Stop Degrading Minors' Opinions, or People Younger Than Yourself on GAG!


We've all seen these comments on this website, when a 32 year old says: 'you dont even know about it, cause you're like only 24' or 'you don't have enough life-experience'. This comes in all shapes and sizes. And just like that, what was an awesome argument, got shut down immediately with a personal attack. This is so annoying to be receiving and to see others get. So let's put a stop to it.

Stop degrading minors' opinions, or people younger than yourself on GAG!

This is actually an issue, where I have been the bad guy. Yes you heard me - I've done this to another person - and I've come to realize, how much this actually is an issue. I didn't have a very good argument and I ended up saying it to a guy who was literally 4 years younger than me. Oh, I was petty alright. Lucky for me he was more mature than me and didn't say anything about it. I apologized, when I realized just how petty, I was being. And now I wanna fight, to stop this.

Younger people have a clever voice too

Yes, she's 16 years old and that means she can't give you dating-advice? She could know a lot about this, or she could just be a great advice-giver without personal experience. You don't know, who's behind that screen. Just let them speak their mind, and take the advice or not. You were the one who asked for help, so why are you complaining? You're getting help?

Stop Degrading Minors' Opinions, or People Younger Than Yourself on GAG!

No, younger people aren't always more easily influenced by the bad things

They aren't some dumb creatures, who can be tricked into worshipping satan or anything? They're people, who might know exactly what helps with your problem. Of course young people have to 'find themselves' at some point, or what you'd like to call it - but do you honestly think it's a good idea to put it in their heads, that they aren't important and that no one wants to hear them? Reality-check: It's not a good idea.

Stop Degrading Minors' Opinions, or People Younger Than Yourself on GAG!

This actually makes you look unintelligent

When people see your name around GAG posting stupid, age-insulting comments, who do you think are going to listen to you in the future? Maybe your mom, but no one else will.

Just because you are frustrated and don't have a good comeback, don't be petty

Honestly, this was something we did in kindergarden.

James: I wanna play with the swing now

Fred: No I'm 4 years old and and 3 quarters. You're only 4 years and 2 months. That means I'm in charge. Go play with Betty

Stop Degrading Minors' Opinions, or People Younger Than Yourself on GAG!

Sidenote: Simon Cowell agrees

And parents: This is what happens when you teach your kids that adults are superior to them, no matter what;

When a child learns that adults are always right, and you should do whatever they say, they don't form their own opinions in life. Guess what, If an adult comes over to them and say 'I'm not touching you inappropriately, this is alright, just trust me. This will be our little secret okay?' what are they gonna do? You taught them always to listen to adults, right? Then this could happen. And guess what, these kids are more likely to supress their own children one day, so yay that. And yay the rest of the world who will get their supressive, age-insulting comments here on GAG and god knows what other websites this happens on. So be careful, what you teach your children.

Stop Degrading Minors' Opinions, or People Younger Than Yourself on GAG!

So GAG'ers, just don't play the age-card. You aren't winning any points with it, other than wasting everyone's time, including your own. Admit your loss of the discussion and deal with it. And you know what people will give you in return?


Happy GAG'ing in the future:)

- written by Watermelon15

Stop Degrading Minors' Opinions, or People Younger Than Yourself on GAG!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • lumos
    Nice take, I agree. I've been on this site since I was around 16-17 years old. I've given tons of relationship advice to people, that many have appreciated and picked as MHO. Got into my first real relationship last year. Inexperience =/= ignorance.
    Only a handful of times have I side-eyed a younger person's response, but usually that's based on the fact that it seems like they really don't have any idea what they're talking about. I don't really check someone's age until I've actually finished reading their opinion. And likewise, I've seen a great deal of stupid and immature posts on here, written by people who are much older than I am.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Unit1
    I never understood any of those jackasses acting like it. Never will.

    I do not tolerate ageism in any form. I am speaking from first hand experience.

