Site Changes That Would Make GAG Amazing


1. Allow us to edit or delete our comments or replies.

2. On polls, move "updates" ABOVE poll options, so that people see the updates before voting on the poll.

3. Allow people to change their vote on a poll. This is useful if they clicked by accident, or misunderstood a question.

4. Bring back XPer rewards. It will motivate people to create better content.

Site Changes That Would Make GAG Amazing

These are just some ideas that I believe will make GAG an even better site :) Opinions? And do you have any ideas yourself? Let me know below!

Site Changes That Would Make GAG Amazing
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  • LesterJester

    Basically all of these suggestions should have been default from the start.

    Even if we were only permitted like 5 mins to an hour to edit before locking posts would be enough. I'd just like to be able to edit spelling or incorrect auto corrects that end up messing up what message is trying to be relayed.

    So then you have people replying to their own posts trying to clarify or correct spelling from the previous post, rather than just letting them edit their own post and keeping the threads a bit cleaner.

    And being allowed to change a vote would be nice.

    I just come in here to kill time, but it's damn annoying that this site just loves to lock your posts and lock your poll choices... And automatically select MHOs after like a couple of days, not allowing conversations to flow naturally.

    It's like the site welcomes all our input, but once we give our input, we're kicked in the ass and out the door to the next question.

    I can't think of many other sites that don't allow you to edit your posts... Feels kind of half assed like the designers of the site didn't even bother to think this would be a good feature or something.

    Regardless of how often we proof read before submitting, we all make mistakes sometimes.

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    • Oh and it would be nice to view poll results without people having to manually add that as an option.

      Sometimes there is no suitable option given for my position, or maybe I don't have the knowledge or experience to add my input... But I would still like to see the results.

      But no... For whatever reason, the higher ups didn't think that would be a good idea either.

      Back when Forums were cool (ha) I frequented many, moderated some and admin my own for a few years.

      This site fills that void of debate and killing time, and the premise of the site in general is a decent one, but it's execution feels a bit half assed.

      Just being honest.

  • AynonOMouse

    They fixed the one thing I suggested so I am satisfied with that. Wouldn't hurt to bring back the $20 Amazon gift cards, but I think they just did that at the start as an investment to get more people contributing to the site on a regular basis in the beginning.

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  • Randomawkwardness

    Or updates on mytakes too, I can't tell you how many times I've needed to clarify something and I've had to talk to every single person and it just gets tiresome.

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  • Anonymous

    Make the messaging system more useful. As it is you can't even share pictures.
    Remove the sexuality topic and put a 100% ban on explicit posts.

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    • mistixs

      A better idea would be able to block questions from specific topics (such as Sexuality) from appearing on your feed or your notifications. This will accommodate people who don't want to see it, while also not taking the Sexuality topic away from the many people who regularly use it.

    • Jamie05rhs

      I agree with @mistixs. Also, it's probably a good thing that you can't send pictures in messages. Because if you could then people would probably get a lot of unwanted dick pics in their inbox.

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  • JackPreacher

    I agree with you, on all of it, you should present this as a formal request I am sure most people will agree with it.

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  • Ayer93

    I personally think that we should be able to edit our comments, but show the history of the comments. But not delete. I hate when cowards delete their comments after someone proves how stupid it was. It encourages people to think about what they say before making a comment. I agree with 2 and 3. I don't believe they should bring back xper rewards. Although it encourages people to give more detailed comments, it's for the wrong reasons. I like to this of this as a community for pure curiosity rather than monetizing and gain.

    My personal ideas are:

    - You should be able to rate someone's comment with certain categories like "knowledgeable, wise, funny, troll, etc." and apply a title to your account based on what kind of comments you make on questions. I think it would add a feel of personalization.

    - I don't think GaG should remove comments from questions just because someone responded to something in a way someone else doesn't like. They should genuinely assess whether it's worth removing and not listen to snowflakes (yes this came from a personal experience)

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  • Anpu23

    I like the editing idea. But an archive of the history of the post is a must... As an example someone posts "who likes eating chocolate?" Everyone answers "me me"
    Then the OP goes back and changes it the word "chocolate" to "poop" as a troll move. Now it's in your history and you may not even see it.

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    • I agree 100%

    • Jamie05rhs

      Good point. But that would be hilarious if somebody actually did that.

