Things I’ve Learned About Females Throughout My Life

Things I’ve Learned About Females Throughout My Life

This was a fun and different kind of Take for me to write. In all my interactions and relationships with women through the years, I’ve noticed some very interesting things about them, both good and bad. The things I list here are not going to be your usual cliches and safe points that a lot of guys try to stay close to, but sincere experiences that I’ve had. I’m sure there will be females - and some males - who will try to tell me how wrong I am, and that’s fine. But they are things that I’ve seen.

And, yes, I could’ve made it a list of “10 Things” this or “12 Things” that, but that’s what everyone else redundantly does, the usual overdone way of things, and as a lot of you know, I don’t like following the crowds. So I chose to leave a number out.

Women react to excitement more…

It’s true. Not that I’m saying guys don’t get excited, but when a female does it’s almost reflex, very expressive, and very enjoyable to see. Some magicians who teach new students say that females are some of the best people to do magic tricks with because they will often react in wild excitement more than guys do, which can help make a new magician feel more at ease and more confident in doing tricks.

It can be very enjoyable and even satisfying for a guy to see a woman show her excitement, especially in bed. But overall it just makes you feel good to see that you thrilled a woman about something.

Females are a lot quieter than we realize…

Things I’ve Learned About Females Throughout My Life

Although we say women can never stop talking and always have to have something to say - which can still be true - at the same time, women can also be very quiet and reserved. It’s said that females are more “social” and outgoing while men tend to be more introverted, yet I am surprised at the number of women I’ve met throughout my life who are very introverted, say little even with other women, don’t like being social, and are shy. And it has seemed to be men who are mostly more comfortable with speaking and being social and are more relaxed and don’t take themselves that seriously, so I’m not sure how true science’s gender stereotype is.

I’ve even come into contact with countless females online who don’t say much, and when I ask why, they say they’re shy or actually admit that they’re not good with talking to guys. Although the public concensus of females would never admit having confidence issues or know-how in talking to guys, it actually is the case a lot more than most of us think.

Women are no less “visual” than men…

From a young age we’re taught that men are visual and women aren’t, and it doesn’t really add up. Women are definitely visual creatures. If a woman can be visual with other women’s bodies and looks and even proclaim them to be sexy, then they can certainly do the same thing with men. But from what I’ve seemed to learn, females have a kind of pride where they want to seem like they’re above showing visual appeal in men because they don’t want to seem “shallow” or as if they lack self-control, since they often view men that way for being visual. So when they’re visual with other women it can sometimes be a sort of way of saying, “I would rather praise another woman for being good-looking before I do it to a guy.”

Things I’ve Learned About Females Throughout My Life

It’s also commonly said that guys will sleep with any woman, even ugly ones, while women don’t want to sleep with ugly men. If this really is true, it would actually prove that women must be more visual than men.

I remember when I was on okcupid, a woman I talked to said she wasn't interested in me, even though I wasn't interested in her either, I just liked her because she was a Californian. Even still, I was curious to know why exactly she wasn't interested, just to hear her honesty. And the first thing she said was my looks weren't her type. I wasn't offended but appreciated her honesty, and I told her that. So I definitely think women are more visual than they really admit.

Females tend to give more gestures...

By this I mean in thinking of some of the little things, like notes and cards. Although we live in times where people period are losing more warmth and thoughtfulness towards each other, it's still much more common for a female to send a card, gesture, or even an email wishing someone well, congratulating them, or showing how they were thinking of them.

Things I’ve Learned About Females Throughout My Life

Males will just say to you personally how much they liked something or how they were thinking of you - which is still good - but when a female goes out of her way to show it with a special gesture, it's always nice. Even with emoticons. According to a study Stephen Colbert found, females use emoticons in texting much more than males do, which could be true (though is sometimes even kind of annoying for me when they use a lot of them, lol). I use them pretty often, but not like a lady does, lol.

Women hate it if you understand something about them they don’t see…

One thing I’ve learned is that women love the idea that they’re more complex creatures that men don't understand, or who are hard to understand. They seem to think it would indicate some kind of significant depth or importance in their character, or that it means it takes a special effort to figure them out and make them feel good.

