8 Tips for Writing A MyTake, How To Make It Promoted/Featured and Get More Attention

I mentioned in my previous MyTake here, at #10 about suggesting to the Newcomers writing a MyTake. This is more like a Part II, since here I'm explaining how they should construct their MyTake if they want to give a try writing one.

(In alphabetical order)

1) Correct Grammar

8 Tips About Writing A MyTake, And How To Make It

It's one of the most important rules when you post a MyTake. So, it's suggested to use Spellcheck, and when you are about to post your MyTake, check if there are any words underlined in red. Obviously there are some words, like MyTake which cannot be corrected so leave them in that case.

2) Don't steal others' ideas

I think it's one of the most obvious reasons. Especially if the idea you stole was coming from a recent MyTake many are going to get suspicious. Sure it might be a coincidence indeed, but if it happens often, many people are going to realize it and eventually call you out. So it's better to take a look to others' MyTakes and avoid writing about the same thing as much as possible.

3) Image Size

Although bigger images can be accepted it's not suggested to use big images, since not only it will make it slower to load the page, but it will make your MyTake much less readable. Try to not surpass 600-700 pixels Width and Height.

4) Never post a MyTake less than 2000 characters

There might be exceptions though, if it's some MyTake containing mainly Youtube videos or images for example, but generally MyTakes should be more than 2000 characters (1/10 of the maximum characters allowed, which is 20000). You can post one with less though, but chances to make it Promoted/Featured if you wish, are definitely less.

5) Post with your name

Well, to be honest, it's very silly for me to say this since ALL MyTakes I have posted with this account so far have been posted anonymously. But on the other hand, generally speaking, MyTakes posted anonymously, tend to get less attention and they receive less answers. This doesn't mean chances are less to get your MyTake Promoted/Featured because Admins read all MyTakes here, before they decide.

6) Use an image every 700-800 characters at most

Well to be honest, I've stated here sometimes, that there are times where I'm against it, since I'm running out of ideas for an image. But the less images you use the less chances you have for your MyTake to be promoted. Of course I don't mean to use an image after every sentence, because this is bad as well, and there's a minimum amount of images per post. You must find the right balance, like every 400-500 characters more or less.

7) Write a MyTake related to GAG's main topics (Relationship,Marriage,Divorce,etc) or a MyTake related to GAG Community

I have noticed the MyTakes which get Promoted, or even get Featured, are usually those that are either related to GAG's main topics or MyTakes related to GAG Community (like this one), and those are that usually gain the most answers as well. Of course you're no forced to write about those topics only, and of course it doesn't mean only those get Promoted/Featured. But I'm just talking about, which MyTakes get Promoted/Featured more often.

8. Write about something you have an opinion about

Otherwise how much you can write about it? It's not a school here to write essays about topics the teacher told you to, you should write about what you want and you have an opinion about it. If you don't like American Football for example, as I do, how can I write a MyTake about it?


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  • If being original worked then why are all the MyTakes on feminism and how disgustingly boring it is promoted at the same time? I think someone is drunk and just randomly clicks and so forth and so on.


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  • Doesn't always work anyway and for some reason there are users with 20+ good articles that don't get promoted but others with 3 or 4 articles that may also be shitty one's become editors. Typical Gag double standards.