Changes to GAG: What's new in this update?

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As many of you have probably already noticed, there have been a few changes to the GirlsAskGuys layout and features! Here's a short run-down of some of the things that were changed/tweaked in the recent update.

1. Live Feed. Filtering is easier and much simpler now.

You can filter by users you follow (buddy icon) and topics you follow(books icon). Filtering by age and post type was removed. Post types (Recent Questions and myTakes can be accessed from the top "Feed" menu).

A few things to note:

The Live Feed will default to no filters selected. Once you click something in the filter, the Live Feed items will show based on that.

After you make your filter selections you can click/tap on "Remember" button and save your filter setting. This way you will see the same filter setup everytime you land on the Feed page. Selected filters will have "green" circle around them.

Changes to GAG: What's new in this update?

The post types you will see in the feed:

- No filters selected:

Question Opinions
Question Updates
MHO Awarded to a user

Opinion Comment from a user you follow
All Promoted myTake (colored bulb icon)
All Promoted myTake Opinions (colored bulb icon)
myTake from a user you follow (gray bulb icon)
myTake Opinon from a user you follow (gray bulb icon)
myTake Opinion Comment from a user you follow (gray and colored bulb)

- Followed Users filter selected ("buddy" icon)

Questions from users you follow
Question Opinions from users you follow
Question Opinion Comments from users you follow
Question Updates from users you follow
MHO Awarded to a user you follow
All myTakes from users you follow
All myTakes Opinions from users you follow
All myTake Opinion Comments from users you follow

- Followed Topics icon selected ("books" icon)

Questions from Topics you follow
Question Opinions from Questions you follow
Question Updates from Questions you follow
Question Opinion Comments from Questions you follow
MHO Awarded for a Question you follow
Promoted myTakes (colored bulb) from Topics you follow
Promoted myTake (colored bulb) Opinions from myTakes you follow
Promoted myTake (colored bulb icon) Opinion Comments from myTakes you follow
All myTakes from users you follow (Including gray bulb icons)
All myTakes Opinions from users you follow (Including gray bulb icons)
All myTake Opinion Comments from users you follow (Including gray bulb icons)

In the feed filtering section, followed topics and followed users cannot be selected at the same time.

Posts from users and topics you blocked will not be in your feed.

2. New "Feed Menu" options! We have now separated recent "Questions" and "myTakes" in the menu. When visiting these pages, you can also filter by users you follow and topics you follow, similar to how you would filter on the Live Feed.

Changes to GAG: What's new in this update?

Tell us what you think. How do you use the site? How do you like the new flow? Any feedback?

For Help on all your questions about G@G please visit the FAQ Page.

Changes to GAG: What's new in this update?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • WhiteSteve

    To be completely honest, the layout of the site was best like 2-3 years ago. There's way too many bells and whistles now, and it makes simple-minded folks like myself frightened and confused😆 I really liked the basic layout, everything was easy and required no explanation, there were maybe 6-8 categories of questions, and you just scrolled through and read what you wanted. I don't need all these filters and feeds and Op-Ed pieces and such. I'd endorse one simple site feed with all the recent activity, then a few broad categories to search under with a list of recently asked questions in said category. Speaking of feeds, all the big pictures that accompany the Takes on the feed drive me nuts. The words get lost in all the pictures to me. My motto for websites is: K. I. S. S. - Keep It Simple, Stupid👍

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Most Helpful Girl

  • JoahZ10nT

    Why the hell!! You guys keep. chaning this page!! No wonder a lot of active users left

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  • mooky06

    I'm not sure how I feel about it. Quite unsure actually.

  • vjreejr

    I think you need to stop making modifications and, in particular taking-away functionality. This site is becoming like when Facebook was its most annoying. Jesus fucking Christ, you people need to find a way to resurrect Steve Jobs and have him teach you how to make a great product instead of something mediocre.

    Here's some reading for the beach:
    1. How Steve Jobs' Love of Simplicity Fueled A Design Revolution
    2. The 6 Pillars Of Steve Jobs's Design Philosophy
    3. 13 Steve Jobs Quotes for Creatives and Designers

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    • menguc

      What changes did you not like?

    • vjreejr

      The #1 change that I do not like is the removal of age filtering. The #2 change that I do not like is the removal of the "remembered filter" on the Live Feed.

      My time is valuable and a major way for people to save time is by doing personal data mining which means filtering undesirable information from desirable information. Each site change over the past month or two has increased the time needed to access information and react to that information.

  • Eugene

    The only way right now to see popular questions (my favorite tab before) is to type manually

    Like, seriously, guys: you have some weird obsession of removing things that weren't broken to begin with.

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    • The popular questions can be found by hovering over the "feed" tab on the top blue bar, and then clicking on "featured." Popular questions and myTakes appears there.

    • Eugene

      And it just sends to a main page that looks like some kind of an instagram mess instead of a proper nice list like it was before.

  • Red_Arrow

    "Live Feed. Filtering is easier and much simpler now." Yeah, right! Not! the two icons (buddy and books) are not clear. there is no description when you hover over them. The fact that you have to describe them in this myTake shows that they are not intuitive. Just putting the hover feature there would improve that.