Although a lot of females complain that men don’t understand them, they actually only want men to understand but so much about them, and only what they want to be understood. They would never want a man to actually understand them as much as they understand themselves, or more, while they often like thinking they know how we guys work. I think this is because females also say they don’t get their own selves, so for a man to understand them more would feel threatening or intimidating to them. In my experience, females are actually a lot more transparent and easy to understand than they say. Actions and behaviors can say a lot more than words, and even contradictions in what they say can tell a lot.

Females get awkward when you come around them and their girlfriends…

Things I’ve Learned About Females Throughout My Life

I think some guys might see the same thing, not sure. But I’ve noticed that whenever you’re alone with a female friend or regular female acquaintance, she’s fine and comfortable hanging around you, but the moment another female - particularly one of her friends - comes around, or you come around while they’re talking, she will sometimes suddenly act very different with you. It’ll be a shy school-girlish behavior, as if she doesn’t know you, or acts like she’s wondering why you’re even talking to her, or as if she’s afraid of what her girlfriends are going to say or think because she knows you. Do women really judge each other down to the tiniest things that even who she speaks to will be scrutinized by the others? Pretty weird.

Women do like men who take charge…

Although iconic feministic women like trying to speak for women of the world today by proclaiming how much women don’t need men anymore, don’t want a man to lead, and all that BS, that’s really more wishful thinking for those women to make themselves feel better about it.

While you do have such women nowadays, it’s still largely the case that women in general do like men who know how to take charge and handle things. And I don’t think that’s really going to change. In fact it’s normal. Most women do want strong, courageous men who can lead and don’t have to be told how or when to take charge, and they do want men they can lean on and depend on. No amount of feminist rhetoric and preaching is really going to change that, and none from weak, insecure MGTOW-type guys either for that matter.

Female laughter is sometimes a cover for embarrassment…

Things I’ve Learned About Females Throughout My Life

This is another curious one I’ve noticed in interacting with women and similar to what I was saying about how she acts with you around her friends, though I’m not sure other guys have had the same experience. Often times if you say something with a female, especially in front of their friends, and she will feel awkward about it, she’ll giggle as if she’s laughing at your silliness when she’s actually laughing because she feels goofy in front of you and her friends for what you did or said. And she really doesn’t have to, and what you said or did actually was not even funny or silly, but she does because she’s nervous about you in front of company.

Women have a kid side too…

And it can be adorable! Women too can act like little kids in happy moments no less than guys, it’s just in a female way. One of the things I think is hot - and what apparently some guys find to be annoying - is chicks who are grown adults and still collect dolls or still like cartoons. There are also times where a female will act in a certain goofy kid way that is reminiscent to me of childhood and how wonderful it was and can be, and it feels good. I may not necessarily want to join in, but I just like seeing her happy and goofy. It’s a good sign when a woman can still be a kid sometimes, because it indicates that she can be youthful and still enjoys life.

Women love thinking they're pros in bed...

This is pretty common. Although females often claim that guys have big egos when it comes to sex and think they're God's gift to women, I don't really think that's fully true. I think it's far more common for us to meet women who think they're gifts in the bedroom and have the idea that they're better at pleasing - or naturals at it - than men. Women often have the faulty thinking that a guy cumming easier equals good orgasm or proves that as a female she knows what she's doing. Cumming easier is more of a biological reflex in our genitals when provided enough stimulation, and even when it happens it isn't always great. I don't know about other guys, but when I cum too soon it usually feels like it lacks spark because I wasn't really ready. And there is a such thing as a female sucking at the wrong moment or being too enthusiastic to the point where the sex is not that great. So although they often like thinking they understand the male sexual stimulus so well and how to please one, it really wouldn't hurt for women to slow down on the ego and make room for improvement.

Females will sometimes try to get their friends to dislike you too...

