My case for four topics GAG needs to add.

My case for four topics GAG needs to add.

Recently, A question has been asked here about which new topics we would like to see on GAG. There are quite a few topics that have been added over the years like Travel and leisure, Food and Beverage, Sports, Trending and news, and even sexual topics. Some of these topics were spun off from other topics. Though, in my opinion, there are four big topics I feel like would be very beneficial to the GAG universe, and I feel like would be a great outlet to showcase.

1. Mental Health

With so much going on in the world today, our mental health is paramount to take care of. It is also vital to connect with others for support that may have the same experiences, or may just be a comforting support system to listen to and give an empathetic ear. The anonymous feature would be very useful here as it would make the users feel safe and secure from facing embarrassment and harassment.

2. Fiction (Poetry and Stories)

This would be a great topic on so many levels. For one it would be a great topic to ask a question about book recommendations or authors. Secondly, The Mytake feature would allow a topic for those who want to take advantage to write a piece of poetry or a short story they may want to share their feelings. Lastly, It could also be an outlet for GAG to have other competitions such as poetry slams and short story contests like they did with the Caption this photo competition back during Halloween.

3. Animals and Pets

A lot of us if not most of us have pets. Some of us may work on farms or animal rescue as well. This would be a great topic to post about questions about animal care or even just questions about wildlife as well. The Mytake feature here could also be beneficial if someone wants to write a guide on taking care of animals or their experiences with wildlife or zoology as well.

4.Hobbies and interests

Technically, this and Fiction could go under Entertainment and arts. But it also would be a great standalone topic on its own. There are a lot of subtopics that this could go with like Anime, Books, Sports (which is already a topic), Cosplay, culture, music, painting, cooking, and so many others. Entertainment and arts is a great topic, but I do sometimes feel like giving other topics like Hobbies and Interests and Fiction would make a more specific audience and a better chance of questions and mytakes to be seen.

So GAG, Please take into consideration of the four cases I bring in front of you. I do feel like Mental health however is the most paramount of the topics you can offer because it would definitely be a huge opportunity to give solace and support for those of us who might need it.

#NewGAGtopics #Mentalhealthmatters

My case for four topics GAG needs to add.
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