    Removal of "excess" filters. To a large number of people, those filters were "essential". Removing them made using G@G less enjoyable to many. The age filter was definitely one as you can see by the opinions so far.

    "Growth" and "evolution" can be good things. But they can be bad. And continual change is in itself bad because it keeps changing what one must know to properly use the site.

    Want something to fix? How about the icon that shows you where the cursor is? When typing in an opinion or comment and you see a mistake, you should be able to go back and set the cursor (an "I" bar) where you need to go. Instead, you see a hand with finger extended, which is the icon for selecting a link. It has been that way for a while now and I figured you would have seen it weeks ago and fixed it. Now that is something that "needs" fixing.

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    • menguc

      Hi Red_Arrow thanks for the feedback. The hover over "tooltip" on filters is something we are thinking about implementing. However, hover over actions only work on desktop, they are useless on mobile. So, we are trying to find a solution to this both on mobile and desktop.
      Regarding age filters; we looked at our stats. The usage of age filters is so minimal among the users that we think we can make that sacrifice to simplify the filters. There may be other options for users to filter by age. Filtering in the profile settings is an option. We are looking into that.
      The "hand" cursor is only on myTake opinion text box. On questions, it is the "I" that's being used. We'll fix this on myTake opinion boxes asap. Thanks for reminding us.

    • @menguc

      if you need a way to have a 'hover' info option thing for touch screens, make it so that the link you need more info for, you simply touch and hold until the info pops up. I don't know how easy or hard that would be to make it so, but it's an idea.

  • LibraPisces66

    Removing the age selection was wrong. I don't want to wade through all the age groups. Nor do I want to be forced to view all the my takes or featured questions. Both take way too much time, and are tedious to sift through. I am fast losing interest in the site thanks to these changes.

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    • menguc

      Age filter usage was statistically so low that we decided to eliminate it from the feed to make it simpler for all. We may however implement age filtering through profile settings. This is an open ticket we have. Thanks for the feedback.

    • vjreejr

      Nuclear weapons usage is statistically low too, but it's not smart to get rid of them.
      Jesus Fucking Christ, think! Decisions solely based on statistics are often decisions that lead to historical errors... like "New Coke" or "Race Together". I do avionics software. The statistical probability of a bit flip from radiation as an aircraft is flying is statistically low - but we have to design for just that event. That's why you can fly safely with no airplane crashes due to "a blue screen of death" from a bit flip.

    • True, and if you think so little of the average user here that you feel you have to dumb it down even further by taking ONE filter option away then you may as well fold up shop and call it a day, because kids that stupid or lazy really can't be helped (it is true that you can't fix stupid). Otherwise you are going to lose those of us here who are intelligent and trying to help them. And trust me, from what I've seen and read there are NOT many of us to spare. Please stop trying to invent a new mousetrap. The system was fine and intuitive to use as it was. Now, it's just a pain to use. I have stopped using the Feed feature entirely, and it probably won't take me much longer to get fully fed up and just leave. This is now the second major design change in just the TWO months that I've been a member, which is just ridiculous and too much. Please at least put the age filter back the way, and not hidden away in a user's settings profile where it has to be constantly accessed to be changed.

  • Mesonfielde

    I think the removal of age filters was unnecessary, as some people have definitely been using that to stop seeing all the "my crush blushed as he put his hands between my thighs, what does this mean" kind of under 18 questions. I wasn't, but I can see why they would.

    Otherwise, the other filter became a feed menu option, which makes sense I guess.

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    • I somewhat hope that next update will include the question event type filters coming back, they have been removed ages ago even though it was quite useful. Now that questions are separate from mytakes, there is no reason not to add them back.

    • The ability to hide questions you have already seen from the feed would be a nice filter option, too.

    • menguc

      The age filter is not being used a lot... And when I say alt, statistically it is one of the least used features on site. That's why we decided to eliminate it from the feed to make it simpler. We may however implement profile settings for age filtering in the future.
      Question event types: Only "opinion comments" from "all users" missing at this point. If you filter the Feed by "users I follow" you will see the opinion comments from users you follow.. There is so much activity on the feed that if we show opinion comments feed gets unreasonably busy. So we decided to include Opinion Comments only from users you follow.
      The ability to hide questions should be optional. We are working on a solution for this too. Maybe another setting in profile settings.

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  • nert73

    I'm not liking all these changes. They just take time to figure out and get used to. They don't benefit me any and they usually just seem like a waste. Something you could do is take the recommended myTakes thing off the side of the screen. It makes the screen glitch and it's quite annoying.

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    • menguc

      What kind of browser are you using? And what kind of glitch are you seeing with myTakes module on the side? Can you send a screen shot if possible? Thanks for the feedback.

    • nert73

      @menguc I'm on a Kindle Fire HDX with Silk browser. I don't have any way to send a screenshot. By glitching I mean it overlaps the feed and once I get past the feed the myTakes stick to the side and don't move until I'm back up. Then they overlap for a few seconds before going back to normal.

    • Ah, it does that to me sometimes to. I use chrome.

