It's All About Communication

It's All About Communication

People use GirlsAskGuys for many things: asking Questions, expressing their ideas via a myTake, polling people from all walks of life and to keep in touch with friends. And all this can be summarized by one word: communication.

This is why we strived to improve communication and ease of access to the information you care about the most with this latest update to GirlsAskGuys. Check out the highlights of today's new features:

You've got mail!

It's All About Communication

Our Private Messages platform is used by thousands of people daily. It deserved a little love. The first step in that direction is sending browser push notifications for new messages to make sure communication is faster between our members.

This new feature will also work with a new option available for all of you using Chrome or Firefox mobile browsers on Android that enables mobile browser notifications.

One stop shop for interaction

It's All About Communication

When you enter a Question or myTake page, you'll now see the opinion you shared as well as opinions you've replied to and was mentioned on grouped in a convenient new section labeled My Conversations. It should make it easier for you to check and pick up conversations to keep them rolling.

Get opinions for your myTakes

It's All About Communication

A month ago we introduced a new feature that allow you to invite friends on GirlsAskGuys to share an opinion on your question. Now, it's also available for myTakes. That should help with the @ mention spam some people ended up putting on updates to get noticed.

Privacy, improved

It's All About Communication

Speaking of @ mentions and spam, there's a new setting under the "Privacy Settings" in the "My Settings" page that prevents other members from @ mentioning you. Just check the "Don't allow other users to @ mention me" option, hit the "Save" button and you're set!

How about the app?

It's All About Communication

Some of these will make their way into the app very soon. Next week we'll have a big update. Stay tuned.

It's All About Communication
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Most Helpful Guy

  • mikemx55


    I just faced an experience which made me think why don't you allow for anyone to be able to invite people for any question?

    I saw a question, and wanted some of my acquaintances to answer, so I had to message like 4 or 5 people with a link to the question. Shouldn't the button to invite be available for everyone?
    Or does that cause some other problems that I am not seeing now?
    Of course I could just tag them all, yes.. but since the functionality already exists, why limit it to my questions? Food for thought.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • BellePepper

    I like the privacy stuff and understand the alert changes but I'm not a fan of the My Conversations. It's really messy and hard to get through especially on your own questions because you basically talk to everyone. I also feel like it diminishes the community aspect?

    Your own comment is right at the top and there's very little incentive to read or interact with other posters. I see how this can be good in some ways but if people don't know or care about other people in their community how can you even *have* a community?

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Hans222

    Sounds like some good ideas, let's test it out and give feedback when relevant :D

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  • menina

    I like these new features.
    And I can't wait to have them on the app.

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  • YourFutureEx

    Thanks and good luck, amigo.

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    • Thanks, buddy. :)

    • Hey, I want to send some feedback.
      I don't like that we receive two notifications when
      -Someone follows us
      -Someone sends us private message
      One we get on the 'bell' and another on our username drop down menu.
      It was better back then, when we used to get the notification only on the username drop down menu, not on bell. It just doesn't feel nice to be notified two times for just one thing, no?

    • You're right, @YourFutureEx. Right now those two notifications are redundant.

      The idea here, though, is to have everything in a single place, which is the Notifications dropdown or the Notifications page on your profile.

  • progboy

    What happened to the IM function? Will it ever make a comeback?

  • Winter_Storm_Guy

    Thank you for sharing with us, very well said.

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    • I think the Most Helpful feature needs to be more enhanced than what it is
      I found even using GaG on my laptop i do miss Most Helpfuls that are chosen
      for me so something needs done to improve that for us :)

    • Hey, man... I'm all ears on how to improve it. If you want, shoot me a Private Message to share your thoughts on this. ;)

  • Library

    These are awesome new features.

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  • Sweetgirl1108

    when will you bring back chat?

  • Adigelunar

    ─▒Good post

  • Anonymous

    I do not like this notification nag drop-down, even before I have logged on. I press no thanks, but it is always there. Can't GAG take a big hint that when a girl says no, she means no!

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    • Anonymous

      I also dislike this invitation to comment notification. If I see something in questions that interests me, I will reply. I do not want invitations. They just get ignored, and I would like the option to turn them off.

    • Hello, @juicyjessie. If you dismiss that notification prompt once, it should be gone unless you're always using an Anonymous browser window.

      For the second thing, you definitely can turn it off. Just go to the Notifications settings and uncheck the "You are invited to share your opinion" option before hitting "Save". That should do it! ;)

    • Anonymous