Things I’ve Learned About Females Throughout My Life

Definitely one I've had experience with, and I think other guys probably have too, though it does happen to other females as well. When a female has some kinds of issues with you and dislikes you for whatever reason, she will sometimes try to influence or poison her friends against you too, and often they will follow. Women can be some of the biggest group-thinkers and followers in the world, especially when it comes to listening to another female, even if she's wrong. She thinks you don't know it and thinks you don't know that she talks, but you do. And you'll know when her friends or co-workers suddenly aren't very friendly to you anymore either. For whatever reason, she's intimidated by you and feels insecure, so she tries to find security and strength in numbers by trying to get as many people on her side as possible to feel like she's right, which really indicates extreme weakness and fragility. I can say I've definitely experienced this online as well, even here on GaG.

Women do like gritty sex…

Things I’ve Learned About Females Throughout My Life

The common concept is that women are more magnetized to soft, romantic sex while most men just like the dirty and gritty. Uh uh. Not entirely true. A lot of women do like gritty, filthy sex as much as men, and even the women I’ve met online have been very open about it with me. Over the years I’ve talked to more women than I can remember who detailed how they like having their hair pulled or really want it, like it in the ass, being “throat fcked,” play raped, tied up, getting facials, etc. It can be quite surprising and even frightening sometimes to be honest, especially from women who only ever want one kind of dirty sex all the time, and never anything else.

Another curious thing many have said to me is how much they like that stuff, but need a certain man to do it. By this they meant they need a guy who is courageous and manly enough to do it. Their words, not mine, lol.

Women still understand cooking and shopping better…

To be fair, I haven’t eaten a lot of food cooked by men, while I’ve eaten food from various women, and most of it has been good. It does still stand that women have a knack for cooking good food. I’ve heard some women say they think men are better cooks, but I don’t really know. I know for me I don’t have as much confidence in the kitchen as women I know have. I’m squeamish about how much seasoning to add, while most women fearlessly and generously throw it in, knowing how much by eye or taste.

Things I’ve Learned About Females Throughout My Life

Women also do know stores better, where to find things down the aisle, and what to do first. It doesn’t stop their credit card debt from being higher than ours, lol, but it does say they know what they’re looking for and how to go about it. There are times when I’ve been glad a woman was with me in the store, and other times where I feel goofy being alone trying to find something or know who to ask.

So what about you, guys? What have you learned or noticed about women so far?


Things I’ve Learned About Females Throughout My Life
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Most Helpful Guy

  • lightbulb27
    Some unique viewpoints here I thought were good. So are you a player or consider yourself one? How did you get that amount of experience in a short time or that much success online? Write a take on that...

    The point about "Magic tricks" was interesting. I've heard of that used to entertain and gain womens interest and you made sense of it. They are emotional and they react... to stimulation.

    I had never heard "women will try to get their friends to not like you". I haven't seen that, but I can understand it if they want to manipulate, punish you and they don't want their friends going after you, then they play games of control.

    +Women have a kid side - totally, and they love to fantasize. Quick path through their emotional barrier.

    Visual - not sure about this, I'll review womens comments more. How is it women go for unattractive or short guys who have power? I tend to think they are visual... they like to look good and have expectation of what their man looks/built like, but intellect/emotional engagement and enticement and perception of social value take over so that looks can be diminished in relevence. So they may say they are visual and yes they may favor good looks, but I'm not convinced it is that strong vs other traits.

    Is this still revelant?

Most Helpful Girl

  • EmiliaB
    This a pretty good take!. Women Love gritty sex, you're right!
    ... but we also like it when you see something in us that we don't. Everyone likes learning about themselves don't they, even when it's just someone pointing it out.
    Sometimes it needs to be pointed out in order to make someone a better person.

