CONTEST WINNERS (for those who entered my contest)

CONTEST WINNERS (for those who entered my contest)

#kitkatalie #cataliecontest I got so many great entries in my "What was your SCARIEST experience?" contest, and after some careful consideration, I have decided who the winners are. There are two winners, one girl and one guy, and there are also a girl and guy runner up. Oh, and ye I am aware that I spelled contest as " conetest" lol I hate keyboards. Check out the contest here to read other entries:



She shared two camping experiences. Here is an excerpt from her entry:

" I was drinking all night and woke up pretty early to go pee. The funny thing is we were set up not too far from out houses but I have a fear of out houses so I don't pee in them. I followed the trail off for a bit and stopped to pee...Then I heard what sounded like grunting, it was very long and this weird umph umph noise...It's a bear, oh god its a bear. I'm gonna fucking die!!! The sound keeps getting closer, the crackling is so loud and then I see it. It's a fucking moose! They are dangerous too, but fuck was I relieved it wasn't a bear."



He shared his experience of nearly falling into a canyon. Here is an excerpt from his entry:

"I almost fell into 600 foot Canyon De Chelly last summer... The ledge was about a 6 foot drop, and I didn't want to go down with my backpack on, so I decided to drop it (stupid me). It proceeded to roll down the slope towards the edge of the canyon. I quickly dropped down the slope, and dashed after my backpack. I was going so fast, I wasn't going to be able to stop before the edge of the Canyon. So with my backpack in my left hand, I grabbed a prickly bush with my right hand. I was 2 feet away from falling down into that canyon. I can say I owe my life to a thorn bush."

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS! Here are the runner ups!



She shared her experience of getting run down by a car and almost dying. Here is an excerpt:

"I was run down by a car (and I) spent close to 6 months in the hospital I wasn't supposed to live. took over a year to walk again."



He shared his experience of being robbed. Here is an excerpt:

"Getting robbed while walking through the hood at 3:am after going to a night club being threatened to hand over my wallet and shoes or he will shoot me."

Everyone's entries were so good. It was hard to pick just two wiinners! Congratulations to everyone who entered:

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CONTEST WINNERS (for those who entered my contest)
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