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  • YourFutureEx

    Cool update.

    Every tab has a drop down menu but not "Topics" so, it'd be good if it has it too so that I'd access it with one less click and one less page.

    And don't waste time in implementing the hashtags to (recommended) opinions and (not recommended) comments too so that users would like to use them otherwise the momentum will be lost and it'll get extinct.

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    • menguc

      topics pages notes.. not sure about hashtags, can you elaborate?

    • @menguc - I mean, give opinions the support to trend the hashtags as soon as you can because people aren't using them as expected. I don't think giving support to opinion comments to trend hashtags would be a good idea as it'd add clutter and hashtag spamming.

  • linkywinky

    Implement a way to block mytakes from our feeds if you're going to make them obnoxiously in our face.

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    • menguc

      are you on mobile or desktop? What do you think about featured questions displayed currently on your feed?

    • linkywinky

      @menguc I use both but am currently on mobile. I'm fine with featured questions because I'll actually read those. I'm not interested in reading articles, as mytakes are, so they annoy me.

    • menguc

      I understand... with featured questions it's different; meaning if you viewed a featured question you won't see any other post in place of that. But we do display more myTakes if you viewed the featured ones... We'll look into that. In the mean time, you can use the top "Feed" menu to go to "Questions" if you don't want to see any myTakes... Thanks for the feedback.

  • BellePepper

    Ugh. I'm sorry but I really don't like this update. The site keeps getting harder to use instead of easier. What do the symbols at the top of the page mean? I don't know because when I hover over them it doesn't tell me. I have to click to find out.

    The Live Feed page has smaller and lighter font than the other pages and it's really uncomfortable to read. Everything on the feed pages feels farther away. I also don't like the individual white boxes on the feed with the grey behind them. it breaks things up and it's more work for the eye to follow. Like WAY more work :/

    I've been fiddling around for like 10 minutes now and I still can't work out how to filter by age.

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    • dangerDoge

      Did you figure it out? I still can't get it :/

    • @dangerDoge I haven't unfortunately :/

    • I also don't like featured questions being interspersed in the feed. It's easier when they're at the top.

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  • AustinMan

    I feel like it's imperative to filter out questions from the under 18 group. There may be some legal exposure (pun intended) to replying to those questions is one is an adult. I hope you'll reintroduce the age filtering with the ability to select multiple ages/age groups/ranges.

  • HandsomeRaj

    Thank you for sharing the scope of changes with the users :)

    The only thing that is missing and does make a difference personally to me is the filtering by age. Is it ok to ask why GAG didn't find it relevant to keep that part of GAG alive? :)

    I do like most changes but yes I must agree with most of the GAGers that GAG's look seems to be a painter's canvas that's constantly metamorphosing which bothers most users :) Imagine tremors every week is neither enjoyable nor news :)

  • findingdreamland

    Some of the updates are cool. Like I like new live feed. But clicking on images on comments is not a good idea.
    And to ask question , there is a quick way as I see. One line on the upper of the page. I do not think it is neccessary. Since it leads to main posting question page.
    Too many options on the menu is a good one. It makes it easier.

  • AleDeEurope

    I don't dislike nor like the new changes, let me see how things end up working, well, lets hope I have time to get used to it before you guys change it again xD I love the fact that you take care of the community, but I don't think it's necessary so many changes constantly.
    I'd like to know why you make changes every month or so.

    • menguc

      We are still in a development phase... We make changes to better suite to users' needs. However I can tell you that this was the last big update for sometime to come. But do please give your feedback. We'd like to know how you want to use the site, how and what content you want to see. So keep it coming :)

    • @menguc Oh ok, thanks for replying. I honestly don't have a specific type of questions I like to answer, I just go with the mood and what people ask, if I think it's interesting I'll click on it. I just roam around the live feed and see what's interesting.

    • menguc

      cool... let me know if you have any ideas

  • HuckyHucky

    ERMAGERD. I can't with these changes. It's ridiculous that the question "How do you like the new flow?" even has to be asked. The overall discontent with these unnecessary changes should be obvious.

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  • TheDevilInside

    I sometimes wish you guys would tell us your reasons for doing things. It baffles me sometimes

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  • Watermelonoma

    tbh, i rarely understand all the of the complaints people have with some of these updates. I've only taken issue with a couple, which was the one with the images that needed to be clicked to view them, and the fade out of opinions. Thankfully both of those seem to have been reversed. But in terms of site navigation, the updates have always been pretty intuitive/self explanatory.

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    • correction... the fade out thing is still here. that's something im not super fond of... but the navigation/filtering changes are good

  • John_Doesnt

    Don't like it, don't like it, don't like it. I don't like any of the new changes. This site changes every week and that just confuses people.
    Just keep things the way they are so I don't have to readjust to the new changes.

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  • 1-3-2-4

    This site changes too much for me to figure out what the hell changed week after week.. between the same 1,000 of questions asked over and over and charges on the site without warning I don't really come on here much anymore.

  • RainbowFanGirl

    It's ok I guess. The only thing I'm not too fond of is that you got rid of the popular question tab. Now I don't know what I can look at and stuff. I really liked that.

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