    However, Not all women are awkward when their man or their guy friends are around their friends, some us like it and like them to know you, and shopping bores some of us too - we do feel your pain sometimes! :)
    Is this still revelant?
    • ManOnFire

      I really like this comment :-)

    • EmiliaB

      Thank you , I'm glad :)

      Thank you for the take :)

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  • SayYes2Courtney
    A narcissistic journey of stereotypes and mass generalizations. Such that many of us may find self-truths scattered here and there but to say that this is an accurate study of women in general is hyper juvenile. I would recommend you modify the title to "Things I've Learned About the Specific Females I've Been Fortunate to Know Throughout My Short Life".
    • ManOnFire

      No other women here seemed to be offended by it.

    • As I said before here is one. Just like I predicted.

      Hey, I hope you have a great day today. I know you're a bit peeved but come on.

      Be chill.

    • ManOnFire

      @arashmenalagha There will be those who are peeved, yes. But let's just stay focused on the women who saw value in the post and were humble enough to recognize. Cheers.

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  • arashmenalagha
    *Donald trumps voice*

    I will tell you that this take is pure gold. This is the first take I have actually sit down and read very carefully. Which I have never done.

    I like how you threw in a few bones to "them" so they would be less aggressive in flaming you. Even without reading the comments I can predict there are some bitter ones out there that will love to rip you apart. and you don't deserve to be picked apart like that my friend.

    No matter how honest and right this take may seem my friend.

    I have also noticed this too especially the "strength in numbers bullshit" I called a girl at work out on her shit and she threatened to tell the supervisor even when she had no bearings to do it with. Only for the reason that I was calling her out, but she'll think of something of course. I'm getting much more tuned to this and thanks to you.

    I seriously mean it thanks to you

    Here is an example I. E. She goes to one of the other girls to get consoled a few minutes after I call her out. so she feels "safe" kind of pathetic if you ask me but it doesn't bother me I just wanted to tell you this.

    Just to be clear, I know you were not being facetious or malicious or mysogynistic or whatever the fuck else.

    I want to give you a hug though.

    • ManOnFire

      Thanks. Though I wasn't throwing them a bone to hate me less - I really couldn't care less if they do or not - I included the good ones because those were just as sincere.

    • alright maybe not. I guess I was just talking out of thin air to praise you in some way that hasn't been done before.

    • ManOnFire

      I appreciate the kind words :-)

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  • Robbey
    I'm not sure how I missed this (you should really tag me more!).

    This is a lovely take, but I kind of hate it too. I hate because I feel like you just described me to a 'T' (apart from the getting my girlfriends to hate my enemies bit, which isn't really me) without ever having met me. That's kind of impressive.
    • ManOnFire

      Yeah this was posted ages ago lol.

      Simply observance. You can learn a lot about women if you take note of their behaviors. Which, what I still don't really get about women is why they act differently with guys when other people are around.

    • Robbey

      Like why do women act differently alone with boyfriends/husbands than with guy friends?

    • ManOnFire

      No, like what I was saying in the Take. How a female will be cool with a guy when they're talking alone but then at another time if she's with a girlfriend or somebody and the guy comes around she'll act all weird like he's not supposed to be talking to her or something.

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  • LaFemmeFatale
    That's really good!
    I found some of those things in myself:
    - Women are no less “visual” than men - that's 100% true for me. Though I love complimenting people who look good but I compliment women more often than men.
    That's also true about excitement and gestures.
    - Women do like men who take charge - though I am dominant naturally, I want to meet someone who will be just as strong or even stronger as me. I don't want weaker man, I need someone who can be challenging and competing somehow. I mean I am strong but I don't need a slave I need a partner who will stand by me and I will be proud that he's the man of my life.
    - Women have a kid side too - I believe that both of us, men and women, have a kid side, just we don't often reveal it. I think that heart of woman never gets old.
    - Women do like gritty sex - Yes, just with my rules. I like to lead.. Not play raped but be the one who "rapes", ties up and etc. Though I still like romantic sex.
    Perfect myTake I must say, most of it is true for me and my girl friends.

