Three Other Topics GAG Should Consider Adding To The List

Yesterday two new topics were introduced to GAG: Fashion & Beauty and Food & Beverage. These topics were formerly categorized as other or society and culture.However, there are some ideas other GAGers and myself have had about new topics for the future. I personally came up with three popular ones that I sometimes see on here. So I kind of want to make a proposal to the GAG admins and other fellow GAGers of some new ideas I and other GAGers have had for future possible topics.

1. Sports and recreation.

Three other topics GAG should consider adding to the list.

I noticed yesterday that quite a few GAGers were asking about this. This I believe would be a great topic for the site. This would be a great place to discuss questions about:International sports,the Olympics,recreational activities such as biking,boating,swimming etc.., Sports teams and leagues such as: NFL,MLB,MLS,NBA,Cricket,Soccer(football) and so on. Other discussions in this topic could also include board and card games,hiking,camping, etc....

2. News and current affairs

This has always been a hot topic on GAG. Even more so in the past few months leading up to the US presidential elections,the rise of terrorism in the Middle East and the Western World, natural disasters such as the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador,the current LGBT rights debates in North Carolina and Mississippi etc... This could be a very busy and important topic for GAG if implemented. Human rights issues could also be.listed under this topic as well.


Vacation questions and If you could travel anywhere questions are very often asked on here. So it would be fitting if travel had its own topic as well. Here GAGers could ask questions about fantasy travel places,travel advice,hotel or attraction recommendations or what have you. There are also some good mytakes related to travel that would really make this category stand out as well.

In conclusion, these are just three topics I think that GAG could benefit from if implemented correctly. I know several people have asked to see a sports topic. News and Current events seems like it would be popular. And travel is a topic on here that gets a lot of questions. I am sure other GAGers would also agree that these topics would be a good touch for the website instead of listing these questions as other or society and culture.

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  • Glad you love the new topics!! These are great topics as well! We will definitely keep these in mind for future!! :)


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  • Great ideas - These are 3 topics that would attract a following - There are a lot of current topics that could be broken down more - Admin has to walk the tightrope of breaking down the topics to interest the users without creating too cumbersome a list for users especially new users.


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  • I agree with everything you said, man! Yahoo Answers may have gotten lame, but at least they have those three categories!

    • they fucked up a lot, but they do sure know how to make sections. but yahoo answers has like 50x more people and 1000x more traffic from the general public (those who don't use the site) to have that many topics

  • Travel, news and current affairs could both fall under society and culture - perhaps it would be a good idea to sub-divide that topic as it is too broad.