Some things I think GaG should take under consideration.


Gag changes a lot and these are just somethings i think they could change to make the website better, and probably easier on you.

They probably won't take this into consideration but its worth a shot?

Some things i think GaG should take under consideration.

Under 18!.

The under 18 sexual questions are removed way too easily, and because of that... It causes people who are actually under 18, to lie about their age and make a fake account.

So in all reality they're seeing more stuff than what they should on those fake accounts, because you remove their questions too easily. I'm not saying let all of these questions slide, but if you were to make it possible for the asker to explain how the question isn't adult content, and how it really isn't offensive...

Maybe you could see their point of view and publicize the question or explain to them in detail why the question was removed so they don't make the same mistake again.

Some things I think GaG should take under consideration.

Number of questions!

Yup you guessed it, number of questions you're allowed to ask a day.

I posted a question about this the day they reduced this, and still upset about it. I know they reduced the number of questions because of the number of troll questions and what not, but i just think its unfair i've been on this site for awhile now, and i'm a 6 xper. I think i've earned the right to post up to seven questions a day and now i'm back where i started? I worked to be able to get this far and i'm not saying bring back that amount of questions but at least 4 or 5 a day would work. This could also prevent pointless accounts just so people could ask more questions a day.

Some things I think GaG should take under consideration.


personally, I don't really care for the downvotes, because if i see an opinion i don't like i really just ignore it, but I've seen questions about this and i can see why bringing it back wouldn't be such a bad thing.

I forgot who said this, but if someone commented on an opinion, and got 3 likes, but a few minutes later got 4 downlikes.. You could see a bit of an Controversy going on. I won't say much about this because i'ts pretty self explanatory.

Some things I think GaG should take under consideration.


This is only a suggestion, i'm not sure if this would cost you or not but this would be great!

Maybe the ability to customize your GAG toolbar, Maybe the ability to have your own pages skin, somewhat like MySpace. or just to be able to have your own theme, the original theme is a blue toolbar, My favorite colors are red, and black. A toolbar that color would be amazing. Especially if i could have my own skin for it, or my own skin for my profile. It lets me be creative and show off my personality a bit so people could know a little about me. Besides no offence, i love gag it's my most used website but.. its pretty basic.

Some things I think GaG should take under consideration.


Ok, I'm running out of ideas so last but not least gallery!

Maybe a gallery right under your about me. Ok lets say you love cats. maybe somebody wants to upload a picture of their cat, but they don't want to make it their profile picture? maybe they just wanted to share their cat with everyone on here. Like me, I'm an anime fan and the only way i can really have pictures of anime on my profile is to put it on my profile picture. Maybe i wan't people to see all of my favorite shows, someone could see i have a lot in common with them and we could socialize easily.

I'm not saying do all of this because it is a lot but please take some of them into consideration, i promise it would make this site a million times better, and easier on you.

Comment below if you agree, disagree, or think i missed something.

Thank you for reading.

Some things I think GaG should take under consideration.
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