  • BlueCoyote
    Some of this is true but some of it are also stupid stereotypes and generalizations. For example the paragraph about cooking: That's bullshit. ANYONE can be good at cooking. Cooking is the same thing as playing the piano or speaking Japanese: it's all about practice. I very much doubt that men are worse at learning how to cook, just like women aren't worse at playing the piano. In my family, all the men are better at cooking than the women. My dad is better than my mom, my brother is better than his girlfriend and I am better than my girlfriend. In fact, when I got to know my girlfriend, she didn't know anything at all. She didn't even know how to cook rice or pasta. All the cooking knowledge she has now, she learned from me.
    Also, most of the world-famous, Michelin-star awarded chefs are men.

    Shopping: What's there to "understand" about shopping? That's also just one of those stupid gender stereotypes that piss me off to be quite honest. Women just care about different things than men when it comes to clothes. For example a woman might care more about how it looks whereas I care more about how it feels. Does that make me incompetent just because I don't have the same priorities?

    Gritty sex: That's also just a generalization. I've made different experiences. Plus: this is also just a stupid fad. It's currently trendy and "cool" to tell everyone "oh my sex life is so wild and kinky and gritty and crazy, you should see all the whips and bonds and candle wax we use and sometimes we have sex while performing martial arts at the same time". And because everyone thinks that makes you cool, it is what everyone claims about their own sex life.
  • Applefan1
    You are like me. I understand women so well. I can even read women's minds. I can tell just from a 1 second glance what a woman is thinking and if they are telling me lies I know.
  • ericclayton
    I enjoy how well thought-out and detailed your Takes are. Faair points to be made.

    As for the shy thing, women are particularly shy with men, I've noticed that extensively. Even if it's a woman who seems to be very friendly with me won't even say "Hi", unless I speak first. We have to keep that in mind.
    • ManOnFire

      Very true. My sequel is in the works😉

  • Ciawat
    Shh. We don't want the rest of the men to catch on.

    Just kidding, though. I'm surprised at how analytic you've been throughout your relationships. I'm sure both genders have a lot more to learn about each other. I'm really not a fan of stereotypes, especially the ones about how women act so naggy and all they do is spend money, talk about shoes and gossip. For the most part, we're just as insecure as men can be. I realize that all women aren't insecure, but judging on how we focus on our looks so much, I'd say most are. Anyway, this was a really excellent Take. Your observations were very informative and I'm sure it helped, or possibly confused, some men.
    • ManOnFire

      @Ciawat I also wanted to add how women love patting themselves on the back when it comes to sex, thinking they're better at pleasing, but the Take was already long enough so I had to leave it out, even though I REALLY wanted that part in there.

    • Ciawat

      Aw you should've included that! I suppose that's already well known and can be said for both genders, though. I still really enjoyed the Take, even without that information lol.

    • ManOnFire

      @Ciawat Well, I still have 24 more hours of editing time so maybe I still will! Lol.

  • martyfellow
    Lots of media driven stereotypes exist about women, that they believe themselves!! Too much Hollywood influence in the US, especially.

    But certainly US women like the men in charge... generally prefer to hang out with their gay friends if they aan't get the attention of those men.
  • aficionado
    This is really accurate! Great one!

    This thing about 'women not being as visual as men' is probably the second biggest myth in the world, after the so called "all black man have big dicks" myth. I too have noticed that a lot of women actually care about a man's looks more than a man does about women.
  • Mustachekitteh
    My excitement reactions are due to my adhd. My boyfriend gets a hoot out of seeing me excited. XD

    Only time I can shut up is if I'm out of it or focused which tends to worry my boyfriend. XD

    I agree 100% with this take and with the embarrassing part. In my mind this is how I react when feeling embarrassed.

    • ManOnFire

      Ahahaha! I should've included humor in this Take cuz you chicks really lit me up with your funny comments, lol.

    • "Say I love you" Aah great anime

  • ThisDudeHere
    "Women still understand cooking better…"

    And yet the vast majority of the world's chefs are male.
    • Don't let that fool ya, fam. Most chefs might be male, but the average male human would be lucky enough to make popcorn in the microwave without imploding the entire house 😂. My mom ain't a pro, but she can make chicken like no one's business 😁

    • @Other_Tommy_Wiseau there's truth in what you say indeed.

