GaG "Get Your Work Noticed" Contest Winners Revealed!


Less than two weeks ago, we decided to give GirlsAskGuys users a chance to test their content creation chops. Could you create a piece of content that would grab the eyes of both GaG members and the outside world?

Well, this Get Your Work Noticed contest is now finished and we've tallied the numbers. Before we reveal the winners, a few notes:

1. The goal here was to get Featured. Being Promoted only gets you so far; if your Take doesn't get Featured, there's almost no chance it receives as many views as one that is simply Promoted, because Featured Takes go on our home page and are almost guaranteed a post on Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, being an Editor is no great advantage in this case. In fact, the winner of this contest is NOT an Editor. ;)

2. The idea that quality was irrelevant was wrong from the start, though of course a catchy headline is essential. The subject matter, title, and presentation of the Take is ultimately what matters, and you can't produce unreadable drivel and expect to get noticed. Furthermore, we got a lot of "clickbait" Takes for this test and frankly, none of them did very well because the content itself wasn't great. And obviously, sex-based content isn't an automatic winner. This perfectly illustrates what makes for good content, and why the idea that "anyone can do this" is critically flawed.

GaG "Get Your Work Noticed" Contest Winners Revealed!

Now, the winners!

Winner, $25 Amazon Gift Card: 10 Reasons Why You Should Cheat by @sixnineanon

2nd Place, +1,000 XPER: 10 Sure Signs That a Woman is Horny by @Supersonic_Sex_Ninja

3rd Place, +500 XPER: How to Get Fitter and Healthier the Easy Way: My Self Care Plan by @Hannah591

And because there were so many great entries, and to highlight more entries that got lots of attention:

4th: Here's to Dad: Top 10 Best Fathers in the Animal Kingdom by @RainbowFanGirl

5th: My Beef With Vegans by @RainbowFanGirl

6th: You Can Be An Animal Lover and Still Eat Meat: To You Vegans and Vegetarians! by @SweetHomicidalQueen

7th: Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life by @ManOnFire

8th: 8 Sure Signs That a Guy is Horny by @Supersonic_Sex_Ninja

9th: 5 Tips for Approaching Your Crush by @Mustachekitteh

10th: Sexy Online Babes Who Will Fool Men Into Thinking They're Hot by @Stacyzee

GaG "Get Your Work Noticed" Contest Winners Revealed!

It's an interesting assortment, isn't it? Animals, health, relationships/dating, etc. And yes, most of these are Editors but let's not forget that they're Editors for a reason...they tend to write a lot and they're pretty good at it. :P But again, as you can see, the overall winner was not an Editor and in fact, it wasn't that close. That 10 Reasons You Should Cheat eclipsed everyone with relative ease, while everything else was pretty closely packed.

P.S. Sorry to RainbowFanGirl, who always does great stuff and just missed the cut with not one, but two, really solid pieces. Your day will come, I'm sure! :)

GaG "Get Your Work Noticed" Contest Winners Revealed!
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