My GAG mantra; things you should do 'too'

My take on how to GAGing wisely (basic)My GAG mantra. (Things you should do 'too')

[quick dictionary: Mantra = Formula]

Hi there everybody. I'm going to share some basics about how you should interact with fellow GAGers and its features.
This take is written especially for newbies, The people who are new here. I think after reading this take, they'd be familiar with the atmosphere of the site and rectify/enhance their GAG experience. Basically, it's all about "How do I use GAG".

Please note: These are just my personal suggestions and should not be taken seriously. You should better stay in your comfort zone.

Here we go :-

  • Keep yourself updated.

For PC users - On the upper right corner, there is a box with a blue header, called as G@G News.
For mobile users - Scroll to the end or simply press menu (three horizontal lines, on the upper right corner) and tap G@G News.
You can find a lot of (latest) information about the site and amazing contests too! This will save your a lot of time. As there are so many questions out there like "Did you notice this or that, or is it just happening to me only?". Probably
you can find your answers there. You can find some insanely helpful GAGers there who are great achievers at the moment.

  • Replying is amity.

I know most of you are here just to increase your Xper points and that's why you don't have enough time to waste on replying the opinions. But, are you selfish? I know there are some creeps but most of us are seeking some help. You should be responsible for what you have written. If someone is asking something, then you should reply (if possible). Yes, you won't earn xper for that but you'll definitely earn something better than this like: reverence, camaraderie, adulation and contentment.
However, nobody is worth to 'waste' your time on. You should better predict the outcome whether it's really beneficial for both sides, And it's not necessary to reply every opinion on your question (if the opinion is lacking the
Note :- While replying, Don't forget to @Mention the people who commented on your opinion other than the asker or opinion owner. Otherwise he/she won't get notified.

  • You are a follower not a slave.

So you spent some time here? You probably started to like some GAGers. Whether their opinions, questions, takes or whatever. So why not you follow them? There are so many people here who got scintillating wit and are quite chucklesome. But there is something which is creating a resistance inside you. Is that ego? Or the envy of 'not following back'? It's you who will get the benefits by following another GAGer not him/her. Yes they'll earn +1 xper but is that enough? But do you know what will you get by following other user? His/Her recognition, their updates (which may be beneficial for you),
their questions in your 'recommended questions' tab & lot more.
Click here to know about how to follow members.

  • GAG is democratic.

You should vote as much as you can. You'll earn +1 xper by just voting on a Featured Poll. You should also up/down vote opinions to highlight good and bad opinions for creating the experience of others more suitable. GAG recently brought a new feature: your top 10 most up-voted opinions will be highlighted on your profile. So by doing such deeds, we can shine the profiles of each other.

  • Describe what you asked (better).

While asking questions, you should take advantage of the 'description' section of the question. You should keep it as short as possible. Large essays are closed instantly. There are two types of questions (I) indigent (in which asker wants some help for the specific circumstance) and (II) multifarious/miscellaneous (in which you are asked about a random
thing). In the type (I), you should skip bygones as much as you can (unnecessary ones) and you should stick to the exact moment of the incident, in order to shorten the length. In the type (II), you should add your own opinion on your description as such questions are generally open which don't have a specific answer. So you can enter in you own contest too. Type (I) questions are more influential because generally GAGers tend to check the details of the Asker for their better input. But in type (II) questions, I've seen that the asker fades out in the horde. So by adding your own input in
your own question, people will likely tend to review your entry.

  • Yes, you're master of none, but you're not even jack of all trades either.

Okay, you are just a regular girl/guy who is just xper lv 1-8 or 9. Not a guru, master (don't even think of experts) or a moderator. You got only 2-5 followers maybe zero. And possess as low as 5% MHO or even lower. Quite unpopular. So it's safe to say that you're master of none. But there is a happy truth that we are not here for these things. We don't need such badges or that stupid percentage which are not chosen wisely. But you are not jack of all trades either. Either you just ask questions or give opinions. Did you ever try to write a MyTake? Did you ever give an astute comment on any opinion of another GAGer outta nowhere and stole the spotlight? NO?
Why not?
You should ask questions (I know you solve your problems yourself but don't become someone who is out of ideas), give opinions (some people really don't give it, believe me), try to write a MyTake (I'm a rookie too but look I'm also
trying) and should join a debate or banter (check out the proper circumstances first, don't comment to play Gooseberry).
Be recognised, Be seen.

  • Troll wisely.

['GAG' forgive me for this point]
First of all let me remind you that trolling is not allowed on GAG and such comments or questions will be removed. Survivors will have to face the insults of the community. But there's an art behind it. What are you reading? I'm not going to teach you. My job is just to tell you. Sarcasm'. People here love sarcastic GAGers and even Staff members do love it, they'll consider it sweet and funny intended (IF I'M NOT WRONG). As you can see their past two contests, which are based on your sarcastic skills. If you ask such a troll question like: "There is a group of three boys in my HS. They use to make an eye-contact with me every day. I'm pretty sure they are interested. So which one should I choose?" You'll obviously get at-least an opinion like "troll-alert" or "trololol" (probably). It's not limited to questions, but you can do it on opinions too. GAG can't flag your input because you are not guilty of any of their posting guidelines. However, I recommend you to enhance your skills first and you 'must' not make this thing a habit.

That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading MyTake. Your ingenious feedback will be acclaimed. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. :-)

Game on folks, Believe!


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  • *clap**clap**clap*
    Hahaha, wow, you talk like the admin here and you took such a short time to compkete your second Take :D

    • Thank you Pingju, It's (one of) my dream to become a top contributor. :-)

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    • @I'm a terrible writer and not fluent in English .
      You are a sincere writer and your English is good, at least better than mine.

    • I politely disagree. I think in your weak sectors, I'm strong and vice-versa.

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  • Great take. Very helping, keep it up :).

    These two takes cleared many misconceptions that i had.


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  • You are becoming a myTake expert! ;) I liked this, good read! Hopefully it'll encourage new users to do more than just pop on, ask a question then leave.

    • I'm still too far away. But I must say thank you very much :)
      Currently I'm working on (MyFutureTakes): True meaning of life, My GAG Mantra (advanced), My suggestions to GAG. (Part II), Virginity & Suicide.

    • Interesting stuff! Keep at it.

  • This was a really good take

  • Very good points, I am planning to do another myTake but I'm not sure what I am going to do it on.

    • Thanks
      Life experiences?

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    • Then you should start your own blog.

  • that's cool O__o.. it was very useful , thank you... ^___^

  • Grat take. I agree with much of this my little cutie! ;)

  • Good take.

  • I'm at xper level 9 and I actually have quite a few followers. I did pretty much as soon I joined. My MHO' s are higher than 5% and I have written a my take.

    I think it's just stereotypical to say that members that aren't Gurus or Masters go unnoticed or aren't that active. There are some members on here that are xper levels are below that but it's definitely hard to not notice/know of them because they're some of the most. active members.

    • "Okay, you are just a regular girl/guy who is just xper lv 1-8 or 9. Not a guru, master (don't even think of experts) or a moderator. You got only 2-5 followers maybe zero. And possess as low as 5% MHO or even lower. Quite unpopular."

      'You' is subjective here. It depends from person to person. You took somewhat different sense. It was for those who consider themselves to be a sidekick.

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