GAG Edits And Improvement Suggestions.

GAG has gone through changes since I got here last year. GAG has "improvements" that really ARE improvements or not so much... Well here are some suggestions *I* as an editor and a voice of the people of GAG, have.

GAG Edits And Improvement Suggestions.

Well I think....


That's the #1 thing I believe GAG should change. I mean come on, every other social site has "likes" or "hearts", none of them have "downvotes" and we used to! Come on GAG, be different!

Add "Sports And Rec" "News" "Politics" and "Travel" to the topics.

I saw another mytake I believe that had 3/4 of those and I think they should add all 4.I'd give credit to the dude but I don't know who it was.

Heighten the limit of Takes editors can write.

We can only write 3 every 24 hours. I have many ideas and will forget to post them if I don't do it write away. (Get it?)

Bring back bulleting/numbering for takes.

It'd be helpful to have these back instead of individually listing them.

Allow the max # of characters in an opinion to be higher (Say instead of 2,000, it be 4,000)

It'd help for those of us whom have longer opinions or have more to say on a certain topic. I hate having to break up my comments/opinions simply because it's only 2,000 allowed and I believe only 1,000 for comments on opinions.

Upping the max # of people allowed to be tagged in an opinion from 5 to 10 or so.

I can see why this would be limited but really? ONLY 5??? That just means more comments will be made on the opinion the opinion owner makes just because they have MORE than 5 to put.

Add bold/italicized for questions.

We can't do that on questions for some reason. I mean, whats the deal with that???

Ask us before making a change.

I don't know but I think asking us [the people of GAG] if we'd like a certain change. A GAG admin or whatever can have a poll, and the majority wins.

(Get it? Cause he's GAGing :) )


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  • (1) The take writer you can't remember is @smahala1991
    (2) It is 2,500 characters for opinion and I,000 for a comment
    On the whole they are not bad changes but a lot of the restrictions are not aimed at you but things that swamp the site.
    (1) Downvotes were got rid of to create a positive atmosphere especially for new users.
    (2) As I said on @smahala1991 take, breaking down the topics is a good move but you don't want to end up with a topic list of 96 items. Again think of a newbie trying to find their way around the site.
    (3) Question and Take restrictions - Questions were not getting answered so admin have lessened the number of posts to spread the answering.
    (4) No issue
    (5) No issue
    (6) Again tagging restriction, not aimed at you but possible abuses ( Post a question and put in users I know this will piss off a/b/c etc) and if you have questions with 20 tags, might give impression of cliques. When I started on GaG there was this thing about cliques, how to get popular and get into cliques (mainly posts by newbies). I am sure popular users didn't mean it but it was a problem for a while taking away from community spirit of GaG.
    (7) No issue
    (8) In fairness I have seen a few questions from admin about making changes.
    While all your points make perfect sense to you, GaG is such a large community and the presence of trolls will probably mean there will be lots of weird and wonderful rules here for a long time.


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  • At first, while reading, I was like

    But then I saw "Just like America's government, majority rules + the gov. is run by the people" and I was like


    This is the mytake I wrote concerning the proposed topics.
    Thank you for the recognition even though you couldn't remember my. name. and thatnks to @Spiro_Aisce for reminding hwr. my. name

  • I support the ideas, great Take :D

  • Also maybe a health topic, there's fitness and health but I feel that's more about being healthy/exercise/healthy eating and not about illness or mental health

  • I would like to see a Humor category in the topics as well.

  • I agree on most of your points

    Though I think sports is a part of entertainment and the same for travel so don;t think there's a need to have new topics for these things

  • All are very sound ideas. But since when can we only tag 5 people? Is this something new?

  • bring age limits in on topics and bring in more pictures, maybe on the age limit questions, some more revealing pictures, as it seems there are quite a few who would not mind it.


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  • I support this takeβœ‹πŸ»βœ‹πŸ»βœ‹πŸ»βœ‹πŸ»βœ‹πŸ»@SweetHomicidalQueen

  • When did they change the tagging limit?

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