    • Anpu23

      @Jamie05rhs yes it's hilarious until someone gets someone to agree to do, confess to doing or approve of something absolutely illegal or immoral. Then have that screenshot as proof of wrongdoing.

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  • sawno

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. No, because that will make the polls more inaccurate than people accidentally clicking wrong. Because they then know the outcome and might switch to the popular result.
    4. No!! When the site had that it was full of extremely bad advertisements to fund it including selling sex to the minors on this site.
    5. We need to be able to see and comment on posts of people that block us so we are not locked out of the debate.

    • I thought it was only tshirts and stuff

    • And like gift carda

    • sawno

      @Dragonqueen03 It was, but keep in mind a $5 gift card is still $5 which takes a lot of ads to make up for it. The users getting these cards also had ad free viewing. So they absolutely needed to exploit and bombard people. Here is one of my really old posts on the matter : Site Changes That Would Make GAG Amazing

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  • Givemore

    Definently do not allow delete or edit!
    This is why I like this site, people actually learn to think before they submit questions and opinions. Learn the hard way, posably, but mistakes are apart of human nature and being able to delete or edit is the same as burning books or the segregation of opinions.
    It will also predudice the comment sections, only desirable opinions will be prominent with minority filters.
    Don't let the beavers build a dam, restricting the flow of diversity.

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  • Kayla45

    #4 should be a thing again for sure.

    As for the others, I agree with all except for number 1. If you are thorough and read exactly what you wrote before sending the message, then there's no need to go back and edit the original comment.

    I would also argue that it can stir up a bit of trouble, the trolls can just as easily post something offensive then swiftly delete/change it when you report it to the mods and admins, leading to a technically non-rule-breaking report.

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad

    Thanks for sharing your MyTake. Yes i agree we should
    be able to see who downvote us and we should be able
    to use a feature for people who wish not to be downvote
    also we should be allowed to change our Username once
    every 90 days at the most but i do believe they should offer
    package deals premium accounts that we can buy on GAG
    please feel free to use my information thank you



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  • AiahZ

    Being able to reorder notifications from OLDEST to newest. I haaaaate having to click on "more notifications" like five or six times every time I log in to get to the older notifications. :/

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  • Lliam

    Those are all good ideas.
    I have always wished that there was a way to edit comments.
    It would also be nice to be able to add photos to follow up comments.

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  • purplepoppy

    Definitely needs the ability to edit even if just so I can correct my typos

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  • lilyanony1

    I like this and I hope it doesn't go unnoticed. I also hope they add search... I don't always want to add people they suggest or read all the posts they show me first here on the app.

  • TadCurious

    I like your suggestions. I would also like to see GaG remove posts that seek to normalize incest and bestiality.

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  • katiesmuff

    All of the above and also find a way to have a verification process which would prove who one is and eliminate multiple accounts.

  • Liam_Hayden

    Love it. Especially #1. It is frustrating to write a lengthy response only to notice a typo after submitting it. Or having the page scroll and you end up responding to the wrong person who then wonders what in the world you are talking about.

  • Agape93

    Create reporting options for things like “sharing another persons personal information”, “underage solicitation” “posting of nudes” and “threatening violence”

  • Exorcist_Rampage

    The main thing is I think we should get the option to restrict opinions if they didn't vote first.

    Like so and so's question requires a vote prior to adding opinion. We should make that optional or not.

  • DeeDeeDeVour

    I just want GAG to totally keep off the MHO selections!

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  • Ally247

    Also, be able to like replies, see who blocked you and see who disliked.

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  • Sensmind

    1,2,3 incorporate my argument and give a possible solution , my main argument against editing , is the trolly or sneaky edit 48 hours later that changes meaning of question and possibly all the comments/polls but if people are notified of changes and have chance to change their vote or comment, I would be happy, if they are too lazy not to check then they can't complain.
    4 was great but I did see how it hurt the site especially when the Amazon 20 dollar reward was there, if things got very tight, the site had to make award of Xper points very hard , I suppose ideally for site, a person would only get a gift card once maybe twice a year.
    Also there was eras of "Xper Hunters" , people who developed techniques to gain answer many questions at a time. I was here in I think it was late 2015, there was users picking up 20,000 Xper points a week

  • October808

    Delete the Politics category. Such a cesspit. You don't strat talking about politics in a relationship unless you're trying to start an argument.

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