" questions over 1.5 billion times, I can officially say I have seen your face more times than I’ve seen my own.

With each photo you are becoming more transparent.

Yes, transparent.

I can see right through you!

Not only does your soul reflect extreme desperation, validation, and major insecurity, but somehow you seem to act as if you have no re-collection of ever posting the same question(s) time and time again.

I am your memory.

Yes, your memory.

I am here to remind you that,

No, you are not invisible so please

DO NOT feel that way!

We are all human and often question ourselves through out every day life.

Sometimes we post questions with self doubt.

Other times we post those with extreme wisdom and knowledge.

No matter who we are....on what day, the most of us remain close-knit like a family.

At times, even the best of us are intolerable to deal with; like any honest family member you will be told that you are.

It is the individual personalities that exist in this community, that makes it so interesting and worth wild!

Now run along folks !

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Even tho I liked your take, I still feel that girls are mourning too much over the penis size questions asked by the guys. It IS an advice site and every person has rights to ask. Well, you (girls) will order the guys to use search bar but we (boys OR users, in general) aren't here to sign up to just use the search bar. We NEED to talk to the community to better tackle our problems. We might have different perspective, perceptions, reactions, etiquette, exigencies, calibre and tenor so, we have different questions but girls ridicule the asker WAYYY too much and leave them in turmoil, deriding their values. If you (girls in general) signed up here, you should NEVER ever complain about duplicate (literally, repetitive) questions because we all are different and this site is made for such type of questions.

    I think I went off-topic. I am sorry. But I politely disagree with the penis size being no. 1. I spend a lot time here and honestly, there are other questions which are ridiculously copious in amount as compared to PSQ.

    [per day]
    The number of girls mourn : Total no. of penis questions

    (coming from a guy who never asked such questions and hate them but still, I am supporter of the truth)

    Game on folks, believe!

    • I agree though I must say I do see men also tired of hearing about the penis size questions.
      What you are speaking about is more on a "serious tone" which I have not touched in this article,
      it was written purely in good fun (and not to touch on heavier topics such as you have).
      I agree this is an advice site and every one should be welcome to asking/sharing their opinions.

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    • Thanks 😏
      Stay awesome and keep smiling :)

    • Thanks you too :) <3

Most Helpful Girl

  • How about people stop taking this site so seriously? Like goddamn. It's a website. If someone wants to use a fake picture or be an attention whore... let them. Who gives a fuck? They obviously have major self esteem issues.

    About the catfishes, it's usually very clear who's a catfish, people just need to stop being so gullible.

    • "How about people stop taking this site so seriously?"
      Are you speaking about yourself? Because this whole myTake is all in good humor and to have a few laughs.
      The fact that you seem so defensive shows that you are the one indeed taking it seriously.
      Gag could never strike such a powerful emotion out of me as which you are showing.

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    • Indeed you did.
      And I always have my guard up ready to take down someone that comes off that way.

    • <3


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What Guys Said 11

  • :') thank god someone will remember me

  • I can't really add to that - Good take

  • For every question by guys about penis size there are two or three questions by girls about how to suck penises and then questions regarding their boobs and ass and thigh gap, etc. So yeah I am sick of hearing about that. Girls are just as creepy and perverted as guys, it is time to drop the act...

  • Well Said

    Must say , If you can write something like this then you Definitely Deserve Uber Mod Status

  • Pretty decent read m8

  • Lol nice...

  • I can officially say Iol have seen your face more times than I’ve seen my own.
    haha... lol
    finally you said :P

  • This was actually pretty good; I liked it.

  • Love this hehe.

  • Is that the actual stats on most asked questions?

    Because that seems off to me.

    • Things change from week to week.

      This is my perception and what I've heard various users complain about.

      What questions do u feel is asked the most?

  • Well that girl in the selfie pics did increase my penis size, if only temporarily.


What Girls Said 9

  • This is the first ever my take that I love love love💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    I'll leave a mark but those who know, know what's up

    H. A. N. D. S.

    Keep it hippie GAGGERZ✌🌸🌼🌺✌
    Love yourself even at your worst
    And always be kind to spread peace, love and joy

    -#1 RULE-Always be you and don't ever tone yourself down to make others feel comfortable💋

    • People are too weak, they'll block you.

    • Eh let 'em👍
      I'm gonna be me regardless😉
      This may not make me ultra popular but I'll gain the right company and not have to worry about watching what I say😎

  • Wait.. I'm confused... is there really going to be a GaG magazine? And I didn't see my face in there anywhere! :/ Why not? Am I too fat? Too old? Should I go kill myself? That's it... I'm quitting GaG! ;)

  • i just love that take!!! so true

  • Now, if only all takes were as fun read as this one... ^^

  • I love this take! ♥

  • G@g magazine


  • great take! i've always enjoyed your writing style.

  • I love this! <3

  • I loved your take! Good job! :D <3