    But this was a brilliant take!
    I especially agreed the most with
    "This actually makes you look unintelligent"
    "And parents: This is what happens when you teach your kids that adults are superior to them, no matter what"

    I often felt like I know better than my parents... and in the end I did.
    Such shaming is really the low-end thing that only assholes do practice.
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    • I appreciate your time to say you liked this:)

    • Unit1

      Cheers kind lady. There are for sure some youngens, who have much more manners than rude grown ups!🙂

    • Exactly my point:)

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  • MarkRet
    I've never put down younger people. They might have something very interesting to say. I've never walked in their shoes, and they could be a hundred times smarter than me. Sometimes it's the other way around. I've had the 'old guy' insult thrown at me on occasion.
    • Unit1

      Don't worry about it! You're cool, no matter your age friend :)

    • Exactly - Thankyou guys, this is exactly my point:)

  • Chico_brah
    Well this is true but only to an extent. To be honest I'm not going to be taking any advice from a 16 year old on here ahaha. Younger people tend to have less experience and that's just sort of logic. Having said that, it's not be considered a determining factor of whether or not the advice is still good and valid.

    I think the opinions should speak for itself. If someone older has to tell you that you have less experience than them in attempt to prove their point, then they didn't have much solidity in what they are saying. If they did have any solidifying points, then they would be able to articulate their opinions without raising attention to the fact that they are older than you. If they say they are older, then they are trying to condensed you and say that their point transcends yours just simply because. That's a ridiculous concept.

    It's as if they the older they are, the more justification they deserve. I know people who are twice my age that are utter pieces of shit. Everyone has their own life experiences and are entitled to their perspective.
  • Curmudgeon
    I do try not to be condescending, because I want to be helpful and I want my advice to be taken and not disregarded.

    But in all too many questions and MyTakes froom teenagers on G. A. G., I can't help but think, "Been there, did that..." Because I have.
    • That's fair enough to think those things, we all do I guess - Im only talking about not using it as an argument to why they are wrong:)

  • BackToBlackkkkk
    I disagree with you on some level and I'm 18, three years younger than you. I think adults have more life experience and they have plenty of good advice to give on GAG. Most of the minors (but I repeat not all) on here are really dumb and shallow, let's be honest here. I know I was once a dumb minor too. 16 year olds can give dating advice as much as they want on GAG but that doesn't mean their advice will be stronger than a 26 year old's who had several relationships and has been through all the difficulties in a a relationship, the breakups, and the heartbreaks, whatnot. In my opinion, the users on here who are 21 and older typically give the best advice on here. And guess what? The brain's frontal lobes don't even mature until the age of 25!

    I agree with you that intelligence and age aren't correlated. There are smart 15 and 16 year olds on here who have written impressive mytakes and show a passion for learning. There are some really stupid 40 year olds on here who think they're smarter than everyone else when they're really just basement dwellers with no life, have skewed views about the world, or have mental illnesses.

    BUT experience and age ARE correlated! Experience is such an important factor for giving advice. Adults have typically had more relationships than the young person who's still trying to figure stuff out--what they like and what they expect in a relationship.

    My parents are actually strict and traditional. Yes, sometimes it's annoying and I get in arguments with them but sometimes I am GRATEFUL for it because they have kept me safe from dangerous situations where I could've gotten killed, assaulted, who knows what. Curfews are there for a reason and I appreciate when my parents ask which friends I'm going out with and what time I'm coming back home because that really shows how much they CARE about me!
    • You have a lot of great points. And I do agree with you, I am jut saying if you feel like the minor's advice isn't good just choose not to take it, instead of saying they don't know anything, which you generally dont know if this particular minor does, just because many doesn't.

      You get what I mean?:) Thanks for forming this response in a non-agressive way, like a lot of people do

  • ScottSummers
    I agree, when someone does not have arguments they attack your age to try to discredit your opinions.
    Iam 22 but i never go anon for one reason and thats age. When i go anon Its says 45+ so people often try to offend me or discredit my opinions thinking iam old.
  • JustinTheGreat
    I think there's been a couple times I'm here where something I said wasn't taken seriously because of my age.
    I'm also the youngest out of all my siblings so when we're talking sometimes I feel they don't listen to me because I'm young.
    Its annoying
    • My siblings are 3 and a half year older than me. They are twins. Everytime we discuss something they go ' wow you're immature. or 'you dont even know, cause you're so young'

  • Browneye57
    How 'bout stop thinking you are as experienced and wise as people twice your age?