    • I like to think of it like America. We got a shit ton of smart people. But I know just as many that are as dumb as a sack of shit and could easily disprove Darwinism 😂😂🙊🙊

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  • Philosopher_Edge
    *nods* Not bad. Pretty accurate.

    I would like to disagree with the MGTOW comment.

    Also, I would have to add that women can be not good at communication within a relationship which is where the 'mind reading' thing comes from. We can't read women's minds, and they assume we should know them well enough to do so.
  • Tanuron
    Pretty true a lot of it, at least from my experience as well, and omg have I experienced this one a lot

    "Women hate it if you understand something about them they don’t see…"

    No doubt they feel threathen that way (but guys probably do too), but they get so very pissed off. I can't count all the times I pointed out something which they dont seem to be aware off and yeah then ironically you get phrases like" You dont understand" or they simply get upset, angry etc. Until goes a year or two and then its like "oh wait.. you were right" . But yeah, been my experience too, that, well either gender is easy to figure out really. People aren't really that complicated, the majority isent anyway. But most like to just think that they are.
    • ManOnFire

      So glad to know another guy sees this!

  • YomokoGirl
    This is pretty damn aqurate. Although I'm not really a shopping person (I get tired of it after 20 minutes in shops) And I don't think it'd be my style to turn my friends against one person. I do laugh when I feel awkward over something other people do. I hate opening too much to men since I have a feeling I can get hurt that way much easier. And I do jump around like a little kid when I get excited although it happens much less now when I'm depressed.
    • JuicyBrain

      And that is why women always say guys don't open up. That's cause we know it's all written in a book from which she uses excerpts back at you when she is angry.

    • YomokoGirl

      @JuicyBrain I understand but I believe that once you find 'the right one' You shouldn't worry about stuff like that.

    • JuicyBrain

      "The one" doesn't exist. You will never find the perfect one because perfection doesn't exist. You will ALWAYS have to make compromise and adapt to your partner's personality at least a bit... It doesn't mean you can't find someone great though :-)

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  • OhioNativeForLife
    It is frustrating to me that most women probably think they could "take care of me," real quick in bed when, in fact, I can outlast them. And how are they supposed to know? And if I tell them, they will think I'm lying.
    • ManOnFire

      @OhioNativeForLife When you say they think they could "take care of you," do they mean it as in, you'd be a piece of cake they can handle?

    • They think they could make me cum in two seconds when in fact I could wear them out all night

  • zombiebabe
    its pretty accurate... specially the childish side :p
    • ManOnFire

      We are all such wonderful children at heart =)

    • zombiebabe

      agreed :p

    • So if a girl sits down a table with you, and she offers little conversation even though you try talking to her... then one of her friends sits down she's a chatterbox, what am I supposed to make of that? I'm creepy, she likes me or she's bi

  • joemm
    I have learned that a guy is more likely to get action if his penis is clean, smooth and irritation-free. I have missed out on some opportunities because my penis skin was in bad shape. Believe me.. women notice. But now I use one of those penis health cremes and it really helps me keep things in excellent condition down there. You guys should do the same. Cheers.
  • Bigclit
    crazy how on point you were with most of these... are you reading someone's diary
    • ManOnFire

      LMFAO! That might be kinda fun though >:-)

    • Bigclit

      oh gosh no... lol

  • lushbomb
  • DandelionGirl
    If only other men would understand what you do about us special creatures that'd be great!!! You should get a medal 🏅
  • IceEverest
    Nice take...
    But I dont agree on cooking and shopping thing
  • NanaXXXX
    That's a really good take!

    I have no idea where all those stereotypes seem to come from though.
  • DiegoO
    Whit some points I agree whit others no. The human mind is very complex, all what you describe might fit in the behavior of many women's of your country, in other countries it might not be the case due to cultural factors.
    • ManOnFire

      Of course. But I'm American, so I can only speak from an American perspective.

