10 Things I Would Change On GAG Part II


10 Things I Would Change On GAG Part II

Seems like there are more things I’d like to change except those 10 I mentioned in my previous myTake here:


Some of them were suggested by other users as well.

11) A No Comment Allowed Optional Feature In My Opinion Thread (kudos @abundantlyrich )

Sometimes we might not want any further comments in our opinions. And sometimes a Question Asker might become very clingy in some situations to the point he wll be chasing you to keep the conversation going. So you have to stop it somehow.

12) Limit Amazon Gift Card Rewards From 2 To 1 Card Per Month

This sounds harsh indeed. I asked a question about it a while ago and most GAGers disagreed. But honestly I believe it will make no difference if it happened. Simply because everyone here from what I have noticed,never reaches 7000 Xper in one month except one person here. In fact only one user will be affected if it happened, and nobody else.

13) Ability To Edit Our Posts

This has been requested multiple times I believe. Someone could easily have made a mistake on his/her post. So it would be a better option to have the ability to edit his/her post instead of correcting it on his/her update/comment. Also have the ability to click/unclick "Don't allow anonymous users?" box after the question was posted. Some people might wanted to click on this box,but they forgot it.

14) Make The Word “T o r r e n t” Uncensored

I still don’t understand what’s the reason of this word being censored.

15) Have The Ability To Choose Age Range In Our Questions

This has been suggested a few times as well. I have noticed a few Askers complaining about “underage” people leaving an opinion on their questions. So why don’t you let them choose what age range they want?

16) Have The Ability To Choose A Minimum Amount Of Characters Per Opinion In Our Questions (kudos @lemonlimetime )

So if an Asker posts a serious question and wants only serious long-descriptioned opinions, then he/she could avoid short unhelpful/unproductive comments.

17) A Limit For Blocks Per Month

I have noticed there are a few GAGers who tend to abuse this feature as well, just like anonymous feature. Some people block someone just after having a disagreement with him/her. I believe 3-4 blocks per month is more reasonable. After all how many people do you need to block for a reason?

18) Bonus Xper for becoming an Editor, or a Moderator/Super-Moderator/Uber-Moderator/Administrator.

Why not? Honestly I believe those people who achieved such badges deserve their Xper since they offered “something more” than the rest on this site.

Perhaps it would be like:

Editor: +100 Xper

Moderator: +200 Xper

Super-Moderator: +300 Xper

Uber-Moderator: +500 Xper

Administrator: +1000 Xper

19) Earn Rewards By Another Way Than Redeeming Your Xper

We have such a bonus already (for “Moderator Of The Month”), but I believe there are other GAGers as well who really deserve this award, unlike others who just post opinions in order to reach 7000 Xper quicker. Those GAGers cannot reach 7000 Xper as quickly as others, but they are being really productive/helpful and I believe they deserve those rewards as well.

For example we could have a bonus like:

“GAGers who have had a MHO percentage (auto-selected MHOs are excluded) of 50% or above,and posted at least 50 opinions (Someone could post just 1 opinion and get MHO. So it should not be count in my opinionion) within this month, will earn a bonus Amazon Gift Card at the end of the month.”

20) Limit the amount of opinions posted per day

OK, this one might sound a little bit extreme but I believe 100 opinions per day would be a reasonable limit. Think about it how many people here surpass 100 opinions per day without being unproductive? Even if you are here all day long, it would be really hard to surpass 100 opinions unless if you post 10-charactered opinions without spending much thought on it. Then yeah you could reach 1000 opinions per day this way.

10 Things I Would Change On GAG Part II
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