The Changes That GaG REALLY Needs to Make

The Changes That GaG REALLY Needs to Make

The admins or programmers or whoever want to be cute and do everything to make the site look a certain way, but won't make the changes they really need to make. So here are the things I think need fixing, and I think a lot of you can agree:

1. Drop the Xper Levels. Once and for all.

I've really never liked the Xper Level stuff here, and haven't found it really necessary either. I hate how it restricts you from having more activity until you get higher and higher up the ladder. That can actually discourage some people from being here: I can't ask a question until I do more of this, I can't post as often as I want until I get to this level. Answerbag, a site I hated when I was there, was pretty cruddy about their community, but one thing I can say is that your rank never affected what you could or couldn't do on the site. You could be Beginner and do everything, and that wouldn't change even when you reached Illuminati.

So I think the whole Levels thing here is restrictive, and also gives a false image: it's supposed to make us think that just because somebody is at Level 8 or something that it makes them an authority on opinions or particularly intelligent or smart about their answers. It doesn't. It just means they accumulated enough Xper through their activity to get there. I think most of the people here who are "Guru" or "Master" are not even worthy of being there, nor has there activity ever been particularly impressive to me.

2. Allow editing.

I hate that we can't edit our opinions or our Takes whenever we post. Sometimes I want to go back and clarify my answer, or add or remove something in a Take I regretted, but can't. We should have the ability to edit freely, and would encourage us all to post more, knowing that we have a chance to better our words.

3. Cut the stupid private messaging format too.

I have never been on a site where in private message even your character count was limited. It's stupid and ridiculous and makes you have to start another box to finish what you were saying. What did the creators think was cool about this? Or did they think it was cute or something? Well, it's really just very dumb. You should be allowed to write a message as long as you need to without needing to open another box.

And I really don't like that your replies show up on one side, and the person you're talking to shows up on the other. Messaging should just be simple and easy to use.

4. Let me stay on the page after I've answered a question or Take.

It's really frustrating when I post my opinion on somebody's question or Take, and then I get sent back to the Home feed, and have to go in my Opinions to go back to what I answered. If I wanted to leave that question or Take, I'll do it of my own accord. Maybe I wanted to stick around for a bit and see what other people said.

I also lose the chance to answer somebody else's question when I'm sent back to the Home feed. I'll see another question on the side of the screen that I want to answer, that's on the same page as the question I'm answering, but I can't go see the other one because I'm sent off the page!

5. Make moderators unable to privatize their pages.

Quite a few times when I needed to message a mod to ask a question or even make a complaint, I couldn't because they don't allow people other than in their circle to message them, and most of these mods have been - yes - female.

Mods are supposed to be open to helping and interacting with the community. That's how it always was when I was one on the last site I was on. We were allowed to block aggressive users and such, but we were still encouraged to message others and help them out when they needed it. So if a mod here is going to privatize their page, then maybe they shouldn't bother being one at all.

6. Going in Gaggers' inboxes and deleting their messages after a few months.

I saw somebody else talk about this recently, and it is frustrating. I left GaG for maybe a year some time back, just to return and find all the correspondence I'd had before...totally gone. This seems to me extremely invasive and destructive. Who the hell are the admins to automatically delete our mail from our inboxes, no matter how old it is? There could be very important or special messages a user got and has lost now. Again, I have never been on a site that does anything this imbicilic. There should even be some kind of cyber law against it, like the one that says it's against the law for site admins to go into our inboxes and read our mail. Most people don't know about that law, but it does exist. The computer programmer I used to work with closely on the last site I was on actually shared that with me.

7. Allow Most Helpful Opinion option for myTakes.

Why in the world can't we give MHO to people who comment on our Takes? I have no idea, but it should be allowed. Often times I feel like I get far better responses to my Takes than my questions, and would like to reward that person greatly.

8. Give GaG mail a different color code. Lol.

Okay, so this one isn't exactly a necessity, lol, but a suggestion. Whenever we get mail from the automated GaG system it shows up blue but should be a different color. Kinda confusing when mail from other guys is blue. The vast majority of mail I get is pink, so it's nice to see a guy show up every now and then and give a shout out, but when I see that it's just an automated message from the staff, I droop in my seat, lol.

9. Cut the bullshit about deleting questions.

Recently I tried to delete a question so I could start over with it...and got a red note saying I have to wait 48 hours -__- What is the point in that? Why wait for that? It makes no sense. You mean there's even restriction on something as simple as that. What if I put the wrong word that would create a major confusion? Or forgot to post it anonymously? Honestly, some of GaG's rules just don't make any sense.

So, yeah, for now those are about all the changes I can think of. There are some others I could include but those would be too controversial for this post.

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  • I really dislike it when they delete my messages too! Because I have been away for a year as well and came back and my messages had been deleted. It makes me wonder if messages I may have gotten were deleted before I could check them. Anyway, great take! And #4 is really frustrating too but I usually use the back button to answer the question that I previously saw and couldn't. This helps prevent me from losing the question entirely and don't have to wait for it to roll through again in the "feed"


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hello, there.

    Thank you for your feedback. We'll surely discuss it internally and may take it into account when planning future updates to GirlsAskGuys! ;)


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  • I agree with 3,4, and 7


What Guys Said 4

  • Lot to think about there
    (1) Totally agree - Creates a false hierarchy - I know I am a one here but I was a former master and I thought the levels were silly.
    (2) Agree but it will have to be carefully done to avoid trolling.
    (3) Agree does my head in - Take it from a person who can't say hello in less than 500 characters.
    (4) Agree
    (5) Neutral - I never had an issue with a mod that would highlight it is a problem.
    (6) Neutral - Don't keep messages usually once convo is over delete them
    (7) Totally Agree
    (8) I don't lose sleep over it
    (9) Not a big question asker so I am not affected really.

  • Agree

  • Spot on. Standing O

  • Except point 1 and 2 ... I agree with all.

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