My GAG mantra - The follow up

My take on how to GAGing wisely (advanced)

My GAG mantra - The follow up.

[quick dictionary: Mantra = Formula]

Hi there everybody. First of all I would like to thank you for your ardour towards the previous part of this take. On that take, I described some cardinal points to ameliorate your GAG experience. On this take, I'm going to move this further. These are basics too but this time I'm calling these things 'advanced' because old users, Gurus, Masters and surprisingly, even Admins do such mistakes. It seems so unprofessional.

Please note: These are just my personal suggestions and should not be taken seriously. You should better stay in your comfort zone.

Here we go :-

  • Don't mention it.

Some users don't know when to mention, where to mention and how to mention. You should NEVER mention OP (original poster) like: Asker of the question, Take owner and even Opinion owner. It bugs them giving them two notifications for one post. Whenever you post a comment or opine on someone's question/myTake, he/she will automatically be notified.

For example :- If someone opine here on this myTake like: "Interesting take @YourFutureEx ". It will give me two notifications, one "1 opinion comment(s) for your myTake" and second "Mentioned in 1 myTake opinion comment(s)". But when I navigate to the post, It would be just one comment. Wastage of your time and wastage of my zeal.

Furthermore, @asker & @opinion owner, are two GAGers just like YOU! Don't mention them. Check it out by clicking on them.

The right way, If you want to reply multiple users in which one of them are OP then do it like this :- Let's say GirlsAskGuys and OP replied to your opinion, so you should reply them like this. >> @GirlsAskGuys - Thank you, I hope you'd fix it. Asker - Nice question. << See, I didn't mention the Asker but still he/she would get notified because he/she is OP and I'll have to mention GirlsAskGuys because it's not his question nor his opinion.

Plus, if you are referring to a quote, don't use "at sign '@'" use Quotation Marks "" instead. And @ mentions are not case sensitive.

  • Wave the red flag.

"This is internet". I bet, you might read this phrase a lot to consolidate your feelings after being a victim of cyberbully. No, this is not just internet, this is GAG and here on GAG, we take such things very seriously. We have a big mod-team to take care of such things but we are also humans so every post is not in our field of vision. Take action against them, YOURSELF. No, don't swear them back but report them. Tap the flag icon. Read the posting guidelines first. By doing so, you're not just helping yourself but the whole community. Plus, by doing this regularly, you increase your chances of getting a moderator invitation. Who knows, if you are the embryonic GAGer who has potential to become moderator of the month!

  • Search the usernames.

Currently, the search bar doesn't allow us to search the usernames of GAGers but you can do an alternative method to go to the profile of your target GAGer.

In the above picture, I described you a method to open any user's profile. You could also use 'hit and trial' method to search various names.

But if you're really interested in that guy/girl, why not to follow him/her? Whatever.

  • .PNG

In simple words, .png is an image graphics file format which helps you to have interlaced images or better say helps you to have images with background transparency. While, posting opinions, questions or myTakes, if you don't have .png image and don't know photoshopping to remove background, you should better use images with white background (like the image in the above point or even my profile pic) as the background of the interface of this site is white, it'd be dissolved in it, giving the image complete cynosure.

Example :-


  • Clairvoyant capabilities.

There are so many non-sensible questions around here like "Guess my name" or "Guess my birthdate". Now do what I say. First of all, follow him/her (as it'd be easier if the question has 20+ opinions from specific gender). Then go to search bar and type that or similar question and search for the opinions. You'd probably find the answer. The only reason I'm sharing this point is because I found it very accurate. My accuracy is 80% (4 out of 5). I grabbed 3 MHOs and 2 Followers by using this technique, so I felt if it'd help you too.

  • Take on the threshold.

Over a month ago, I contacted admins regarding how many images I can use on myTakes. On their myTake they mentioned that we can use 'ten' images but I have seen takes having more than that. They replied that I can now use 'fifteen' with a good smiley face :-). But couple of days later, I found another myTake having 'twenty' images. I was like "what the eff?". I wanted to use even more than that. So, if you have such desires then I have a solution that bends rules. You will need basic image editing knowledge. PC users can use paint and for smartphone users I recommend you 'PicsArt' app. The procedure is simple. Take two, three or even four images and merge them to make it one piece. Simple. Upload it to myTake and it would be count as one while you uploaded more than that.

Example :- On this myTake - click here, I uploaded, not 10, not 15, not even 20 but a whooping 27 images.


  1. Use this technique when extremely necessary.
  2. It might make your take exhaustive.
  3. Don't attach too many pics as the system will automatically resize your image (if it has astonishing amount of pixels) to make it worse.
  4. I recommend you to attach max. 3 images (recommended pixel size: < 900 X 1250)

[Side note: I have one more point specially for moderators who face a lot of trouble fulfilling the monthly quota, but I'd need it in May-June (because of my exams). So, PM me after that to learn :-)]

That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading MyTake. Your ingenious feedback will be acclaimed. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. :-)

Game on folks, Believe!


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