How do I look in under 24 hours?

How do I look in under 24 hours?

So I have been trying to piece this together as best I can so one picture at a time

How do I look in under 24 hours?

On the mobile app, It shows you all the questions that have ever been asked in order. But after that Cinderella 24 hour period poof they are closed

How do I look in under 24 hours?

You try to click on them to even see what people said about your comments and you get this message

the computer app shows this

How do I look in under 24 hours?

It goes from 1 day to one year and skips all the rest and you can actually view the replies from one year ago, I have to be honest it felt kinda nice to have that fake freedom...…

but lets talk about exactly what we are dealing with

you post a picture to ask what people think of you, you HAVE to get everyone's replies within a 24 hour period! and everyone HAS to stay aware within that 24 hour period to see what people say back to them. If you go to work, go to school, or go to sleep you lose out on seeing your post. Time zones DON'T matter! If you are needing to go to bed for work, you NEED to stay up! If you work NEED to ask off! and if you are at school you NEED to either skip class or stay close to the phone in-between classes.

After 24 hours your comments disappear from existence. Let's say you have a gag friend and she posts a picture that she wants you to look at, it has happened to me personally, more than one time. Sometimes I have personal matters that I need to attend to and I can't be on gag all the time so .... You click on it and you get the hata message.

So the argument for this service, is that if it is left on permanently then guys can say inappropriate comments for as long as the question exists. There is the option 1st of all to devow the question but that loses you points so its understandable why that's not preferred. but two other things come to mind, can you make a closed option, where the gagger at their own discretion closes the question when they deem fit to close it after the 24 hour period? and also.... what about the sexuality questions, do guys ever get out of hand with those and are they pulled off in 24 hours? These are pictures vs. just text so I get that there is an issue there but 24 hours seems a bit extreme to me, how are you even going to get all the responses you want within a 24 hour period? I remember a year ago it was hard to get enough to make the question worth it within that period.

So is the solution to keep posting pictures of yourself so you can get enough variation of replies from different gaggers?

This just seems off to me. I respect why the system was put in place, to protect girls. But the questions intention was to give a satisfying amount of comments...

So as an ending question or thought.....

Do you feel that the system is ok the way it is and are you satisfied with how it works currently?

Have any of you even noticed this is why it works and what do you think of this system?

Do you think allowing gaggers to close their question when they are finished with it can work?

How do I look in under 24 hours?
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  • CarpetDenim
    The admins made it this way due to so many requests from users asking them to take down their “How Do I Look?” questions. A lot of people aren’t comfortable with having pictures of themselves or their bodies online forever when they don’t have the ability to take them down. I don’t agree with the idea of not automatically removing HDIL posts, but maybe instead of 24 hours, GaG could delete them all after a week, so that the askers of these questions will still be comfortable knowing their photos won’t be indefinitely available for anyone to look at, and opinion owners have enough time to look at replies.
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    • Jjpayne

      A week would at least be a better option

  • SydneySentinel
    24hours does seem a very short amount of time. I like the idea of a closed option.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • crazy8000
    That's why it gotten funny a few months ago. no notifications in the app even if I got someone commenting or mentioning me.
    Questions that did get notification to something that didn't exist anymore.

    That 24h sounds unrealistic for a place like this. even erasing comments.
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  • ChiPaPa
    It's far too short.
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  • Daniela1982
    You look better than me. I'm just a fatty.How do I look in under 24 hours?
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    • Jjpayne

      You look gorgeous!!!

    • There once was a lady from Perth
      Who was always big since Birth
      Though fit as a fiddle
      She had a large middle
      And her height was the same as her girth.

    • @Daniela1982
      What is your height?

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  • kymberz
    ok. see. here's where it gets scary. i have like absolutely no effin idea what the hell you are (*hang on flicking hair and blinking really. really. slowly) like talking about and i didn't like... ummm... care (and twirling my hair). i was still mesmerized. so it just proves to me that yes - Jesus and kinetics and telepathy and energy and all that crazy crap really is... like true. and you just proved it. and so i truly thank you. but man i hate being right all the time, ya know?
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    You can just post the question under fashion and beauty

    people seem to answer those as if you are asking how do I look anyhow🤷‍♀️🤔😂

    and there is no window

    and c’mon guys post creepy responses to questions about tomatoes. If a person wants to say inappropriate things they will find a way to do it.
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  • Exorcist_Rampage
    No idea what g@g enjoys about pulling the question away after 24 hours.
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    • Because people regret posting their pics for people to pick apart?

    • I've seen posts a month old so they don't pull all of them. Strange.

    • Jjpayne

      @Daniela1982 I see your point with that, they stay on forever which is the point of this. They should not be up as long but 24 hours is a stretch at least give it a week then even go as far as to delete the question but at least long enough for people to read it. But the month one I don't think you can read, try to see the question it won't let you but try to see one after a yr and it will

  • NickiB
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