    And then you whine about it too? pfft

    This is why no one takes you seriously. And we have fifteen year olds on here trying to give relationship advice. Riiiiight...
    • One might not be as experienced as someone older, but then it is the youngters responsibility to think that they might not actualy now anything and then choose not comment, but if they choose to comment, you dont know if they actually know anything about it or not, so you dont get to tell them if they do. And you don't know whether or not it is because of their age. You can just choose not to follow their advice, if you don't like it, or simply say you disagree.

    • Browneye57

      LOL. Made me laugh.

      Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

    • Why? Just because you dont have any other argument to strike back with? I've noticed around GAG that you literally use the age-card on everything and everyone. Where ever you can squeeze it in, you will. But truth is, being 60 can just as often mean not nothing anything about nowadays things, that youngster not knowing about grown-up-things can mean.

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  • lovelyhoneybones
    The only time I have someone bring in my age is when they're losing an argument, and then I just flip the script on them. It's sad, but I've proven people in their 70's wrong, just because they were being ignorant and thought they were right because of their age. It only makes you look dense when you are proven wrong by someone who is probably younger than your great grandchild.
  • Ghassan2
    I hate when people here talk like they are somehow can't be wrong just because they are older than me. Whenever I crush someone with facts or common sense, they say stuff like : you're not gonna understand now or it's not worth it to convince you or you're brainwashed.
    • Too real lol - I feel the same - this is why I wrote the take

  • zagor
    I agree. Just because someone is young doesn't invalidate their perspective. My 10 year old nephew is very insightful.

    By the same token, some people on here disregard people because they are 40, 50 or older, so it goes both ways.
  • Lopezz1999
    Reading this entire myTake actually kept a big smile on my face lol. Totally agree with what you've said! No hard feelings though!😁
    • Yea - You were that guy I did this to, but you know that :D I thought the message had to get out, just surprised how many angry people that comment on mytakes though :D I never realized :D

    • Lopezz1999

      Oh trust me, many will comment on triggering myTakes like this or my own that got you to comment lol. It all goes down to others and their personal views/experiences, and if you've written a myTake that people are likely to disagree on, well people are gnawing be pissed 😂

    • Hahaha I know :D I wrote my first two myTakes two days ago with 2 hours in between and they both got promoted and featured on the homepage after an hour :D I guess gag thought they were so good

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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thank you for sharing with us. Yes cause ones young doesn't mean
    they don't know what their talking about. I agree 100% with you. :D
  • kespethdude
    Just an observation that I personally have seen, but I have actually noticed most of the members who posted quality stuff on this site were actually younger than me. But in the long run, it's the quality that matters, not the age. A 16 year old with a great article gets more respect from me than a 60 year old who goes on an unintelligable rant about "those kids".
  • goaded
    Agree 100%.

    At the other end of the scale, I've been told here that I'm old and soon to die; it doesn't bother me that much but it's just stupid.
    • Exactly - My take was supposed to go to the other way around too - dont judge people that are older either, just because of their age.

      I really appreciate your comment, I seem to be getting a lot more negativity than expected :D

  • RyanEC
    Thats true. If an older person has been stupid their whole life they are likely stupid now. But someone can also be really smart at 15 and have more intelligence then someone who is 50.
  • samhradh_leannan
    I do agree with you for the most part. But there are times when age and experience do lend more perspective and knowledge on certain topics.
    • I fully agree with that. But the fact that the people responding to this don't actually know who has knowledge and perspective and who doesn't, they simply can't label youngsters in generel on having nothing to say at all. Just because you are 60 years old doesn't mean you have tried everything in the world, same as if you are 17 you might as well HAVE tried everything in the world. No one knows, and since you don't know, you don't get to tell other people if they know, what they are talking about or not

    • You get what I mean?

    • Yeah, and I agree. I occasionally come across an answer from a younger user that does make me think the user is inexperienced and immature and that it might be influencing their opinion. But half the time, answers that strike me as immature or ignorant are actually coming from users who are older than I am.

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  • MrMysteryMan
    Age should never be viewed as an accurate reflects of experience or intelligence. Intelligence and experience is learned and somewhat found. It just doesn't come naturally all the time.
  • John_Doesnt
    I'm supposed to take a 13 year old girl's advice about my dick seriously? No thanks. I'll stick to judging people by age.
    • Then just say nope I don't like your advice or 'are you sure you know what you are talking about? Im just wondering' - simply dont take her advice instead of go all cocky

    • Zumber

      Age is experience on the face of it. I'm 48 and John is 26. Tell me, who has more experience in life. They say you should listen to your parents they have your best interests in most cases and they know more than you. Well... it's true.

