GaG User Video: GirlsAskGuys in a Nutshell (Cartoon Animation Parody)

In this take I will be sharing a little cartoon animation video I made of how the basic GAG community mindset is.

This video will be making fun of the types of questions you see on this site, sexists, and where people are when they use GAG.

Try not to make fun of my cartoon lol I would have done more if I had time, but I am going on vacation

Thank you, if you read this mytake you are awesome. #GaGVideoContest


Most Helpful Girl

  • lel :D

    Also where are you going for vacation?

    • Tennessee and I just came back like 10 minutes ago lol. I had a lot of fun.

    • lel XD That's good that you had a fun time. :)

    • Thanks I needed that I got to see my aunt I never seen before and one of my other cousins I never met. :) It feels like 1 week since I was last here they didn't have wifi where I was at lol.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Clever dude - Creating animation effect by moving camera - Not bad for a rushed effort - I got everything but the start why are cutouts falling on earth - The global nature of GaG - I hope there are a few prizes on offer and you get them all.


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