    • DiegoO

      And now I know how most American women's are :D

  • iAMNirvana
    Men and women are way more similar than we think they are.
  • Oram52
    "Women still understand cooking and shopping better…"
    BLASPHEMY!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuurn him haha :D
    Hey all the top chefs are men.

    Loved the Take, takes a bit to read through but was interesting, good insights.

    "Women do like men who take charge…"
    "how much they like that stuff, but need a certain man to do it. By this they meant they need a guy who is courageous and manly enough to do it. Their words, not mine, lol."

    One can not emphacize this enough. They even respect you more. Guys just can't seem to understand this, fair enough in some way it is understandable.. feminism and conflicting messages. But guys really need to understand this. Maybe you should write more about this, give some of your insights.

    All in all nice mate.
  • ChromAzonyx108
    women react to excitement more...
    like this? XD

    women are no less visual than men...
    it would make sense for women to be more visual as they are more into make-up and fashion, both of which are visual

    women have a kid side too...
    one time one of my female co-workers was skipping along. I rarely ever see people skipping irl. I asked her why she was doing that, she simply said because it's fun. I found it amusing.

    women understand shopping better...
    I think men are faster at shopping though. Just in and out, get what you need, and leave.
  • SexyTaurus
    I definitely like gritty sex. The grittier the better!
  • pooper89
    Disagree with most of this. Except for the laughter one and wanting a man to take charge. And the last three.
    The rest could be applied to anyone
  • Azara
    I don't see how this is different than conventional stereotypes , and to be fair this your perception of women you have encountered. That's involves particular Women and specifically your perception. neither is concrete representation of ". women.. anyhow it'd be accurate to say this is your first ppersp so perception, ut not accurate to say this so women you were on top of that fact in the beginning but quickly slipped into thinking you had some factual Informotion about the female sex.

    Only thing here I openly relate to is the visual thing.

    • Azara

      You realize " a thing" excited does not meAn being excited. You can't measure the level of emotion simply by the physical expression.

  • mistixs
    "It’s also commonly said that guys will sleep with any woman, even ugly ones, while women don’t want to sleep with ugly men. If this really is true, it would actually prove that women must be more visual than men."

    Great point!

    "I remember when I was on okcupid, a woman I talked to said she wasn't interested in me, even though I wasn't interested in her either...
    Even still, I was curious to know why exactly she wasn't interested, just to hear her honesty. And the first thing she said was my looks weren't her type... So I definitely think women are more visual than they really admit."

    Yeah, tbh, I'm really shallow when it comes to online dating sites. I'll scroll down online dating sites and go past 100% Matches, 90% matches, 80% matches etc because they're not good-looking to me.
    • ManOnFire

      @mistixs God, I know it, lol. I am always surprised at all the matches that get emailed to me who are nothing like me and not even attractive! I don't GET that.

  • Alex88F
    you might have to add
    "girls dont cares about feelings until they develop feelings for you. once they're burnt for good, you either end up marry or tossed like trash on a sidewalk"
  • AlwaysBelieving
    I feel like I should be taking notes based on the female comments.
  • Panay
    ngl I've experienced a lot of this with most of my female friends
  • helloitsmethere
    The accuracy level is high in this one.
  • TaliemDaWrecka
    In my life.. I've only learned that I repel them... weed beer and snes (I'm oldschool) have filled the void
  • Polocrew
    Lmao why the hell would you guys be obsessed with how women's mind "function" lol
    • to give them the love they want from the perspective they accept? it's the difference between go away & being turned on from you saying a simple "hi."

    • Polocrew

      @666threesixes666 lol and you'd need to know what chick is thinking to give them love they want? And why the hell would you tell me that? Lol

    • yeah, it's interaction, and you don't control their actions. being clueless as to what women want isn't going to help you. knowledge is power, why advocate people be powerless?