    • @Zumber It's true that older people mostly have more experience in life - but still, I dont think people should just close their ears to younger people, just because they 'think' they dont know

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  • I-am-a-nobody
    A man's brain isn't usually fully formed until 23 sometimes as late as 27 as corroborated somewhat at:
    Women mature a couple years earlier, but a young adult (18-24) simply has less knowledge, wisdom and experience. I agree we need to respect the words of others to a degree, but sometimes what they're saying is dead wrong and I won't bend over backwards to validate their erroneous ideas.

    My time around GaG has only supported my belief that wisdom generally comes with age. On the other hand, I will admit that some "kids" like @Phoenix98 are wise beyond their years.
    (Even if he DOES let his hair grow too long, sometimes.)
    • I agree with you. And when a young person says something stupid, be sure to let them know, but dont play it on their age? You dont know if they do know what they are talking about, you can just say you really, really disagree.

    • Phoenix98

      Lol I'm keeping it shorter these days.

    • @Phoenix98
      Do you go to church regularly?

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  • Phoenix98
    Maybe if most of the minors I've encountered on here actually knew what they were talking about and had the knowledge and experience to back it up, then I wouldn't have to.

    The realistic fact is kids are to young for some things and lack the knowledge to back up what their saying and the experience to justify it.

    Whether you like it or not a full grown adult with years of life experience, smarts who is educated and has been around the block will know more then a child.

    That's life whether you like it or not an your rant isn't going to change that at all.

    • In some scenarios that is true - but not all. And you shouldn't look down on a minor just because of their age. Some people know exactly, what they are talking about and you would listen to them, if it wasn't for that age thing we see next to their name.

    • Phoenix98

      More like most, sorry but that's just how it is, yes there will be the odd example of the opposite being the case but most of the time it isn't.

    • But if only most of the time it is true, how do you predict if that specific one is or not? You don't, so why throw one after their age in the first place? Why not simply say you disagree or choose not to follow their advice?

  • rjroy3
    While there are intelligent young people and stupid older people. We shouldn't pretend as if that reality is the norm. As a general rule people mature and become more intelligent as they age. And in a discussion more often than not the younger individual will not be as qualified to speak on a matter as someone older, without personal experience on the issue.

    So for example if it's a younger person with little sexual experience talking about a particular dating matter and an older person with a lot of dating experience. Using the age argument isn't necessarily out of place. Because the younger person doesn't have the experience and isn't coming from a place of knowing. So while you may not like it and it may not always be kind. It's still a justified argument at times.
    • I agree that you think its true that the older might have more experience - but in generel you dont actually know if that is true over a screen, between two people. So when you use the age card you don't know if the person actually has tried it or not. The majority might say that minors haven't tried stuff like that, but some still have, and that's why the age'card doesn't work. Cause we can't pin out who knows, and who doesn't know over a screen, unless they say that they haven't tried it.

    • rjroy3

      On average that's true. Not all cases obviously. But if we're going with the argument "in general we don't really know". The reality is we literally don't know about anyone on this site. Because to your argument this is all through a screen. So any opinion given from the perspective of personal experience can't be given or taken into account on any subject merely because we can't verify everyone's experience.

    • rjroy3

      I guess where I'm coming from I understand the emotion behind this, but disagree with the logic. Certain opinions do not deserve the same respect as others, because respect is earned. Obviously people deserve to receive courtesy, but actual respect is another thing. So if someone has not shown themselves to be somewhat of an expert on an issue (and by expert I mean having working knowledge of the subject) or even bothered to show common courtesy, then they have in some ways earned disrespect. And that describes a lot of people online in general. Talking out of their ass (been guilty of it myself before) without having any real idea what they're talking about, without even showing courtesy to others. Only to get upset when their opinion gets "disrespected" for whatever reason.

  • genericname85
    dude you can be respectfull and still know more than others. how would you feel like if a 5 year old would claim to know more about life than you? as the more experienced one you can tell if they do seem to have the actual experience or not and it´s hard to not sound condescending if you just know outright more than the other person xD
    • Unit1

      For me it was the other way around. My parents claimed to know more about life than I did.

      They tried to stop me on many things but I did it anyway and did not regret most of what I did.
      Yes, I was shamed for my age.

  • Midget_Hug
    This makes no sense. I understand the prospect of ageism is wrong, yes, but what you've actually said on it sounds (sorry to say) painfully naive.
    • How is that? I never said young people can't be stupid - I just said that you dont know if they actually know what they are talking about or not, so you dont know if it has anything to do with their age. They are sitting behind a screen, and you know anything about their experiences. You can choose to disagree with them, and that is a different thing, I'm just saying dont tell them to their face that they can't have a voice on this subject because of their age.

    • Midget_Hug

      "When a child learns that adults are always right, and you should do whatever they say, they don't form their own opinions in life. Guess what, If an adult comes over to them and say 'I'm not touching you inappropriately, this is alright, just trust me. This will be our little secret okay?' what are they gonna do? You taught them always to listen to adults, right? Then this could happen."

      You just took a very complex issue and, because you don't have children at all, decided that you would make it really simple as an example. Because that's definitely the majority of the problem; parents tell their children that Uncle Charlie's affections are to be taken as a norm and they just believe it.

      You have no children.

      Experience? It speaks volumes. You just shot yourself in the face with this one.

    • You proved my point by saying I don't have children - how would you know? you don't know me. What I am trying to say is that people judge people upon their age even though they don't know if they actually know what they are talking about or not. I could have children? And you don't know?

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  • hidbd
    Thank you! I got into a debate with this weird ass 60 yr old on here who kept using my age as ammo.
    • Oh my gosh I bet his name was browneye something right? Been there done that a million times

    • hidbd

      Yessss, that's exactly who I'm talking about

    • He commented on this too. I've had discussions with him a few times, all of them which he included my age to not knowing enough.

  • castratedwhiteguy
    While I agree with most of what you've said here, I have to say that most millennials are totally brain dead. Just because your Uncle Ernie is a child molesting pervert doesn't discredit anything that I may say here. An older person who has compassion and wisdom will rock your world. Choose carefully!
    • Could be true too - I do agree - but I just mean that you should never use the other persons age in a discussion to try to win and think you're better. Cause you dont really know if thats true

    • I agree! Stupid has no age restriction. Personally, I judge people based on what they say and not because of how old they are. I've seen some older posters on this web site who really need to have their heads examined. Likewise, I've seen some very young posters who'll make some quite mature observations that impress me very much.

    • Very true. That's exactly my point. I never said young people also couldn't be stupid and not have experiece

  • dudeinohio
    People do need enough life experience in order to formulate a valid opinion in many cases. The subject determines really how much experience is needed. If an 18 year old is posting about 18 year old problems, then they have sufficient experience in this area to have a valid answer. If an 18 year old responds to a question dealing with 50 year old person problems, then they do not have the experience to come up with a valid answer. I hope this makes sense.
    • Sure this could be right. Im just saying dont use the age-card to win an argument

    • Sabretooth

      Some require no experience at all-they just have to watch-after all-I don't have go screwing ever girl I see cause I know it can cause major issues

  • GirlThatDraws
    You're 21. Aren't you a little old to be whiteknighting people? 😂
  • TomBradysJersey
    I don't usually disregard someone's opinion based on age for most questions. It depends on the subject
  • Belgie
    Science alone can tell you that young peoples brains are not developed, long past the point where the youths themselves insist they are mature enough and know better.

    It's easy to disparage a stupid opinion. It's folly to assume that youth makes a stupid opinion less stupid. What we can forgive in youth, is if they hold the stupid opinion appropriate to their age.

    A 35 year old woman lamenting that men like sex, is going to receive just as much scorn (imo) as the 16 year old who doesn't understand why boys her age are not interested in long term committed relationships. They're both silly, but the 16 year old has an excuse. The 35 year old does not, unless she lived an incredibly sheltered life.
  • Lumberman53
    I agree kids should be taken seriously and treated with respect
  • Melancholicsunrise
    I'm an anti ageist!
    • How is that?

    • I'm against discrimination based on a person's age.

    • Well that's nice:) You can share this mytake with your friends if you'd like for this message to get out

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  • AlwaysBelieving
    Yup. Pretty much. The average person in their 20s has more dating experience than I do.
  • Kuraj
    I can't say I agree with this.
    While I agree that any given opinion should be judged on its own merit rather than dismissed outright, it is completely foolish to suggest a person without experience can give a good advice or that a 16 year old is just as intelligent as an "adult".

    A 16 year old who has never dated cannot give advice on dating, they have no idea what men/women are like and their only idea of "dating" is the image their 16 year old brain has constructed in their head - without real life experience which is vital to form an informed opinion.
  • Iron_Man
    I only do that for underage minors that talk about sex and how do I look rank me threads
  • StainedClass
    I'll do what I want thank you very much.
    • That's a great argument, want me to print it in the newspaper?

    • If you were referring to, that young people have a voice too then yay you, and I will print it in the newspaper :D

    • No I was going to degrade people younger than myself.

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  • Sabretooth
    typical arrogance of the older generation.
    • I know right?

    • Sabretooth

      they might've been through a similar situation-but there are gonna be differences -that eludes a lot of older people-all they need they need is one piece of the puzzle-they they just just jump to any conclusion they want... no matter how wrong it is.

    • Agreed with you completely. Older people can be eliminated from the race, just as much as younger people are

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  • Those are rarely right, so they pretend to be.
  • CT_CD
    Young people don't know anything
  • Anonymous
    Worst opinion ever.
  • Anonymous
    I would love to send this to my landlord. I moved out when I was 18, and lived in a house with roommates and the landlord was a 62 year old Scrooge and know-it-all, and the number one thing he loved to do was talk down on younger people and their 'lack of wisdom' I will anonymously email this article to him now that I moved to a place of my own lol
  • Anonymous
    Emm this take shows your immaturity and how much you have to learn.Stop Degrading Minors' Opinions, or People Younger Than Yourself on GAG!Stop Degrading Minors' Opinions, or People Younger Than Yourself on GAG!
    • I love how you say that with no arguments behind, lol

    • Anonymous

      Where would I start, how do you argue a take practically written in colored crayon lol

    • Oh so now you are saying that its immature to have colours in your life hinting that adults dont like colours and are gray? Omg see what you are saying to prove your point, it is not helping you

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  • Anonymous
    thats one short 23 year old
    • Hahaha I know I just took a picture and wrote something on it:D

  • Anonymous
    Let's see... I mean you have some good points. It is just that I feel like sometimes I would prefer the opinion of someone who is older, as they may have had more experience in the field.
    • Well thats totally cool that you prefer that, all I am saying is dont tell the young person what they know and what they dont know. They might know, and if you feel like they don't know, then, as you say, simply choose not to take their advice

  • Anonymous
    I agree with you.

    If someone says something boneheaded or whatever, attack the thing they said. A reference to their age is an argument from authority, not fact, and the argument is therefore weaker than it otherwise could be.
  • Anonymous
    because they are too young for some certain things
    • How would you know? Just curious - do you know what every person sitting behind a screen has been through in their life?

    • Sabretooth

      often, that's the mindset of the older generation-they're always gonna be different variables

    • @Sabretooth Sure. I agree. You say 'often'. But how do you know this particular minor doesn't know what he/she is talking about?

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  • Anonymous
    The thing is, a lot of young people come off cocky with opinions that are clearly formed from very little or no practical experience in what they are talking about. I did it a lot when I was younger.

    When we are trying to have a discussion, it is sometimes hindered by a cocky person who doesn't really know what they are talking about. Not that older people don't do the same. But it is really prevalent with older teens and young adults, and sometimes they just need to be told.
    • Though then you should comment on their cockyness and lack of knowledge - not on their age.

    • Anonymous

      Sometimes it is directly related to their age though. That's just how it is. I get that you don't like it, but it's reality.

    • Show me one example, where you have the right to label it on their age. Without just relating it to their age but with actual evidence that it is because of their age.

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  • Anonymous
    hey, we didn't tell you to sign up. that's gag, allowing people as young as 13 on here. if i want to tell you my opinion, thats what you signed up for. can't handle it. LEAVE
    • So you agree I see. Everyone should be heard, regarding of your age and you shouldn't play the age card.

    • Anonymous

      yes, however, don't expect to be taken seriously, just because you voiced your opinion. i would think a 30 year old, knows more than a 15 year old

    • But if the opinion is well argued and has some good points and people start throwing the age-card. They're really immature

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