My Opinion of GirlsAskGuys

No need to roll up your sleeves, this isn't going to get heated or have any insulting content I PROMISE.

Here's some music to listen to while you read (Optional of course!)

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TK from Angel Beats
TK from Angel Beats

In all honesty, I LOVE GaG, like...To the point that I think if I could only use ONE website I would pick this one, you know why? Because it has so much more social behaviour.

As opposed to a website like say, Facebook, this website does not require you to send a friend request to talk with someone and you can get along with so many people, it is madness.

Additionally, I love how again, unlike other websites, you can post content of such a large and broad variety with just simple rules to follow, I appreciate that...

I feel as though people on GaG are not being as... Aware? of the amount of thought that was put into making this website, the creators obviously have put a lot of consideration into how they thought would be the best way to socialise with people from all over the world and also being capable of sharing a vast array of topics while still maintaining an acceptable level of peace and avoiding overly mature content.

My Opinion of GirlsAskGuys

To add to this, GaG is LITERALLY perfect for these questions, like the name implies, because these people are unlikely to ever meet in person, they are less embarrassed or shy in regards to asking personal questions or Mytakes, even for questions that girls may have for guys or guys have for girls, it allows such diversity it is amazing!

Even if you are too shy under all these factors, the creators added an anonymous button if you want to add an opinion or post but not be known! How thoughtful can you get!?

If I ever got to meet the creators of GaG, I would most likely either:

A) Cry with happiness and excitement

B) Run up to them and hug them *If security didn't get me first*

C) Give them a present to symbolise my gratitude for making such a great website

So this Mytake is purely as a congratulatory celebration to all the GaG team members, although they may not be in contact with us, they made us this website and for that I am grateful! <3

I'm hoping that nothing bad will happen to GaG and that it will continue to stay for a long time :)

Won't lie, there are some really f'ckin difficult posts and questions on here, but I like that, it makes me think harder and I think the longest time I have spent thinking on one post was 30 minutes before I finally started typing :D turned out I came to a really basic answer but it was because I was overthinking it ;p

My Opinion of GirlsAskGuys

Now, granted we do have haters and trolls etc. THAT'S INEVITABLE! It's the internet guys, no matter what website you use, there will be haters, but on here, there are a lot of people and you have followers, when you want help or support, invite your followers, if someone is giving you trouble, there is a block button or report button, they are there, everything is all set up for us, yet we still say that haters are there and the are being a bother, the answer is right there but instead on using that block button, people complain about others :/

Some people say that they don't want to report the others even though they have so much time to complain about that individual, or that reporting them does nothing, dude, using the report button or using the block button LITERALLY STOPS THEM BEING ABLE TO PUT OPINIONS ON YOUR STUFF!

Some people however, use this button unreasonably and will block anyone who dares to disagree with them even if they do so in a polite manner which is a shame...

My Opinion of GirlsAskGuys

Now, like I said at the beginning, there is no intentions of insulting people here, I am just trying to cover the entirety of GaG, both good parts and the bad parts, none of it is intended to insult any specific person, if you are someone who does something that I say is a shame or unfortunate, I won't tell you to stop, I would like it if you would but I know that is likely not possible as there are so many people here and to get everyone to get along is not easy so I won't play god here :)

I don't want anyone on here to think I am trying to play god or attempt to tame everyone on here, I am just another individual giving my opinion but in a different way to you, do not read my intentions incorrectly I beg of you ^_^

Yato from Noragami
Yato from Noragami

To add to this, a lot of people appear to think that I am good with others, that may be true and I also try to fix arguments on here while taking into consideration both sides of the conversation, if I get insulted by someone then I keep that to myself and politely say that I respect their opinion but personally disagree.

Like my wallpaper states, it isn't a case of not being hurt by words, it's that I can handle them without getting too badly injured.

My Opinion of GirlsAskGuys

So don't assume that you can just insult people a lot just because they appear to be apathetic or immune to it, it's just that they can handle insults better because they have dealt with being insulted through their lives longer than you have.







There are some things about GaG that I find peculiar however... I mean, why is it that your Xper which levels you up goes from 1 and up then stops at Guru or Master? Why doesn't it just continue to count upwards?

I see there might be some issues but surely, if the number Is capable of increasing, people would be more active right, because they want to get up a level, and for the people who are guru or master, they actually seem less active than the lower levels so I thought maybe it's because they no longer have the need to gain Xper :/

My Opinion of GirlsAskGuys

I don't want people on here feeling as though they have to feign a personality or pretend to be perfect, you just be you and if others don't like that then that's fine, the world doesn't have to love you, just love yourself and that should be enough, right?

My Opinion of GirlsAskGuys

I also noticed that through writing all this, I somehow managed to swerve off topic so guess I will make this a generalized educational post? haha, sorry!

For this next part, may I suggest listening to this either before, after or during the reading?

There are a LOT of people on here who ask about relationship related things, they ask about affairs, crushes, the behaviour of the person they like, about the looks of their partner and what people think of them, if it's an issue if their partner is much taller/ shorter than them etc. it goes on and on.

There are also a lot of people who are continuously asking about how to get a relationship but also sound like they want more than I would consider reasonable, I mean, why do they have to be perfect, you aren't perfect so why try to get someone who is flawless when you could get someone who has some flaws but still loves you and you love them?

Okay, this video is only 3:23 long so I wanted to make that short :p

I don't really know what to do, I often wonder if people would notice if I left, I mean, there was a user called Nandor and he was awesome, dunno what happened to him but even after he was gone, a lot of people still asked about his whereabouts. I think I may become less noticeable but I intend on staying of course! <3

*Massive hugs to all the people on this website!!!*

Now, this post has to finish at some point, right? So I think I will stop it here, I included images and two videos and a lot of writing *Cough* More than expected, but yeah, if you listened to the music while reading and watched the other video, thank you, if you didn't, that's fine :)


Most Helpful Girls

  • Great job I read the entire thing which is rare, but you held my interest.
    GAG is the one and only website I'm on, my ex boyfriend wouldn't allow me to get on any social site, when the relationship ended I got on GAG and I'm glad I did. Not knowing how the other sites are I can't comment, GAG does it for me, honestly with the limited time I have the lack of desire and interest in any other social website like you I feel GAG is best.
    I also feel a great deal of thought was put into the design, I didn't in the beginning but I see it much different now, credit goes out to those responsible.
    If I could change anything without taking away anything it would be to somehow limit how easy it is to hit anonymous, my point is if you ask for an opinion or give an opinion why not let us know who we're reading about or talking to, then again if it makes someone more comfortable being anonymous who am I to say it's abused?
    Also some questions can be so repetitive, we all know what questions I'm referring to, let's not forget the haters who stand out more than they know. As you said it's the internet, when it's all said and done my opinion GAG gets top billing. Again great job, thank you for being honest.

    • Thank you!
      I feel sorry for you that your boyfriend stopped you from using social media :(
      I agree on the anonymous thing, it honestly is overused I think :/
      Yeah, haters will be there, can't get rid of them :)
      I thank you again, I am so glad you were able to stay interested in it, I tend to write a lot ;p

  • that is true, gag is great for socializing with strangers from literally so many different cultures and age groups


Most Helpful Guys

  • You are one of my favorite people. Thank you for being so cool

    • Thank you, I try to keep everything honest so this may have ended up being a bit quirky, soppy or awkward but I wanted it to be as honest as possible ^_^

      Glad you liked my honesty :)

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