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  • Gommers
    So, in short:

    Nothing new
  • Luci92
    This is so amazing and so freakily accurate!
  • Jehovahkiin
    Great take! Spot-on!!
  • Whizzy83
    Women can be so cold in court you know.
  • RainbowFanGirl
    Nooooo! You revealed our secrets.
  • LittleMissCuriousity
    I agree with a few of these. Well written!
  • lazermazer
  • FanGirl67
    True 😂
  • sicosico
    Nice article, we are expooooosed!!!
  • Anonymous
    Not all the women are the same, for example, I prefer to take the charge, and yeah, I like gritty sex but I'm always the dominant.
    • ManOnFire

      Curious to see somebody else commenting on this after all this time cuz my sequel Take is actually coming soon lol.

      Not all women, no. But I believe most. You're dominant, and I'm dominant. We should do wrestling sex😆

    • Anonymous

      That would be very interesting I believe ;)

    • Anonymous

      PS - I can hardly wait for the sequel take :)

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  • Anonymous
    Girls are exponentially, hornier than men. A woman will do just about anything, sexually speaking, so long as she is fairly certain she won’t get caught. For example, we will occasionally go out of town in order to rendezvous with a man we’ve been longing to fuck, and/or to have multiple sex partners in the same evening, and/or at the same time.
    This is something that hot women do, most especially. In our minds, it is a natural desire, and a natural thing, and so long as nobody else finds out, it’s “game on”. Women are receptacles for cock, that’s how we have been biologically designed. Nothing feels better to us than being completely filled up with multiple penises, than being the center of sexual attention, than being the object of unbridled group lust. Since it’s something we can’t risk doing on our home turf (don’t shit where you eat), we have to think outside the box, in order to get our boxes completely satisfied. And you might find this shocking, but many women – many, many women – have sex with dogs on a routine basis. This is just one example of how insatiable we truly are.
    I can see why you might not believe it, to which I say, look really hard at all of the women you know who have dogs. Look at women who have dogs whenever you see them out on the street, in the act of walking those dogs. Or at the park. You will notice that most of them have male dogs – the vast majority, in fact. This isn’t a coincidence. And look at all the female teachers who are exposed in the media for having sex with underage students. We have no self-control when it comes to sex – or anything else, for that matter. To our way of thinking, losing control is what makes sex great. Doing anything that is taboo is what makes sex great.
  • Anonymous
    If you watch a bunch of toddlers playing, one kid will stop doing what he is doing because he sees another kid doing something else. He wants to do the same thing because he feels like that other activity might be more fun.
    A few of the people I follow on Twitter were having a conversation about their ex-wives. One guy said that his mistake was marrying a slut. One colleague told me about his mistake of trying to turn a ho into housewife. Another guy said his mistake was marrying a pre-party slut. A pre-party slut is a girl who might have a semblance of virtue when you marry her, but it is only by circumstance. Maybe her parents were strict or she otherwise didn’t have the opportunity. In reality, she may feel that she is missing out by not riding the cock carousel.
    A fellow co-worker of mine went through this type of harrowing scenario. While he was in his mid-twenties, he met a girl who had just graduated high school. She came from a devout Christian family so on the surface she had good values. But after a couple of years of marriage she started cheating on him with not just one, but several random men.
    I’ve also seen this “missing out” effect play out in the life of one my wife’s friends, this woman started to look outside her marriage for male affection, and is now in the process of transforming herself. She has become an attention whore on social media where she posts selfies of herself at the pool and advertises that she goes to concerts and bars without her husband. She dresses inappropriately for her age and body composition and she seems to be trying to erase all association with her husband and children.
    This is all done to recapture the fun that she thinks she is missing out on. Modern women feel this way because they’ve been indoctrinated into believing that promiscuity is empowering. This flows from egalitarian doctrine: if some men sleep around, women too must be able to sleep around to be equal. Of course the feminist purveyors of this false doctrine don’t care if their false narrative makes it impossible for these women to ever become fit wives and mothers. That is what the feminists intended all along—to destroy marriage by making women incapable of staying married.
  • Anonymous
    This is a GREAT take. I like it. Though I don't understand why women are react to excitement well but are quieter around guys they like. So they then act shall we say sluttier/suggestive around a player who isn't boyfriend material, whilst they act innocent around a social circle guy who is respectful?

    Pls check out my question: